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Vai the god of Sound 07-28-2002 01:14 AM

Jem single coil height
On my FP, I try to get my single coil low, like even with the pickguard, but once I get it half way, the screws get loose and stick up above the pickguard and the pickup becomes loose as well...

Is this standard?

carlos seo 07-28-2002 02:33 AM

I had a similar problem in my Custom Shop Strat. The bridge JB was too loose. I've disassembled the pickguard and realized that the screws were too short, so I couldn't untight the screws to bring the pickup lower (actually, I've done it and the JB just fell into the body cavity :) ). I've just replaced the screws for bigger ones and now it's fine. I can punch it and it won't move.

nuno 07-29-2002 03:45 AM

Re: Jem single coil height

Originally Posted by Vai the god of Sound
...but once I get it half way, the screws get loose... is this standard?

it would be standard if the screws got loose with the pickup flush to the p-guard.
Vai sets the SC flush, so i suppose his legendary tech Tom Nordegg has replaced the SC screws with a couple longer ones.

Vai the god of Sound 07-29-2002 03:18 PM

ok, today I went and picked up some longer screws, but still...without the screws, I pushed the pickup down as far as it would go and it wasn't flush with the pickguard...the wires are beneath it...

How does Vai accomplish this?

jemsite 07-29-2002 03:38 PM

hmmm.... that is odd. i have no trouble lowering the middle PU flush to the guards in most ibanez axes. the wires or pickup routing would be the culprit, maybe your FP has a shallower route in the middle PU position? The wire from the neck PU is beneath the middle PU and likely creating the problem. Take them out and give a look... glen

Vai the god of Sound 07-29-2002 03:41 PM

that's what I was this typical on earlier jems, circa '89?

Gabe Nickelson 07-29-2002 06:48 PM

Easy solution - loose the pickup! It just gets in the way anyway. Single coils generally need to be closer to the strings than humbuckers. When you lower the pickup level (which is the very first thing I do with any middle single coil guitar), you loose the full energy (not that there is any to begin with) of the the pickup.

It's one of my peaves- sorry. I just don't like middle pickups on Jems. I think I might have used mine on all of my Jems (7 of them) 1 time. Hence the reason for my custom jem with only humbuckers and a 3-way switch. If I want the 'twangy' strat-ish sound I'll use my strat.

But hey, deep down I'm a Gibson guy, so maybe that's what I'm brainwashed into. ;)


BrianH 07-29-2002 08:55 PM

I loved the middle pup on the vwh I had. Especially that neck/middle combo, great stuff.

anyhoo... I'd have a bazillion pickups if they'd fit! hmmm.. that steve morse guitar looks sweeter by the minute :twisted:

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