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shaunwitt 10-31-2012 02:38 PM

Ibanez RG470 wiring(?) help!?!
Ok so this is my first post excuse me if I'm posting on the wrong place but i need help. So I have this Ibanez and it just sounds like crap. It is so muddy sounding through my amp. It's not my cables or amp or speakers as I've tried many different guitars through this amp and they sound just fine. I replaced everything in my guitar. Bridge, bridge pickup, 5 way, pots, and input jack.
Apparently it is none of that. I have a duncan designed pickup in the bridge I replaced the other pickup with thinking it would solve the problem. But no just made it worse with more output= more muddy ness. Its not my settings. I have bypassed my tone pot, rewired it, nope. EVERYTHING i can think of. I tried looking at the diagrams for my middle and neck pickup and duncans for my bridge. The Ibanez diagrams were weird as my middle pickup seems to only have 1 wire. But the diagram had 2 and a ground i believe. Tried rewiring the neck and middle pickup but nothing really changed. Its not just one pickup either as its the same problem between each pickup its SO muddy it just sounds terrible overall. Someone please help! Any help is appreciated

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