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Re: Who the hell are you!?

Originally Posted by DavejWeiner
ok to get this topic back on track, I'll go..

Influences: Tom Scholtz, Enya, David Gilmore, Adam Jones.
I myself am AMAZED that Vai is not in your influences list. I find your songs very hard to tell from Vai songs. The obvious give away is the vibrato / tone but even still
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Re: Who the hell are you!?

Name: Curtis H.
Age: 36
Residence: Charlotte NC
Profession: Pipe Hauler, Machnine Oper., Iron Pourer.
Musical Talent: alway's hard to judge myself, been in a couple of band's and have been playing guitar for a long time. At time's I feel like I'm as good as alot of musicians, other time's, I wonder. I just love playing until my hand's are burning and I'm almost to the point of crying, not because of my hand's, but because of everything that goes into it. The heart, the passion, the frustration, trying to reach the point of hearing sweetness come out of my guitar and amp again and again and again.

Guitar's I own: '79 Gibson 335 Jazzmaster(sweet guitar my dad owned)'61 fender mustang(another sweet guitar)yamaha cg-300a classical acoustic, rg-220b ibanez electric,ovation balladeer electric/acoustic that is has been signed by steve vai & the breed.

Hobbies: the guitar obviously, model car's when i have time, madden football online, live show's, dabbling on the computer, working out, cooking, camping, shooting hoops, huge carolina tarheel fan, playing w/my girlfriend, fishing, going out to eat.

Influences: so many, damn so many. I guess the earliest I can remember would be my dad. He was the one that got me started loving the guitar, teaching me the fundamental's, i'll never forget my first song that he taught me, "house of the rising sun". from there it would be the "outlaws". My dad bought me an 8-trac, that's right, an 8-trac of this band because he knew i loved the song "ghost riders in the sky" but what he didn't know was who the outlaws were and how much they rocked. He's alway's been an older music lover, hank williams, eddie arnold, chet atkins, ernest tubb to name a few. I don't know what happened to that 8-trac, but i wish i still had it. As i grew older my older sisters, yes sisters, had me listening to steve miller, led zeppelin, black oak arkansas, yes, gino vanelli, lynyrd skynyrd, black sabbath etc. then i got into iron maiden,judas priest, rush, and i can't go on, it would take to much time, but i think you get the idea. Oh god, i can't leave 'em out, one the greatest bands in my time.........Boston. seen them numerous times and can never get enough of their heartfelt song's. Boston RULES!!!

In a nutshell, I'm raising my 3 children of whom I got custody of over 2 yrs ago. Two teenage daughters and a 6 yr old son, yes, it is a challenge to say the least. But i love them dearly and they make my life worth living. My escape, my release, my sanity if you will.........locking myself away w/my line 6 and my ibanez and going from there. that's about it............frethound
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Re: Who the hell are you!?

name: patricia
from: the netherlands
musical interest:steve vai , rush and golden earring
hobby`s: playing guitar
gear:jem555 , ibanez rg 340 , gibson les paul studio , fender stratocaster , acoustics:washburn , epiphone.
two marshalls valvestate 8240 amps
rocktron intellifex effect processor.
on the floor: digitech whammy , badhorsie wah.

oh,...my age....44 years .

inspired by STEVE VAI!!

thats all folks,

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Talking Re: Who the hell are you!?

Name.... Anita Levering

Live..... North Carolina

Musical Instruments..... None but I love to hear them played (Guitar) (Piano)

Hobbies.... Reading and Writing Poetry, photography, just reading, listening to music....

Influences.... My Grandmother May she Rest in Peace, My mom, she has had more influence on my life than she will ever know, my friends, those who live and those who have not. Sarah McLachlan.

Favorite Musicians..or Bands...... Sarah McLachlan. I love her voice, her lyrics, the way she plays piano and guitar. It makes me feel all kinds of things, happy or sad I can always listen to her music. The Cure, Velvet Revolver, The Pixies, Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stevie Nicks, Mazzy Star, Gavin DeGraw, Enigma, Delerium, Heart. Just to name a few. I like music!!

Me.... I am 26 yrs. old, I have a 4 year old daughter, her name is Rainiece. I have dealt with life and death in my life, somedays I wonder..... I've loved many and lost them. Some took by some force greater than me and some took their own lives. I am in love with a man who makes me feel like I can do anything and be good at it, he loves me the way I have always wanted to be loved. I just hope I do the same for him. My daughter is the best thing that has ever happened to me, she is me 22 years ago, my mom says that everything I did to her is going to come back to me 3 fold. Oh Help Me Now!!! That is about all I can say about that.

Reason I am here.... I was recently introduced to Steve Vai and Joe Satriani and all the guys. I went to my first show 3-22-05 with my boyfriend and it was by far one of the greatest shows I have ever been too.

That is about it, so later...
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Re: Who the hell are you!?

Originally Posted by Anton
I myself am AMAZED that Vai is not in your influences list. I find your songs very hard to tell from Vai songs.
Funny, when I first put the CD in the first thing I thought was how un-Vai it was (I was kinda relieved cause I like new things). I honestly thought it sounded really modern. It had the Tool-style crunch guitar with vocal-style melodies that really blended in what I thought was absolutely original. But hey, every ear is different!
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Re: Who the hell are you!?

Name: Ryan Horton
Age: 15

Living : Minnesota
Profession: going to school, and playing guitar of course

Equipment: I have an Fender Strat Bullet, Ibanez AX, and a Jem7vwh - new, took me a while to get that baby. I use an peavey artist vt series (80's) doubled with a digitech effects pedal.

Musical talent: I've been playing sense i was 13 but thats all I've been doing. My talents said to be very good for a couple years, but I will never be satisfied.

Hobbies: Playing guitar . . . uhh playing guitar?

Inspiration: Van Halen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmi Hendrix, Carlos Santana . . .

Career highlights: None really, everyone i know thinks im good, good enough for me. A highlight for me is showing up all those kids that say they play awesome but just play like Green Day covers and have no original material.
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Re: Who the hell are you!?

Originally Posted by Val

My dog hates me playing guitar.
lol...my dog has long floppy ears and seems to be deaf...or ignores everything :P

forgot one of my hobbies anywayz:

Hobbies: Customizing guitars, which will soon include my "Kronenburg 1664" Fender -Lager-Caster ;-) and ofcourse my "Crazy Panda" guitar...when they are both finished I will have pics up some place on the net for those who are interested.

Take care y'all

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Re: Who the hell are you!?

LOL, u show me the pics of those guitars, LagerCaster sounds awesome

Frethound, Fender Mustangs are AWESOME. God I love them but for whatever reason I've never got around to actually buying one. Pity.
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Re: Who the hell are you!?

hey val, yes it is a really sweet playing guitar, great action, even got the tremolo bar on it, can't work it like the floyd tremolo on my ibanez, but still kinda' cool. at first site you think man, this thing is beat up, but it's really in good shape, just some ding's and chipped paint from the crazy year's my dad was cuttin records and raising hell. i'm going to try to get some pic's up soon.........later. fret.
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Re: Who the hell are you!?

Cool man, has it got the go-faster-stripes? They are just inspiring
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Re: Who the hell are you!?

nope, it's just creamy white with maroon all around the pick-ups and bridge.....sorry it took so long to reply, hectic life. fret.
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Re: Who the hell are you!?

Name: Paul Devereux

Age: 40 on the 17th ...DOHH

Living In: Near Manchester in the UK

Proffession: Amatuer photographer..I have been taking photos of Vai since his days in Dave Lee Roth..and thanks to our man Dave, i got to do it properly last year ...cheers Dave.you name them ive took photos of them...including some i dont wanna even mention lol

Any musical talent?: Well thats debatable ..if going from Daves comment of 'a tiny bit' then no i have none at all lol
Listen for yourself and you tell me !!!

Instrument/Equipment: I use a Ibanez blue floral Jem and a original 80s ibanez saber awesome guitar it is . I have owned various 60s/70s strats wich im sad to say i dont own anymore ..a couple of les pauls that i hated.I always kept coming back to my trusty saber right up untill i got my BF Jem.
Also own a modded Legacy stack ...various effects that i use for bite but mainly use the amp for my sound.

Highlight of musical life: When i was younger i was really big into Motorhead ..so much so i ended up on the fan club commitee helping run fan club events...so i had to goto Leeds every month to the head office...at the time i didnt realise that the guy and girl who ran the club was in actuall fact Phil taylors(Motorhead drummer) dad and sister .Anyway to cut along story short i used to Jam with the band once a month at Taylors house .
Many years later i also played some gigs and a TV show with a certain 80s long haired American crooner..who was ..er... to say the least...ignorant
(thats why i have not put his name in lol )

Influences: I could put a huge list of people in here..BUT i wont as everyone i hear/listen inspire me to play more/better ..so in a way you could say everyone influences me to some extent..But if i HAD to put somebody then id say my Parents.
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Re: Who the hell are you!?

* Name: Debra

* Age: 31

* Forum Name: Sider

* Reason of Forum Name: When I was younger I made up a superhero named Sider (play on Decider). I would come in when people ask the question "Where do we draw the line". I would then "draw the line".

* Living: Outside of Toronto.

* Profession: Office worker. Trained to be an mechanical engineer but did not end up working in the field.

* Musical Talent: Have played for many years but never got very good. Married my guitar teacher so I am getting better every day.

*Instrument: 1 telecaster, 1 schecter, 2 yamaha acoustics, 1 yamaha classical guitar (my husband and I each had 1 guitar each when we met each other and plan to grow the collection).

*Live Experience: I backed up my husband once on 1 song. Have been itching to return to the stage ever since.

* Forum Experience: Next to none. I am never sure what to write so I usually just read.

* What I want to do with my life? Make a difference - get everyone to slow down one notch so we can take sight of what is going on around us.
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Re: Who the hell are you!?

Originally Posted by Sider
get everyone to slow down one notch so we can take sight of what is going on around us.
Isn't that the truth... so often it all goes by too quickly, and we take the time to view outside our paradigms our bubbles...while the world moves on without us.
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post #60 of 81 (permalink) Old 04-07-2005, 05:54 PM
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Re: Who the hell are you!?

I'm glad someone else agrees. If you look at driving alone, everyone is in such a hurry. I often wonder where they are going that they can't get there one second later. Why would you spend so much on a car only to do everything you can to spend as little time as you can in it?
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