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stratcat69 09-08-2012 10:46 AM

pup set for an rg2570mz
Hi Guys apologies for another 'what pup' thread!

I've been playing my rg2570 for over a year and I have never been truly happy with the sound of the stock dimarzio/ibz pups. I play the guitar in conjunction with a Les Paul standard and the RG just seems lacking when I play it after the LP. The burstbuckers in the LP just sound a bit more 3D more definition and less fuzzy.

In the band I play classic rock from Zep through to the Foo fighters and all bases in between. I don't play any 'full on' modern metal, but I am getting into a lot of modern rock/fusion stuff (Vai, Satch, Gambale, Garsed) in my own playing.
The RG is the usual spec basswood, maple neck+fingerboard, locking trem.
Its also HSH. I'm looking for a set of pickups that will give me versatility and go from that crunchy bluesy sound through to vai/satch squealy harmonic stuff lol! I guess some sort of hot PAF is the way to go?!
I have done a fair bit of searching but it's difficult without actually hearing the pups in the guitar. I have a set of duncans in a strat (a JB in the bridge and a 59 neck) that sound fantastic, but I'm not sure they will work in the Rg. I also looked at the Holydivers from Bare knuckles, but they are a bit pricey compared with Dimarzios.

So what do you guys recommend? I don't have the spare cash to give it a go and sell them on if it doesn't work, it needs to be pretty right from the go.
Thanks in advance

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