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Thread: why cant nu metal use 7 string guitars? Reply to Thread
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  Topic Review (Newest First)
11-20-2002 02:27 AM
Drew Oooooooh yes... mine aren't so clean yet, but i'm working.

11-10-2002 12:56 PM

Dont forget the insane Arpeggio potential... 7 string sweeps rule!

11-10-2002 12:27 AM
Drew Profane- this one's been beaten to death, but you're new, so i'll go through the motions once again.

Actually, it's 5 extra notes. Admittedly, not a heck of a lot. HOWEVER, and a very big however it is; it's not just 5 extra notes at the extreme of the instrument's range, it's an extra 4th in any given position on the neck- for example, in the 7th position, on a 6-string, your range is, assuming a decent amount of flexibility, a low B (7th fret, low E string) to a high E (12th fret, high E string). Now, do that on a 7-string, and your range suddenly changes from a low F# (7th fret, B string) to a high E (12th fret, E string). That's the equivalent of being able to play from the 2nd fret of the E all the way up to the 12th fret of the high E, all without changing position. This GREATLY expands your chordal and melodic range.

11-09-2002 11:28 AM
Profane_Oath Well, think about it. That extra 7th string only gives you about 7 or so more notes on the high string (assuming that you would tune the six string down to B) so unless you're using those notes, or doing scale patters with that extra string, why do you need it?
11-08-2002 03:55 PM
Interesting thoughts on this board

6 string, 7 string, nu-metal, shred, poka dots and daisies.....

Well my thought on this whole 7 string six string nu-metal korn sucks shred is the best line of thought is this:

Everyone is sure welcome to their own opinion, and it does not make yours any less valid-after all its just an opinion...not much else to back it up...unless you go with records sales--opps!! he-he

anywayz considering that the "standard" tuning on the modern guitar was not even around until the nineteenth century, and the "standard" amount of strings was not either what does it matter? the instrument keeps evolving and changing...good thing too, every try to play an eighteenth century baroque guitar? Do whatever ya want its all valid, play what ever you want its all good, and maybe practicing song writing, technical etudes, or dare I say TONAL etudes..its not all amps and effects you know ;0) Oh yeah, and so not to be not listen to my ramblings and enjoy your posts, it gives me something to look at while I'm bored at work instead of practicing or playing myself!! rock on and have fun!
09-23-2002 03:13 AM
Jem7RB MK I for one am glad,however bad the band maybe,that rock has a mainstream influence again,i use the word rock as i dont really like to label stuff to much.
So 1.Its good to see bands playing there own tunes again 2.its great to see bands playing their own instruments 3.Its fantastic that these bands use their instruments and go out and play live,It dosent matter if you dont like a band and think they are untalented,lets face it,Fred durst has an ego the size of alaska and cant sing imho,but does it stop limp selling records? Nope not one jot,If everyone on this site,and there family and freinds boycotted Limp Bizkits,KoRn's,Staind's etc music and did'nt buy any of there records or go to thier shows,What differance would it make in the grand scheme of things ? None,A few thousand sales less will not affect many of todays popular bands.
As for the 7 string argument,It could also be...Why do you need to play a PRS to play *nu-metal* ? i see this argument continuing for some time yet,but remember dudes,Would you prefere to listen to the new generation of rock acts,Or as in the UK,get group after group of boy/girl bands that sound the same?
Yes i do own a 7 string,yes it is tuned down to A,I also have a LP standard which is tuned to C,and an Ibanez es175 tuned to open C for da blues,my other ibanii are standard tunings,i do this for the most versatile options,my 7 is my main squeeze,and i use the 7th (A) for added depth,and occasional low riffage,whilst still being able to solo up high,It's the easy solution.
Dont take any of this post negatively,we all have opinions,and no-ones opinions are wrong,Just take a step back and review whats been said,look at things from a differant perspective,and make sure your opinions have been noted.

All the best

09-22-2002 09:20 PM
Two hands31 Ok, just to clarify:

-I listen to a lot of shred, among all these other styles. So I'm not anti-shred.

-I don't bash bands, I promote bands. I do this not to say "You should listen to this" but to recommend bands people might like, to give some variety. Bashing bands is pointless, as, yes, it gets your opinion out, but fans won't care, and no one wants to come to a message board where people insult their tastes.

-I don't want all bands to sound the same, did I mention how many styles of music I listen to?

-You don't have to listen to something bad to truly enjoy something good. I enjoy basically all music. How does this help your point?
09-22-2002 04:41 PM
sniperfrommars1 So when did it start being wrong to express personal opinion? Im a fan of the tea party myself, god forbid I try to tune my floyd guitars like that but still. Personal opinion's need to be expressed otherwise everything would be stale. If every band played the exact same way what would you like? You have to be able to listen to something bad to have something to like and so on and so forth. It just so happend that two hands musical taste falls in the category of anti-shred. So your taste are going to be the bashing points for alot of angry shredders. Well one day the circle will turn and shred will be popular again, of course it will have a new name and stuff and then youll be pissed at us all the time. So Ill see you then
09-22-2002 11:02 AM
Two hands31 A friend of mine once told me "Words can be daggers, but they can also be bandages." Yes, I talk about the Tea Party a lot, but that's because basically no one here has heard of them, and I think people would like their music (as it's very different from what they're probably currently listening to). When someone promotes a band, it's so that maybe someone else will find this band and fall in love with their music too. The Tea Party was really the first band to change my views of music. Made me realize it doesn't all have to be the same, and it doesn't all have to be what the masses want to hear. When you bash a band, or say that you hate them and no one should listen to them, it makes people who like the band either feel bad, or angry, and can even drive people away from this amazingly awesome message board. Just my thoughts...
09-22-2002 09:20 AM
Originally Posted by Two hands31
I hate it when people bash other bands. Is it really all that important to you that others know your opinion of them?
Coming from you- that's very funny. If I was a betting man, I'd wager that slightly over half of your 3500 posts are statements of your love for The Tea Party. You manage to work your favorite obsession into every single that's quite a funny statement coming from you.

The reason I explained the Korn thing was because that was the question he asked! Read his first post, and read my posts. I'm answering the questions asked. Now lots of people managed to throw this thread in a lot of different directions, but I'm answering the original post.

I know you love all this angst pop parading as hard rock- sorry to hurt your little feelings.
09-22-2002 01:16 AM
Dylan7620 you had a band u loved at 14.
repeating: so what it it makes people buy 7 strings

vai makes people buy jems
y is it any different? because theyre more technical? come on... if little 14 year olds wanna spend theyre money on somethin they might trade off for 2 years later thats their own fault, dont bash korn cuz theyve been doin the same thing since the beginning. i was one of those kids for a little while till i discoverd this sight which make me want to play jazz stuff with my guitar now. not just heavy riffs like korn. i bet chud was the same way when he first got his RG7. if anything korn was a door to this whole new world... no matter what im still gonna like korn, but that doenst mean i dont like the other stuff.
09-21-2002 11:26 PM
Two hands31 I hate it when people bash other bands. Is it really all that important to you that others know your opinion of them?
09-21-2002 07:45 PM
jem7vwh the first post asked the question, Why does Korn get made fun of? And you answered your own question by postulating that it was their use of 7-string guitars.

My (correct) answer was that Korn gets made fun of because they were

A. The first and worst of the genre because they inspired the rest of the crap that followed from Linkin Park to Staind

B. They were the the most visible band. They show up on TRL and have given a whole new generation of angry little 14 year olds someone to look up to. Thus they're the easiest target. They're the Twisted Sister of this generation.
09-21-2002 05:54 PM
Dylan7620 yea, my basic question didnt really have to do with korn, but rock in general. its like now, its ok to have a guitar tuned to B or A and loose the high e string, but once you put it on there to make it a seven people are like watch out!!!! hes tryin to be KoRn!!! and they make fun of you because you can do everything they do, but you get to keep the high string
09-21-2002 05:49 PM
sniperfrommars1 I dont know about this discussion. You guys have gone so far off topic its just ridiculous. The original question why cant nu-metal use seven strings? Nu metal uses seven strings. Nu metal is a fad. Fads die. Basically it in a nutshell. Let me add that NO ONE refers to thrash anymore, but it was once Extremely popular and its own genre. At one point basically everyone wanted a nice plain black guitar with a floyd and hums and marshall. Now we use line 6's seven strings, and jems. it just revolves and revovles
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