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03-03-2015 05:35 PM
Re: ESP LTD "M or F" 7 String ??

I would like to thank everyone who gave me advice & Input concerning my guitar, which is, as several members have indicated to me. As ESP LTD F-207MF 7String. Which is Black with Skull & Crossbone Inlays on the neck all the way up to & including the 24th fret. As I have mentioned, it originally came with EMG-HZ Pickups in it and 1 volume knob and a 3 way toggle switch. The Neck was perfectly straight with no issues. With the exception of it needing a Good "Setup" including Intonation as well as having the action lowered while still making it a viable "Shred" monster!! .But I had it customized by having a DiMarzio D-Sonic put int the Bridge Position and a DiMarzio Liquifire put in the neck position. I also asked the Tech who did the work for any advice as to what he could do to make it "an Awesome, Killer Sounding, 1 of a Kind Shredding 7 String"! he told me that he could scallop the neck, as he does with all of his own personal guitars. But I was totally against this. Having tried several scalloped necked guitars before and not really caring for that type of action. I asked him about putting in an additional Volume Pot As well as making both of them Push/Pulls and the possibility of "coil tapping" the pickups. He advised me that adding and modifying the pots wouldn't be a problem. But he suggested that I really didn't need to "coil tap" the pickups. Since he was going to add push/Pulls he could get more versatility out of the pickups without having to cut into them. So I told him to do whatever he thought would sound best! While he was working on it, he realized that the DiMarzio pickups were slightly larger than the Stock EMG's.So he had to route the pickup cavities in order to make the DiMarzios fit.But he said this would actually be better (soundwise) as the New Pickup Arrangement would now have the Pickups actually in physical contact with the body of the Guitar.So I told him to do whatever he needed to in order to make it work and make it a special one of a kind guitar.When I went to pick it up, when he was done with it. I was Extremely happy with the work he had done.The action was now as low and as easy to play as any one of my other guitars, including my Ibanez RG450DX & even my 78 Les Paul Custom!But it wasn't until I got it home and plugged it into my Rig that I realized just how awesome it had become!My main Amp is a Line 6 Vetta 2 with the Full FBV Foot controller, which has 18 assignable footswitches and 2 assignable pedals.In addition to having just about every great guitar amp & cabinet simulation as presets, it also has jsut about every kind of reverb,modulation,delay,Echo and every other kind of assignable pedal in it that you can think of!So as I started getting used to playing the "New" "Beast" (as I call it) It soon became apparent just how much better it sounded than any of my other guitars! Including,,(dare I say it, my Les Paul) YikeS!!! So I played it on & off for about 3 years. But everytime I brought it out to play a gig, all the other guitar players I knew wanted to play it and were blown away by not only the great action but the amazing sounds it could get.I think this is due to the fact that several people have mentioned that the body is Mahogany, that and the physical contact with the pickups makes an awesome combination.Well,,I knew something about it was special so I kept "learning" to get used to the 7 string.I even use it for 6 string songs now.But it never Really "HIT ME" until a few months ago when I was asked to audition for a band.I had brought my Jackson Dinky (which has EMG-HZ's in it) which was my main playing axe. And I bought my 7 string as well, maybe just to show it off, whatever.Well, before I started the audition I asked the band which guitar they thought I should use & which sounded better.So first I played my Jackson then I switched to the ESP and then switched back to the Jackson again!The Band was unanimous and Said "Play the 7 String!! It sounds Awesome & so much better than the Jackson!".Needless to say I was offered the 2nd guitarist position.We were going to play Priest, Maiden, Queensryche and other 2 Lead Guitar playing bands.So I played the 7 String for the next 3 rehearsals.But 1 day I broke a string on my 7 string just before rehearsals and had to use my Ibanez instead.The band was very upset, even though they liked the Ibanez better than the Jackson, they said it didn't even compare tothe sound the 7 string made.So, since then I have pretty much been playing nothing but my 7 String for everything now!! And I have grown very accustomed to playing a 7 string! So much so that when I went to Guitar Center the other day to check out the new ESP LTD FRX model (which they had all sold out in less than 24 hours). I decided to try an Ibanez 8 String model! And found not only was it great sounding, but it was much easier for me to adapt to playing it! Than it was for me to adapt to playing a 7 string, the first few months that I owned one.I actually impressed myself with the 8 String! And found it very easy to play despite having such a wide neck and 2 "extra" strings! I am thinking that if I ever get the money, I may have to buy an 8 String just for the hell of it! That being said!! I still Love my ESP LTD 7 String above all of my other guitars.And I especially love the looks I get when I play out and break out this Black Monster of a guitar. Just to play an Eagles tune, or Boston, or even a simple blues tune!! The sound is unmatched. And I have had several serious guitarists make me crazy offers for my 7 string! But I won't sell it. Just like I will never sell my Les Paul! They both sound and play "That Good!!".......
10-06-2011 09:46 PM
Re: ESP LTD "M or F" 7 String ??

didnt read the thread but im answering anyway.

F-207. thats the F (forest) body shape. the M's are super strats
09-27-2011 12:39 AM
Re: ESP LTD "M or F" 7 String ??

I have one at it is for sale. I bought it brand new like, **** a long time ago. It is an F-350-7. I have the exact same guitar with the skull inlay. I have had it set like 3 times and when I started playing it with my Boss digital effects processor, it was on, I can make thing sound like the best guitar that has ever been played, almost impossible to describe the feeling when I get on it. I love it, but I injured my hand a couple of months ago and my left had is partially numb now with nerve damage so it is for sale if you want a back up. and it did come with the emg pick ups.

11-20-2010 10:59 PM
Re: ESP LTD "M or F" 7 String ??

Originally Posted by Ytsejam777 View Post

Anyways.,,, Does Anybody have an idea What is the Correct Model of this Guitar???
That's a Forest Series for sure. Nice! Didn't know those came in 7s!
11-20-2010 03:09 PM
Re: ESP LTD "M or F" 7 String ??

The Neck is Amazing Now! I have played many other standard 6 string ESP's and they are all pretty decent. But this thing puts them all to shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The action is low enough like a 6 string, but the 7th string plays awesome with no buzz. Its just crazy and the Floyd Rose stays perfectly in tune. I am running it thru a Line 6 Spider 3, 150 watts stereo. I then Run an A/B switch with one going into the amp, the other side goes into a Korg Pandora, which is patched directly into the board. Then I also Mike the amp If I had another mic setup i would stereo mics.

Anyways,, I digress. Its a great guitar and there are only 150 or so of these 7 string Floyd Rose MF207's that were ever made. So if you get one, it rare and its usually a winner. I swapped the Bridge P?U for a DiMarzio D-Sonic (great for that low B) and the neck got a DiMarzio Liquifire. Which is awesome!!! In Itself...
06-06-2010 04:39 PM
Re: ESP LTD "M or F" 7 String ??

Hmmm,,,, F-207 +1. .Makes sense but sounds kinda strange.. Either way this guitar rocks and is supposedly rare? No?
06-06-2010 03:56 PM
Re: ESP LTD "M or F" 7 String ??

F-207 +1
05-16-2010 03:19 PM
Re: ESP LTD "M or F" 7 String ??

The neck is great!!!! Its nice and low, the action is awesome. The intonation is right on. The only thing is it is a little wide, but you will get used to that pretty quick. And the sound is amazing. I found I have been using this guitar for both 7 and 6 string songs just because of the tone. Check one out if you get a chance before buying one. You can always have a tech lower the action for you later. The important thing is the tone and intonation.....
05-07-2010 11:52 PM
Re: ESP LTD "M or F" 7 String ??

hows the neck on the esps?
04-23-2010 10:23 PM
Re: ESP LTD "M or F" 7 String ??

Actually, Now that I think about it. I think it may have come with EMG's in it. To be honest I cant really remember exactly which Pickups were in it. It was a completely crazy and difficult month for me. Not too mention, I cant find the old pickups,after they were taken out and put into a box. But I do know for a fact that the Guitar Center Technician, "Max" said that he had to do a little bit of routing on the body to make the new pickups fit properly and make them actually be screwed to the body. Instead of just being screwed and set into the pickups mounting shell and hardware. I wanna say he said " I had to route some of the body because the EMG's were smaller". But I honestly cant be sure which kind of pickups he took out. But I am going to keep looking for them until I find them, then I will post that info when I get it. However, regardless of what pickups were in there, The DiMarzio "D-Sonic" in the bridge and the DiMarzio "Liquifire" in the neck position are by far the best sound I have ever heard. "PERIOD"!!! Between that and my Spider III 150 watt combo with Celestion's make a superb sound and put allot of previous amps to shame. Of course thats just my $.02 cents worth of opinion. I would still rather have a Mesa Boogie Tri-Axis or Dual rectifier.
04-23-2010 11:29 AM
Re: ESP LTD "M or F" 7 String ??

It looks like an F-207. And that seems like EMG-7 routing to me!
04-10-2010 12:15 AM
Re: ESP LTD "M or F" 7 String ??

I was lucky, the intonation on this one was perfect. Even after having it "tweaked" by the Tech it still good. I do notice that the "B" String is usually sharp for a few minutes before I play it but after a bit the neck warms up and it plays great. The action is perfect, very low. Just the way I like it. My Ibanez and Jackson and Les Paul all all setup the same way, super low action. They are all built for speed! I had a Schecter 7-String before this, with EMG-HZ's in it and it was Nice. But I like having a Floyd Rose better and the pickups I put in just make this Guitar something super special now. Its good to know I made a good choice.
04-09-2010 11:25 PM
Re: ESP LTD "M or F" 7 String ??

Yes, I agree on the pickups. I plan on replacing mine as well. Just haven't done so yet. I've only had mine for about a month. I had the same issue with action, but the intonation was good. The guy I got it from picked up a 7-string out of interest, but never could get the hand of it.

I love 7-strings and this was a great opportunity. I actually love the way it feels. Just need to replace those pickups.
04-09-2010 10:07 PM
Re: ESP LTD "M or F" 7 String ??

Wow!!! Thanks for the info. I had a feeling that this was something special. I have seen many other models, but none quite like this one. And when I saw it for sale for $360 I figured it would be a bargain. I am Glad I got it when I did. Since I replaced the pickups I have a whole new sense for the guitar,,,, Again!! hehe,, Every few years I get bored with playing and I need something to bring the interest back to me. This guitar did it for me again. I appreciate your help. J.R.
04-09-2010 06:00 PM
Re: ESP LTD "M or F" 7 String ??

I talked with the guy at ESP today. He said this model was made exclusively for Musician's Friend around 2002-2003, and only about 150-200 were made.

The model number is F-207MF (the MF meaning Musician's Friend).

...for anyone who cares...
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