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francelj 08-17-2002 03:39 AM

Ibanez Pro540R?? (some finish upgrades)

JESTER700 08-17-2002 08:23 AM

That is lovely...

nuno 08-17-2002 09:39 AM

great job Francelj! did you paint it by yourself?

Addicted To Guitar 08-17-2002 03:19 PM

Very Good job. :D

Two hands31 08-17-2002 03:23 PM


francelj 08-18-2002 06:02 AM

Nuno: No ...paint is from my friend....he also painted my RG390BBM . Next project will probably look like:

Guitar: 88' JEM77FP
mods: body repaint like GFP (green floral pattern) but only with one or two big flowers (highly detailed) probably lotos or similar, green pups (i don't know yet if i will swap pups or i'll use Bobbin Toppers), green knobs, neck inlays will stay the same, headstock will be refinished to match pattern on body....what do you think?

Scott 74 08-19-2002 06:03 AM

I know this should go in the tech, repair forum, but is it possible to get my Raidus 540Pro neck pup routed to fit a humbucker, and not screw up the guitar?

Nice Radius by the way. I'm looking into getting mine refinished in a blue sparkle the same shade of blue on the JS1000BTB!

JESTER700 08-19-2002 08:50 AM

Yeah, you can do that. I did a crappy job on an old Sabre I had - first time I picked up a router! A pro could do this in a few minutes.

Knightmeir 08-19-2002 09:09 AM

Frickin Beautiful!

Scott 74 08-19-2002 09:36 PM

I might get the single coil filled in too, and then fill in a couple of the microswitch holes and leave one for a three way selector????

guitarkatana 08-25-2002 07:38 PM

I'd like to tell you how cool the guitar looks, but I can't link to the picture for some reason. :evil:

francelj 08-27-2002 05:41 AM

check now :)

Polaris20 08-27-2002 04:52 PM

Radiuses (Radii??) are totally awesome guitar. I still regret not getting that one in the Roselle Music Store. It was a bit beat up, but it played sooooo good.

guitarkatana 08-27-2002 10:18 PM

All right, now I can see it, thanks. Wow, very cool looking, just like the last one. Your friend sure can paint! 8) I'm starting to study guitar finishing as well as drawling. I'm gonna my guitars cool graphic finishes someday.

guitarkatana 08-27-2002 10:20 PM

That radius must be the guitar Joe Satriani used as a basis to design his JS series. Very cool looking guitar. :D

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