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thewolf 09-03-2002 11:53 PM

Which of these two guitars are better for "shred"? I have not been able to play them yet, as I live in a small town with only 1 dinky music store. I have read however, that the JEM7DBK has a "faster neck." I like the specs on the JEM7VWH more though; the alder body, ebony fretboard, and evo p/u's. Plus it looks a whole lot better :)
So which of these guitars do you prefer for speed?


wheresthebeef 09-04-2002 12:05 AM

would you believe i havent ever played a jem? 8O

yes, its true, so i wouldnt know. but the VWH has evolutions which have a morally better sound.

thewolf 09-04-2002 12:20 AM

so EVOs sound better to you? I have never been able to compare them side by side, but i have read reviews saying that EVOs are really thin, and "icy" and Breeds are warmer. Comments on this?

ibanez otaku 09-04-2002 12:23 AM

In my experience - owning both of these guitars - the DBK is indeed just the ticket for unabashed finger-burning, pick-melting shred. It's all down to the neck, which is popsicle stick thin and just about as flat. It also has a superb satin finish on the back, so it's talcum powder dry and resistance free every time you pick it up. I'd have that neck finish on every guitar if I could. Unfinished wood gets grubby and soft; high gloss gets sticky and squeaky like a basketball court. The set-up possible with the DBK is ridiculous. My action is currently set at one quark. :wink:

DiMarzio will make you black Evos - you only have to ask.

All round, I actually prefer the 7VWH. It's rock solid, comfortable and I seem to be at my best on an ebony board, so it actually gets much more play than my 'Lumpy' as it's known in my house. But for pure shred, you're right on the money with a DBK (and they're cheaper too.)

Rich 09-04-2002 02:21 AM

Shred neck, the biggest myth I ever heard. Who says a neck has to be thin to play well? Guys that prefer thin necks. Somebody tell YJM, EJ, and JB they can't play because they prefer baseball bats. ;)

BeastofLove 09-04-2002 08:21 AM


Originally Posted by Rich
Shred neck, the biggest myth I ever heard. Who says a neck has to be thin to play well? Guys that prefer thin necks. Somebody tell YJM, EJ, and JB they can't play because they prefer baseball bats. ;)

Thanks for saying that, Rich- it's really down to what you're comfortable with. A thinner neck isn't going to help you play any better or faster.


Gresh 09-04-2002 10:39 AM

Amen Brutha,

It's all about finding a tone and a neck that feel like fuzzy pink slippers, just right.

kennydoe 09-04-2002 11:08 AM


Originally Posted by Rich
Shred neck, the biggest myth I ever heard. Who says a neck has to be thin to play well? Guys that prefer thin necks. Somebody tell YJM, EJ, and JB they can't play because they prefer baseball bats. ;)

It's all about the many and how sharp.

ibanez otaku 09-04-2002 12:36 PM


Don't listen to them Wolf! Clearly the last shredding any of this lot did involved a lettuce!

The DBK neck is faster! Take this news back to civilization with you, and tell them of the oppression that faces our people here! GO! It's too late for me, save yourself! RUN! Run like the wind!

[the unmistakable clank of centurion armor grows louder]


[stabbing sound]

Ack! Light a candle for me on my birthday!


elfstones 09-04-2002 01:48 PM

Yeah, I have to agree with Rich. THIN NECK != FAST PLAYER. A thin neck won't make you faster if you hate it and your hand cramps up playing it. You're most likely going to play fast on whatever neck you're most comfortable with. Besides, it's all relative - EVH can play faster on a lamppost than I can on a DBK :)

As for DBK vs VWH: I've owned them both. I liked everything about the DBK but the neck was too thin for me. I just couldn't chord comfortably. Luv those Breed pickups! 8). The DBK is much lighter and it just "feels good" strapped on.
The VWH is well, the best Jem I've ever played. Slightly bigger neck profile and more solid and heavier than DBK but you $$$ for it. I preferred the Breeds over the Evo's but I'm not complaining.
To answer your question, if you are a fast player you'll be able to shred to your heart's content on either of these. It's really a matter of personal preference and $$$ you can spend.

mike777 09-04-2002 02:44 PM

How you have to position your hand in conjunction with the size and shape of your hands and fingers (let alone if you have any history with joint or nervous disorders) will depend on what you prefer. So, Rich is 100% correct. Words like "good, better, best, worse, horrible, etc" are words of opinion, not facts, and it's very hard to make generalizations about guitars that will work for everybody. Everyone is different and NO two people will ever really play or sound EXACTLY alike.

True, a thinner neck has less bulk and may offer SOME folks less resitance. You will play better or to the best of your current abilities on something you are comfortable with and not everyone likes thin necks. some people also find heavier-gauged strings easier to play on as opposed to lighter strings.

Also think: the DBK has a thinner neck than the 7VWH ans SBL. Now think of Vai's playing. Now look at the guitars you mostly see Vai with. HMMM.......

Mike 777 Haug

Knightmeir 09-04-2002 03:31 PM

I've got both... and love them both. Yeah the DBK has a thinner neck, noticably thinner neck at that... but both are very comfortable... the fretboard on the DBK feels flatter. The fretboard on the VWH is glassy almost... very smooth, which is part of the reason it's my favorite. I love the look of both guitars... but the VWH just looks more classy and sounds better. I'll never get rid of either guitar, since they each have their own qualities that I like.

anuj 09-04-2002 03:51 PM

played both, prefer vWH, so own vWH :) prefer evo pickups - i like having the bite when i want it (which is most of the time), otherwise, backing off the tone a bit warms it up whenever i need that. i find the dBK neck way too thin, vWH neck feels more solid and .. comfortable for my hand. oh, and i infinitely prefer ebony to rosewood :-) plus the brighter feel of alder .. yada yada yada .. the differences are many, and to me that puts the balance way in the vWH's favor, but..

that's just my humble opinion.


ps: the aesthetics are a whole different ballgame, and i LOVE white/gold, but that's not entirely what made the vWH... 'the guitar' for me :)

sam669 09-04-2002 04:20 PM

for me, the killer jem is the BSB!
my god, shred-made! :wink:

Markie Boy 09-05-2002 04:52 PM


I gotta be honest - I always used to think that thin & wide = fast. However, now that I have a Music Man Steve Morse (thru default rather than choice....although it's a quality instrument) - the neck is like a Splatocaster baseball bat. I hated this at first - but I haven't got the cash to get a Jem just yet so I've got used to it and realistically - their is no change at all to how 'fast' I can or can't play, the only difference is your own perception as a flatter neck 'feels' faster.

Just my view and not worth much........ :)

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