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LGMT 08-29-2002 07:18 PM

Help Guys, Pickups Question !
Hi to all. I got an Japanese Fernandes Strato early 90's and like to know what p/us i could use to sounds better.

I got a DBK and like that punch.

Play mostly funky style, hard things and some shred.

I'm thinking in Hot Rails in Bridge and Little '59 in Neck. Middle is the default stock one.

Or maybe HS 3 in bridge and other like Little 59 or JB jr neck.

What do you think about this :?:

Anyone ?

rty13ibz98 08-29-2002 07:27 PM

i love the hot rail, but may be a bit too agressive for the funk, but a coil tap can fix that. also the jb jr. and fast tracks are excellent choices. if you want a more traditional type tone but louder, the dimarzio virtual vintange solo is the fat single choice.


kennydoe 08-29-2002 07:36 PM

Sh!t. just blew away a whole post. starting over:

I have a 60s reissue japanese strat that i put Fender Texas Specials in - i'd bought the guitar with that purpose in mind.

Once installed, I realized that the bridge pickup didn't have a great sound, so i replaced it with the DImarzio Fast Track 2 - it's a killer sounding guitar for any occasion. (Although I haven't played it much since I got my Jem and UV)

I also took the bridge pickup from the TX Special set and stuck it in the middle of my RG550 - it was much hotter and better sounding than any stock Ibanez middle pickup. The texans aren't overly expensive either - anywhere for $100-125 new.

Good luck with it!

LGMT 08-30-2002 09:32 AM

Kenny, the texans can archieve a bit of that SRV in Neck right ?

And how about the tone of fast track ? The sound like what compared to PAF or Breed or even stock strats ones ?

Knightmeir 08-30-2002 09:38 AM

I'm still wondering how some evos in my DBK would sound...

kennydoe 08-30-2002 10:43 AM

The Texans ARE SRV's pickups, so yes, you can get that sound.

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