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Mid Pup Suggestion/Wiring Help

Hey guys, I need a suggestion for a middle pickup for my basswood maple neck/fb jem and also I need some advice on some wiring mods I want to do on my jem. For the mid pup, I am wanting a real raw srv bluesy tone to be used by itself and with the neck or bridge pup split. I was looking at maybe the virtual vintage blues, area 67 and virtual vintage heavy blues 2 for middle pups but I really have no clue and they don't need to be dimarzio.

My neck pickup is a gravity storm and my bridge pickup is an evo. Currently I only have 1 500k pot as the volume but I plan on adding a 500k no load tone pot and I was thinking of adding some other capacitance to the circuit if it was needed to make the single coil sound better (as in more vintage). The problem there is that I can't seem to find a linear no-load pot and also I was thinking about a push/pull no load pot. I remember something about a way to make a pot no load though. Could I do that?

As for the wiring, this is where it gets complicated would it be better to use the outside coils of the neck pickup with the middle to get a more vintage style tone. Also I was thinking about adding switches (or using push pull pots or a combination) for parallel/series wiring and coil splitting for the neck and bridge humbuckers. I was thinking about doing the wiring sort of like the guthrie suhr with just the extra toggles for the parallel switching and possibly leaving off the lone bridge pickup coil tap. But I have no idea how the parallel switching would be added onto that.

I think I need a little help with this diagram I found on another forum though because I want the push/pull to be on the tone and Dimarzio is different with:
North- Red hot/Black
South- Green/White


Also any suggestions on parts to buy, I need all new electronics except the output jack, volume pot, and bridge/neck hb. I was going to buy some sort of 500k tone pot with a 223 pf cap and some form of 5 way with some basic wire but I would like suggestions.

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Re: Mid Pup Suggestion/Wiring Help

www.guitarelectronics.com for parts and wiring
www.stewmac.com for parts
www.smallbearelec.com for any kind of guitar or pedal part

As far as middle pickup i would say the 67 would be as good an option as any, maybe an injector.

As far as wiring is concerned, I can't see the picture you posted (it is my browser) but i can offer some info.

1 meg pots are considered no load, they do sound a little strange especially with a pickup that has a lot of mids and high end. You can make a no load pot by taking a 500 k pot and unsoldering the grounded terminal. Solder a 500k resistor on that terminal and the other side of the resistor to the back of the pot.

Push/Pull pots are the same as any DPDT (double pole/double throw) switch. So if i understand you, you want to have an option to have 3 single coils? If so dimarzio.com offers instructions on splitting the pickup using a push/pull pot (dpdt).

Maybe you could explain what you are going for a little differently. I am not sure exactly what you are going for but i think it could probably be done.
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Re: Mid Pup Suggestion/Wiring Help

The diagram will explain it a lot better. Maybe this will work? If those pics don't work then I will try and convert the .gif file to a .jpg or something.

Switching in this diagram
2)b inner+mid
3)b and n outer coils (but I also really want to use the middle by itself, there has to be a way to swap between 2 position 3's?)
4)neck outer+ middle
5)neck hb


The 3pole switch is the blower switch that will bypass the circuit and go full-on humbucker no matter what settings the electronics are set to, but I sort of wanted the push-pull on the tone pot (if it will fit in the cavity), the same guy made a previous diagram that had it that way but I'm not sure if he made any changes other than that. .


From the diagram the push/pull looks like just a neck pickup outer coil split. In addition to all that I wanted to add series/parallel switching for my humbuckers. Small edit, if I'm right and the push pull only works on the neck hb then maybe I should just do a small switch for that and save the room?

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Re: Mid Pup Suggestion/Wiring Help


so that switch looks like it will give you what you want as far as the 5 way is concerned.

So on the dpdt switch you can run two different circuits because it is double polled.

I used a mini toggle on one of my guitars so that i could add the bridge pickup to whatever position i was on which isn't hard to do.

So you could use the same pot to tap both humbuckers at the same time, or tap the neck humbucker and add the bridge to whatever was selected.

It may not be what you are going for and if not no big deal but if you are looking for maximum tonal possibilities you can wire a 5 way rotary switch for each humbucker. Then you could use a standard 5 way switch. You could also still wire it in so that the bridge can be added to turn on all three pickups or just neck and bridge together.

your pictures still wont load for me but adding the bridge pickup to your sound regardless of control selection you have is an easy thing to do. It only requires a SPDT (single pole/double throw) switch. In standard wiring your hot lead from the bridge pickup goes to your switch(3 way or 5 way whatever you have). Solder a small jumper wire from the hot lead/terminal of your pickup selector switch to one of the outside lugs/terminals of the SPDT switch. Then you need to run another jumper from the middle lug/terminal of the SPDT switch to the hot output of the pickup selector switch. The other terminal wont have anything soldered to it. So it should look like this

hot lead from your bridge pickup's terminal on the pickup selecter switch ---------0
jumper running to the output of your pickup selector switch ---------------------0
nothing connected ------------------------------------------------------------0

that is the same thing as using one side of a DPDT switch which looks like this

0--0 these two top lugs you can consider input lugs.
0--0 these two are your output lugs depending on what position is selected
0--0 these two bottom are the same as the top.

so for instance on a push/pull pot the bottom set of inputs is connected with the middle lugs. When pulled up the top two inputs are engaged and the middle still acts as your output. One column is independent from the other column so you can use the same switch for two different things if need be.

Another thing to keep in mind is you can reverse the polarity of your humbuckers in order to get the coil you want active when you do a coil tap.

if you knew all this already, sorry i am not trying to waist your time just give you an idea of how you can get what wiring combo you want.
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Re: Mid Pup Suggestion/Wiring Help

I converted it to jpg.


edit: here's the 2nd diagram that had the tone pot push-pull, but now that I look at it, I don't think a push-pull would fit on my tone pot so maybe I will use a toggle.

Thanks for the info, I knew a bit of this but I was unsure about all of it so you helped me greatly. The megaswitch with a toggle is exactly what I need. So basically I could use either a push-pull or a toggle and I could switch between 2 sets of switching option with just the one switch, correct?

As for the "blower switch" it was suggested to me that guthrie's was a 3 pole push-push, would it work the same as you described? If the diagram loads this would help a lot haha!

Also a question about making a 500k pot a no-load pot, I have to take apart the pot to unsolder the grounded terminal and resolder it to a resistor, correct? I've only seen it done this way and I'm still a bit hesitant to do it even with the pictorial.

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Re: Mid Pup Suggestion/Wiring Help

well the link works but my stupid goverment internet wont let me look at the picture.

Where are you pulling guthrie's wiring digram from? I can take a look at it and see exactly what you are talking about.

As far as making a 500 k pot no load, that is really the only way i know of. 1 meg pots are as close to no load as you can get without doing the mod. The 1 meg pots give a little different sound and if you have a pickup with a lot of mids/highs they can get a little sharp without the extra resistance of the pot. If you want your pickups wide open then 1 meg is the way to go. You can make a 1 meg pot out of a 500 k pot by unsoldering the gound terminal, soldering on a 500k resistor to that terminal and then soldering the other end of the resistor to the bottom of the pot. It is easy to take out of you dont like the way it sounds.

as far as a 3pdt (3 pole double throw) it does work the same way as a dpdt just with another pole.
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Re: Mid Pup Suggestion/Wiring Help

well i was wrong, i just saw this


here is what stewmac.com says about control pot vaules

250K = warmer
The usual choice for single coil pickups.

500K = brighter
The usual choice for humbuckers.

1Meg-ohm = brightest
If you want to hear your guitar "wide open" with all the highs, try 1 Meg pots.

1-meg pots are also ideal for piezo pickups, as the ultra high impedance piezo element is more adversely effected by conventional, lower-value pots than magnetic pickups.
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Re: Mid Pup Suggestion/Wiring Help

The diagram was made by a guy on another forum so if you can't see the pictures then I don't think you'll see them there either. Link anyway-

Here is a video of making a no-load pot, but instead of cutting a trace he used nailpolish, basically the same idea but I would cut the trace. This video that I just found eliminates all my questions about no-load pots I think.

Also that jackpot looks cool but I only want to bypass the volume when I engage the blower switch, which also bypasses the 5 way switch.

Guthrie used it because he would get all his settings for a nice clean jazzy tone and then wanted to swap instantly to a raw dirty tone and then go back to a jazzy tone but it took too much fiddling with the knobs, the blower switch just goes to raw bridge humbucker back to the circuit with all the settings still in place.

You're being such a big help so far man, thanks a lot. I actually lost hope in this thread a few days ago since I felt like I was asking a whole lot since I really wanted my jem to be a versatile machine that I know it can be haha. I had another question, if I chose the area 67 do you think 2 500ks would sound too bright compared to something like 3 250ks like in a normal strat. Could I perhaps compensate with like a little switch that just added resistance to the circuit?

Thanks and sorry if anything I say doesn't make sense or if my thoughts are convoluted, most of the time I'm fighting a migraine so sometimes I think like a crazy person haha

I wanted to add a question, with the megaswitch if I'm correct, then I can do basically what I said before

2)b inner+mid
3)b and n outer coils
4)neck outer+ middle
5)neck hb

and with a separate switch I can change the switch configuration somehow, correct? I am just a bit confused how it works because the coil diagram on stewmac doesn't make much sense to me

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Re: Mid Pup Suggestion/Wiring Help

Hmm from researching it looks like I could do the megaswitch switching but I can only find ways to do it with fender's s-1 pot, but I'm not 100% sure still, also I'm not sure how easy it is to get the s-1 parts and I prefer the metal knobs and if I went plastic I'd want a red one haha
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Re: Mid Pup Suggestion/Wiring Help

ok i think i may understand what you are going for a little bit better. I will work on a wiring diagram and see if it doesn't get you what you want.

if you want to go with the s-1 switch they make a metal knob with a metal push button center.

the s1 switch is basically a 4 pole double throw switch.

the 67 does look like it has a lot of highs, i wouldn't be too concerned but if you want a little fatter sound maybe the injector bridge, hs-3, or hs-4 might work a little better.

Drop me a PM with your e-mail address and i will be able to send you the wiring diagram(s) i come up with.
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