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08-03-2017 03:35 AM
Re: Sound guy said I sounded like midrange sandpaper

Another idea is swaping magnet or pickup with alnico 2... like duncan sh/tb-11 or gibson 490r. Duncan do not have much lows so "cloudy" solo stuff is his nature. I really love it in this application (bridge pos.) mentioned PAF.
I'm always trying to change from the cheapest solution.

08-02-2017 03:51 PM
Re: Sound guy said I sounded like midrange sandpaper

The guy is playing Heartbreaker intro on the wrong position. Page played it the open strings (any zeppelin tab with fretted A @ 5th position E string is typically wrong). Yes I agree with you the audio on the video less than ideal mostly from the equipment and player though.

You could get better audio plugged right in a Line6 Spyder 2x12 and nothing else.

Where/how you play things equally effects tone. Something simply brilliant as Iron Man play it incorrectly 2nd position vs where Tony played it (7th position) hear difference.

You can greatly improve your tone with what you have - PAF style pickups will remove the shrill/fizzy tone too - with basic tweaks but remember these artists create their tone with their pick hand, fret hand, guitar choice, amps and fx.

Santana pedalboard is a shining example in having great tone without all the nonsense wrecking it.

Also on the JEM Jr maybe block the trem.
08-02-2017 03:23 PM
Re: Sound guy said I sounded like midrange sandpaper

Rich, I had said "aside from that though it hurt because I think he's right.... ".
If you listen to the video clip at 8:57 he starts to play heartbreaker and the tone to me is very fizzy, later when he plays tie your mother down its a little harsher. If you compare it to the original tie your mother down you can hear the difference in tone.
Now if you listen to Clapton on this cut Eric Clapton ? Tearing Us Apart (Live at Knebworth) 1990 - Vědeo Dailymotion you hear a very smooth clean tone. If you listen to Saideira from Santana you get a similar tone with a bit more bite.
I know that Clapton likes to back off on the tone and use the middle pup, Santana also likes the neck pup and also backs off on the tone. I also know and you can hear it that their sound comes from them more so than the equipment, but the equipment gives them an end to their means.
I want less fizzy than the Carvin video and closer to the Clapton/Santana sound. I also know that I am an average player at best and so I will never quite get to the sound I would like, but hopefully I can find a combo of amp and or pedals that will get me closer to the smooth yet slightly bitey sound. Jeff Beck, Steely Dan, Duane Allman, you get the picture.
08-02-2017 01:37 PM
Re: Sound guy said I sounded like midrange sandpaper

I missed the part where you thought your tone sucked too
08-02-2017 01:31 PM
Re: Sound guy said I sounded like midrange sandpaper

Like I said they guy was a d-bag, but he was right about the tone....
08-02-2017 12:45 PM
Re: Sound guy said I sounded like midrange sandpaper

Originally Posted by chrose1201 View Post
All these answers are great and appreciated and are helping
Originally Posted by Rich View Post
Ignore everybody.
08-02-2017 12:00 PM
Re: Sound guy said I sounded like midrange sandpaper

Ignore everybody.

The only one who needs to like your tone is you.
08-02-2017 11:15 AM
Re: Sound guy said I sounded like midrange sandpaper

All these answers are great and appreciated and are helping, please keep them coming. Thank you!
08-02-2017 10:01 AM
Re: Sound guy said I sounded like midrange sandpaper

Tone is in the fingers right? You'd probably have better tone thru a low-watt 2x12 open back combo with greenbacks. I saw SRV (great tone) in '85 play @ the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank NJ with a Fender Twin (before his tone became too trebly) in fact. Some amps (5150 for example) you will never get good tone (sorry!).

Too noisy turn down the gain, start removing pedals & drive the tubes with a cleaner (less cluttered) signal.

Old Clapton was an SG with tone knob rolled back on neck pickup often. Vai's current live tone is brutally bad (should listen to or have a sound tech willing to tell him so) but Whispering was all sustainer and studio fixes. Santana along with SG always played the has always played nice, thick mahagony/maple (LesPaul) guitars with humbuckers.

So along with what was posted by others above consider the Strat and JemJr probably aren't inviting to great singing tone thru a Carvin. SRV made his strat sound great. Good luck.
08-02-2017 03:52 AM
Re: Sound guy said I sounded like midrange sandpaper

I give you recipe for "perfect smooth tone". It's classic and simple.
1. Neck PAF
2. Tube Screamer (little bit)
3. Cranked Marshall voiced amp (power tube saturation)
4. Reverb with/or Delay in amp loop
5. GREEN BACK at the end
..So maybe You don't need 100W with full stack?

08-02-2017 02:51 AM
Formerly Given To Fly
Re: Sound guy said I sounded like midrange sandpaper

The one thing the "sound guy" should never criticize is the "sound." Just a thought.

As for your rig, Carlos Santana uses a Mesa Boogie Mark I or Mesa Boogie King Snake. He also has tech guys on tour with him who make a lot of money.
Steve Vai uses his Carvin Legacy. He also has tech guys on tour with him who make a lot of money.
I have been told Joe Bonamassa is a guitarist. That is all I know about him.
I have never heard Eric Clapton produce a "singing tone" on the electric guitar but I have not listened to very much Eric Clapton in my life.

In general, a noise gate helps with noise, and compression helps with achieving a "smooth tone." These are not solutions, just facts, but when applied properly, they can lead to solutions. The audio on the Carvin video is not good. Nevermind the amp, humans do not sound like that when they talk. Regardless, you seem to have been fighting this amp for a long time which is not productive or fun. I'll leave things here for thought and reflection. Perhaps other guitarists will chime in.
07-31-2017 03:08 PM
Sound guy said I sounded like midrange sandpaper

Or something equally annoying. Now the guy was a d-bag... aside from that though it hurt because I think he's right.... I switch between an American Deluxe Strat with noiseless pups and the Jem Jr. I run it through a Carvin V3M and a Tech21 Flyrig RK5. In my band we will play smooth jazz, to disco, to Prince, to Santana and everything in between. I was looking at ways to get a good sound from the V3M and found the best description of the V3M that for me hit the nail on the head I think.
"as for the V3M, I cant recommend them. Honestly aside from the name and the similar look the amps sound nothing alike. I wanted to love the V3M as it didnt have those pesky globals but the amp has very poor sound. Some amps you struggle to find a bad tone, the V3M is the opposite. I struggled to find a good one. And if your into metal you can forget about it. For a lack of better description the V3M sounds like a fart through a tubescreamer, I **** you not. A good example of the poor tone is Carvins very own demo video with kevin michael from sledd. The ONLY thing that gets that amp to have any definition and clarity is a TS type boost pedal. Without it I would have to rate it in the top 5 worst tube amps for rock and metal in recent years."
The cleans are very nice, I do not bother with Channel 1 and I hoped the RK5 would have been the answer. I returned my first one because the noise was HORRIBLE, they sent me a new one and it's much better, but still I cannot get a smooth OD tone out of it. I would use my Laney 1-12" SS as it has a great tone, but I can't trust the fuses at a louder volume, and I don't even play that loud! I have never gotten the master past 4.5. I was hoping that maybe an attenuator would smooth out the tone, but now I suspect not.
All of the pros I have seen have been able to get a smooth tone and quiet from their rigs. Joe Bonamassa manages to turn town in certain passages to about a .5 in volume and it's as if its not plugged in at all! Nary a hint of noise! All I want is to be able to get a smooth singing tone if you will, the likes of Clapton, Whispering a prayer, Santana Europa etc. Obviously most of the tone is in their ability, but please, please can someone recommend a set up that will give me a quiet OD that can sing? My days of playing live are nearing a close (hopefully not too soon, but you never know) and I want to finally after all these years have something decent! Thanks for listening to my whining again!
from 9:00 on.

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