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Re: The ultimate dimarzio pickup thread

Fred DP153

We designed FRED® to bump the mid-range of the PAF Pro® EQ up a notch, but in the process, something unusual happened. Harmonics that humbuckers usually don't reproduce started popping out, particularly with overdriven amps and distortion units. FRED® has about the same power as the PAF Pro®, but the unusual overtones create a sound with more crank and growl. Joe Satriani was the first player to discover and exploit these qualities, and it's been his main bridge pickup ever since. FRED® is really sensitive to changes in pick attack and control settings, and its distinctive tone makes a great recorded sound for both penetrating solos and tight rhythm tracks.

Tech Talk: The Fred® started out as a prototype designed to add a little midrange to the PAF Pro®. When we sent one of the first ones to Joe Satriani, he discovered and exploited a unique tonal characteristic - the Fred®'s ability to emphasize upper midrange and treble harmonics through an overdriven and distorted amp. Many standard humbuckers have a tendency to fatten up with distortion. The Fred® does the opposite; it gets tighter and brighter, much like a single-coil. Joe uses the Fred® strictly as a bridge pickup, but it's also a distinctive neck pickup - works really well with a Norton®, Tone Zone® or Evolution® bridge model.

it has been a while since i played the fred or owned one. I just remember the mid spike. It sounds more powerful then it is because of the mids. It always screams though i could never get it to smooth up and out quite right. either way i liked it for rock , it was clear and well defined distorted and clean it was bright and chimy , very nice.

Mo'Joe DP216

Joe Satriani has used the Fred® as his main bridge pickup for years. This year Joe asked us for a hotter and bigger version to replace the Fred® in his new Ibanez guitars. The new model called the Mo’ Joe™ is all about tone and definition. It’s name says it all. It has more power than the Fred®, but it doesn’t sacrifice clarity or dynamics. Additionally, all the harmonics that made the Fred so good are all there ready to jump out at the touch a guitar pick. Having more output makes it a perfect match for the PAF Joe™ in the neck position. The combination delivers great versatility and control from rhythms to solos.
Recommended For: Bridge position, solid and semi hollow body guitars

Tech Talk: The last few years have seen Joe develop a new signature tube amp and start using heavier-gauge strings more often. Both developments emphasized the importance of the Mo’ Joe™ having a high degree of string separation without sounding sterile or processed. We got this by slightly increasing the distance between the center frequencies that the coils are tuned to, without increasing DC resistance. The result is a pickup that’s both hotter and more articulate.

Mo’ Joe is used by permission of Mojo Musical Supply, with whom DiMarzio Inc. is not affiliated.

No experience with this one but if it does what they claim it does then i would certainly like to try it .

Norton DP160

The sound of a Norton® is right between FRED® and The Tone Zone®. It's got some FRED-like harmonic overtones that can only be described as nasty, with more of the power and mid-range of the heavyweight Tone Zone®. The same patented dual-resonance design used in FRED® and The Tone Zone® delivers a sound that's hotter and "bigger" than any vintage model, but not as loud as a distortion-class humbucker. Norton® might be our most versatile bridge pickup. Combine it with a wide choice of neck pickups like the Air Classic™, PAF®, PAF Pro® and Air Norton™.

Tech Talk: Norton® was originally designed to extend the tonal range and power of standard output humbuckers without going over the top. It's more modern than a PAF® sound: the benchmark Les Paul/Marshall combination yields more midrange crunch and high frequency pick harmonics than vintage-style pickups were capable of putting out. Really good for opening up the sound of mahogany set-neck guitars.

i owned one . It was in an ibanez rg570 and i was using a peavey xxl. The bottom end was too tight for me . I enjoyed the tone zone like feel and rounded highs but the bass was too tight with the xxl. For say a mesa which is bass heavy to start with then this would probably work well , or with a marshall style amp it would yeild some nice crunchy power chords with a smoother top end . Either way it has a very practical application it just didn't suit my needs at the time
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Re: The ultimate dimarzio pickup thread

PAF Joe DP213

The PAF Joe™ is the new neck pickup that DiMarzio® developed for Joe Satriani. Joe wanted a neck position humbucker that combines the best qualities of the DiMarzio® PAF Pro® with those of a late '50s Gibson humbucker. Joe described this tone as being "tubular". Through the use of Virtual Vintage® technology, clear-sounding low frequencies are blended with warm-sounding mids and high frequencies, which makes the PAF Joe™ equally good for chords and single notes. It was first used by Joe throughout the 2003 G3 tour.

Recommended For: All positions, solid, semi-solid and hollow-body electric guitars.

Tech Talk: What does "tubular" mean? In this case, it means making low notes "speak" more clearly while giving high notes a rounder voicing. This accomplishes two goals: chords have better definition, and single notes at higher fret positions remain warm-sounding rather than getting thinner. The PAF Joe™ has slightly less power than the PAF Pro®. It balances well with bridge pickups like the PAF Pro®, Fred®, Breed™ neck model, Air Norton™ and Norton®.

dont have any experience with this one either.

PAF Pro DP151

The PAF Pro® was created when chops-intensive playing was first starting to happen, and high-gain amps and rack systems were getting popular. A pickup was needed that combined a lot of presence and "cut" with an open-sounding PAF® vibe. The transparency of its sound lets the PAF Pro® slice through heavy processing, where darker-sounding pickups get lost in the mud of the effects chain. Low notes have both snap and chunk, and there is a spike in the mid-range that gives the pickup a subtle "aw" vowel sound, like a wah-wah pedal stopped in the middle. Treble response is tweaked, so high notes stand out without getting brittle. The PAF Pro® makes an outstanding neck pickup in almost any guitar, and it's an exceptional bridge pickup when high output isn't required.

Recommended For: The PAF Pro® is a dependable choice right across the board - neck and bridge positions, solid-body, semi-hollow and hollow body guitars are equally effective uses.

Tech Talk: This is a great building block pickup, because it's effective in many different situations. Try it in the neck position with a hotter bridge pickup - anything from a Norton® to a Super Distortion® will create a calibrated two-humbucker match. As a bridge pickup, it's really effective with single-coils, because it won't drown them out with too much power, and it's bright enough to blend in tone-wise.

i had this one a few times, none very recent. I remember that it was very fat in the neck . It could get a little flubby on the bottom end , for the most part it stayed clear. It did have this cool slurr factor when played fast. Either way i traded it for an evolution neck and then the evo neck for a hum from hell. I have stuck with the hum from hell.
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Re: The ultimate dimarzio pickup thread

thought it was time for a bump . Vintage output to follow later .
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Re: The ultimate dimarzio pickup thread

Anyone got a sound clip of a super 3?
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Re: The ultimate dimarzio pickup thread

Would an Evo2 have as good harmonics as an Evo in the bridge, or does the difference in output make a big difference?

Great thread, by the way.

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Re: The ultimate dimarzio pickup thread

the evo II has a very simular feel and sound, just with a little less compressed feel IMO.

It still voiced basically the same.
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Re: The ultimate dimarzio pickup thread

man, i can't decide if i should go with the jem7 in alder and evos or the 77 with basswood and breeds...advice?
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Re: The ultimate dimarzio pickup thread

Does anyone know what humbuckers paul gilbert currently has in his RG750 FA?

I installed a duncan jb and jazz on mine and I regret it. The jazz model is just way too muddy with full volume, JB sounds thin. Not a good balance.

I'm contemplating swapping them out for either a fred and paf joe combo or tone zone and air norton. Has anyone here tried a tone zone (bridge) on a basswood body?
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Re: The ultimate dimarzio pickup thread

Originally Posted by kennydoe View Post
These are all things I've posted in the past....

Evolution in my BFP Bridge Position only

Breeds in an RG 550, Neck, then bridge (wow...what a horrible guitarist i am!)

Evo7 in my universe - Bridge only (all parts)

PAF pro and Evolution in BFP Neck & Bridge respectiveley.
there are 3 sound changes. Starts out neck position with guitar volume knob down around 2-3, then it kicks up to 10, then switches to bridge pickup.
some very impressive playing here,very nice.the breeds sound reminds me of richie sambora tone.
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