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WildWayz 07-27-2002 05:36 PM

Looking for an electro-acoustic
Hi ya

I am gonna sell my Jem77VWH (I have no real need for it AND my JS1000), so I wanna buy an electro-acoustic with the money.

What ones would you recommend?

I saw an Ibanez MASA JX70 in the shop and it would go well with my JS1000BTB (cos it is transparent flamed blue).
Also the Ibanez Talman TCY25 looks nice too.
I was told to also look at Takamine's too... but I want something that isn't too bulky, and has access to the higher frets too.

Any ideas?



john w 07-27-2002 06:18 PM

Depending on what you want to spend, Check out Taylor Guitars.
They are kinda pricey, but they are damned nice guitars....

John W

WildWayz 07-27-2002 06:25 PM

Probably about 350 - 700. :D

BTW - how much do u think I can get for a 9 year old Jem7VWH (a little gold wear on the trem, and the gold screws are not pristine. Also it has pickguard scratches - it IS 9 years old ;)). It has had one privious owner (Vaijem777) and me (I bought it off vaijem amout 2 months ago).
It has had a fret job and pro setup recently.


carlos seo 07-28-2002 08:08 PM

I'm pretty happy with both of my electro-acoustics: a 1996 Washburn EA20 and a 2000 Yamaha APX-10. Both have excellent sound quality and should serve you well. The Washburn is basically a great rhythm guitar, although it has a cutaway. The Yamaha is great for soloing because you have easy access to the upper frets (24 frets) and the action is very low.

edit -- spelling

ScottM 07-29-2002 12:34 AM

I would try to find a nicer Ovation. I have been looking at the carbon topped models and I played one (SMT or CVT??) at a Guitar Center and fell in love.

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