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Ashurbanipal 12-19-2011 07:51 AM

NGD: Roadstar RS525
What do you do when an 80s MIJ Ibanez turns up on evil bay for a suspiciously low price? You hit 'buy it now'. I thought, heck if it sucks I won't cry about it, and could maybe part it out to make up for the loss, and it's xmas! I paid $150 for this thing 8O. Stock except for the strap buttons and missing trem arm.

First thoughts: it's freakin' hard photographing black guitars! Need to do it outside, I guess.

The axe is in pretty good shape - usual dings and play wear but it's clear it hasn't been completely trashed around; more or less the same as my Proline. Frets appear to have been dressed at some point. The neck is C shaped, kinda Fendery. I thought getting up to the 24th fret would be tricky because of the square heel but it isn't, further helped by the wider cutaway.

Tone: pretty tight and plenty of attack, which makes me think this is going to be a good rhythm guitar. I played some old Metallica as a test and it did quite well. The IBZ pickups are ok in humbucking mode; split tones are pretty meh but it doesn't really matter at this point in time and price.

Someone obviously felt that the Pro Rock'r should act like a proper double locker and cranked those screws right down :x. Need to get some new ones.

Overall, the bridge is in very good shape and has no missing components. I'm treating this as a fixed bridge guitar, so I whacked in five springs and screwed the bridge against the body - I reckon this helps the tightness and attack to the tone. Even floating with two springs it's a beast, though 9s and softer springs could tame it a bit (it's got 10s on it).

I thought I'd leave the top lock unlocked because I'm not using the whammy but the result was loss of tuning when bending strings - friction at the nut and top lock; when locked down everything's hunky dory. Potential PITA: top lock needs to be removed to adjust truss rod! Solution: cut down allen key so it fits the gap; gonna do this tomorrow.

Ready to make lovely music together (apologies for the crap pic, it's night here and flash makes things look worse).
The Proline still kicks major ar$e - versatile, wide dynamic range, fat lead sound. The Roadstar is leaner and more punchy; a bit more of a one trick pony (probably because of the pups) but I'm getting a good feeling playing it nevertheless :D.

Things to do: dial in action; Kinman mod for volume controls; new jack; new string lock screws.

Speedabob 12-19-2011 08:24 AM

Re: NGD: Roadstar RS525
Love the pro line :P wish i had one!

Looks like you snapped up a bargain :D congrats!!

Ashurbanipal 12-20-2011 11:11 PM

Re: NGD: Roadstar RS525
Get a Proline if you can!

Anyone know what the fretboard radius on these Roadstars is? I know it's flat but a precise number would be nice.

gdilullo 10-19-2018 09:04 AM

Re: NGD: Roadstar RS525
Care to sell it?

Ashurbanipal 11-04-2018 02:10 PM

Re: NGD: Roadstar RS525
Wow, necro thread. Still have this guitar, and it's not for sale; I use it quite a bit, particularly for things that require alternate tunings. Has had some upgrades and several still to be implemented.

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