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11-26-2008 11:24 PM
Re: Zoom G7 Vs G9

I've had the G9 for about 6 months used it Live on a few gigs where a pedal board isn't practical. its got some good tones on it and it has some features that the G7 and 99% of the other muli-fx don't have, besides the z-axis pedal the effects loop is handy for dropping in that one vintage pedal you can't leave home without, the computer programing is abit tricky but its not the worst....hint hint behringer fans....and the tube pre-amp is alot warmer that any multi on the market.
11-17-2008 08:55 AM
Re: Zoom G7 Vs G9

14 month old thread...
11-17-2008 08:07 AM
Re: Zoom G7 Vs G9

Originally Posted by LonePhantom View Post
You ARE calling the owners cra.p or stupid based off your rant there.
I think it's a cultural thing. It's difficult for many of you with the language barrier, because he is using English rather than Amerikan.

Treva is saying if you own one and think its good you are ignorant. If you are told the truth by someone who knows, and you refuse to accept that truth, then you are stupid.
11-17-2008 07:24 AM
Re: Zoom G7 Vs G9

Originally Posted by toshiro View Post
So Zoom pays him to use a discontinued, out of date, boost pedal........ Yeah, okay.

Dude: TONE. IS. SUBJECTIVE. Stop acting like you know what's better for others.

It's better to say: I don't like that stuff.

Rather than: That's ****, you don't know what's good, I do, etc etc.
But you all don't know what's good, and Treva does. He is informing you of the fact that the Zoom G series are rubbish. Nothing more than that. Everyone is attacking him for a statement of fact. Nobody records with Zoom, it's garbage. Get it?
09-09-2007 10:39 PM
Re: Zoom G7 Vs G9

I'm sorry but just because you are from a third world country doesn't automatically mean you can't be arrogant. Your writing suggests otherwise, and if you you can't accept someone pointing it out and suggesting how to otherwise carry on your conversations there's not much more that can be done.

I'm not taking this to a personal level, if I continue any further then maybe I might end up doing that.

The fact is there are many people on this forum from around the world (including some third world countries) who whilst may not have the best grasp of English manage to communicate without putting others down. That part's got nothing to do with understanding the English language, manners and attitude are pretty much the same regardless of language spoken.

If you can't see this there's nothing much more that can be done.
09-09-2007 07:31 AM
Re: Zoom G7 Vs G9

arrogance and rude !!!!!!!!

Well I'm not.If my writings are showing that,sorry.I'm from third world,people here are really poor so I couldn't be arrogant!
Again you don't know me and judging me only by my writings is wrong.
I completely disagree with you but I'm not judging you,I'm judging equipments.
You are the one taking this to a personal level.
Again peace.
09-09-2007 07:12 AM
Re: Zoom G7 Vs G9

Originally Posted by TREVA View Post
Somebody who believes that a cra.p digital with everything inside toy is good,should buy brains !!

Sorry, I've never heard that sort of line in a Zombie film, and I've seen a few now. That is condescending, not funny. You ARE calling the owners cra.p or stupid based off your rant there.

Again tone IS subjective, when you learn that you may get taken a little better by people. So what if people do not record albums with Zoom gear like the G7/G9. That does not stop tone from being subjective.

Modellers are not primarily designed for pro-musicians to record music in the studio, they are designed to fulfill the needs of amateur and semi-professional musicians be able get a wide variety of tones and sounds without breaking the bank buying many different amps and/or stomp boxes, etc.

Also not everyone thinks that plays thinks tube amps are magical. One brilliant example of an amazing, versatile pro-musician is Frank Gambale. He has been playing professionally for probably at least 25 years now and he prefers solid state amps. He can't stand the what he calls inconsistent sound from tube amps. I've read of a few bands (power-metal band Blind Guardian is one example) who are also recording and releasing albums recording their guitars with PODs, etc.

So tone IS subjective, everyone is allowed to have their own taste and opinion with tone, and they should not have to expect someone to tell them that they "need to buy brains". Sure you can say that you don't think something is so good, but to attack them based on their on taste is not necessary or appreciated. You may be able to get away with it on the Official Ibanez forum, but I don't think people here on Jemsite will take too kindly to your current attitude. People have already alluded to that. What you have said so far is not passion, it's just arrogance, and incredibly rude.

Share your experiences and your passion, that's fine, but watch how you write(speak) to people, try and be a little more humble, and to put it simply, don't write like you are the high and mighty and know everything, and others are clueless. You may have been lucky to have experienced using some amazing gear, but not everyone here has. They deserve to be treated with the same respect as anyone else.
09-09-2007 06:17 AM
Re: Zoom G7 Vs G9

[QUOTE=LonePhantom;715821]and to tell people to get a brain, etc is not a mis-understanding of the English language.

It's a very used phrase in ZOMBIE's movies,I'm TREVA,a zombie,it's just a joke.

So I cannot call a cra.p(zoom), cra.p ???
I'm not calling its owners cra.p but only the product itself.So because somebody has it automatically it is awsome.
No I have one and had others from digitech,boss etc.
Tone is not subjective,if it was,everybody will record their albums with zooms.
It will be subjective if you had albums recorded with tube amps and digital stuff.
Everybody who thinks digital stuff is good,first time they play a tube amp they say= man what's that ?I want one,it's magical !!!!!!
So a world where I cannot judge equipments and call them awsome or cra.p is a non-real world !
I was there at the same place too,oh my boss pedals are amazing,I love them,so in a store I tried a mesa boogie dc-3(old amp) .
WOWWWWWWWWWW until I got one (maybe 5 years because here everything cost twice and triple than there) I never ever thought about spending my money in something else than a tube amp.
So I'm sorry If I share my opinions with so much passion,decades of experiences with equipments gave me this disease.
I'm always sincere about everything,I won't lie and I'll never talk about something I don't know.
If you want me to share my experiences,it will be my pleasure,if not,that's ok .
09-09-2007 04:13 AM
King Knall
Re: Zoom G7 Vs G9

Ooh, someone's gonna get banned.
09-09-2007 02:50 AM
Re: Zoom G7 Vs G9

Sorry TREVA but it's got nothing to do with English not being your first language, that's just an excuse. Surely in Brazil there are manners in which you write and say things to come across in a particular way. Carrying on how something is crap regardless of what other people have said, and to tell people to get a brain, etc is not a mis-understanding of the English language.

Oh and you remind me of the reasons why I left the Official Ibanez forum too. Sure there were plenty of people asking the same old questions about pickups, and what can replace the Edge III without searching, but there was also quite a few people like yourself who whilst know a thing or two, talked down to everyone who asked questions that you thought were stupid.

Basically get off your "high and mighty" horse and maybe will take what you've got to say a little better.
09-09-2007 12:31 AM
Re: Zoom G7 Vs G9

No you quit there because people hated your stupid questions and what you said about yourself =

I'm a teenager with my own business,money and lots of girls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is YOYO a teen with his own business,money and lots of girls who plays out of tune non sense music and thinks he is a god.
There are lots of his nonsense threads about what he is and about the amazing tone he got through his crate 15 watts + gt8.
A stupid teen wich doesn't represents all of other teens wich are very polites and study music with passion.
YOYO is a brainless moron acting like I'm Steve Vai !!!!!!!!!!!
If all of you went to ibanez forum,you'll see with your own eyes what people think about him.
There are some members here wich are part of ibanez forum too.They know YOYO's stupidity very well !
But well I'm a newbie here .
09-08-2007 11:40 PM
Re: Zoom G7 Vs G9

Treva was like this on Ibanez forums, that's why i quit them.... but for some reason, he won every single argument on there. now there's only people like him left there.... you mention digital on those forums are you're jumped on.... sad *shakes head*
09-08-2007 11:12 PM
Re: Zoom G7 Vs G9

sound samples are misleading.
the rocktron samples are misleading because the guitarist is one amazing player.
line 6 samples always sound terrible because the playing is amateur.

line 6 products are not much more expensive but are much more versatile (you can't turn the wah on and off on the rocktron? no tuner?)

I can't speak for zoom.
09-08-2007 10:58 PM
Re: Zoom G7 Vs G9

Originally Posted by TREVA View Post
Nothing to base ???!!!
Do you know me !!??
I'm a guitar player and a recording engineer.I already played with all models (the famous ones) of amps,pedals and modellers.I have a recording studio so my clients sometimes have new equipments like those zooms you said.They all sound like cra.p.Who already played through a tube amp,knows it.For you ,zoom player,obviously zoom is good because YOU don't know what is good.Nobody in the world make albums using zoom,even the crapiest bands,so enjoy your zoom and your lack of experience.
I already recorded every modeler in the market and about distortions,all of them sounds terrible.Of course for you who only play your zoom in your bedroom can't understand what I'm talking about.
Kiko loureiro,long time friend use a zoom as a buster,you know why?
Because zoom pay him to use it.Me and Kiko already played in 8 instrument fairs,we showed our zooms to crowd but our sound came from a tube amp in the backstage.
So zoom and all digital modelers are really good for who can't afford a tube amp and for studIng and composing.

I told my experiences not to mean like I'm better than anyone here but just because that moron wich really don't know me and have nothing better to do than GUESSING what I did or not.
I only talk about equipments I used and recorded,if I didn't used,I won't talk about.
I'm from a third world ,people don't have money so 98% have zoom or some other modeller.

I know I'm a newbie here but I can't stand a creature wich don't know me started GUESSING what I did or not in my life.!!!!!!!!

I'm just trying to share my experiences and maybe could help somebody unexperienced. Maybe not.
But I'll try
So Zoom pays him to use a discontinued, out of date, boost pedal........ Yeah, okay.

Dude: TONE. IS. SUBJECTIVE. Stop acting like you know what's better for others.

It's better to say: I don't like that stuff.

Rather than: That's ****, you don't know what's good, I do, etc etc.
09-08-2007 09:32 PM
Re: Zoom G7 Vs G9

A review by Guitar World
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