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jason m 02-10-2013 03:45 PM

RG premium, H-S-H vs dual humbucker

I figured I’d post this question here among other Ibanez players for some feedback before I do a hands-on test. Issue is…I’m on the fence between an RG920 (dual humbucker) and an RG 950 (hum-single-hum). I currently own an S series with an HSH configuration and I find that the middle pickup gets in the way when I play any palm-muted notes due to where my thumb and forefinger fall when the heel of my hand is at the bridge. I’ve tried to adjust my playing around it…but it’s just a b*tch…hand position is second nature and I don’t want to do any relearning based on a guitar’s limitations. So the question I’m throwing out there is basically this…is the 920 with just the buckers versatile enough that a difference wouldn’t be terribly noticeable in comparison to the 950 with the HSH config? I’m a working musician and at times need to call on punchy funk tones and twangy blues tones in addition to the hard rock and classic rock covers we play. If anybody has any experience with the 920 and can shed any light on its versatility or lack thereof, I’m all ears. Definitely gonna try both out for myself, just looking for some preliminary feedback from Ibanez players. Thanks.

maqify 02-10-2013 03:58 PM

Re: RG premium, H-S-H vs dual humbucker
If you feel the S in the middle is in the way,then go with the HH. you could always change the pickups if you don't like the stock. As you points out the best way would be to go and try both out. As it's your ears that will have to decide what they like/think of them.

LonePhantom 02-10-2013 05:30 PM

Re: RG premium, H-S-H vs dual humbucker
Go with the HH. the switching options that Ibanez have with their five way pickup selectors are great. I've set up two of my guitars with the Ibanez OEM Cortek switch they use, and love the tones that are achievable.

jaehong 02-10-2013 07:11 PM

Re: RG premium, H-S-H vs dual humbucker
Try lowering the middle pickup. Get it flush with the pickguard.

tinkertoy 02-13-2013 12:29 AM

Re: RG premium, H-S-H vs dual humbucker
I have an rg520 qs with an hh configuration. I changed the original switch ( which was pretty versatile) to a 4pole super switch. I now have the following combos:

Bridge bucker
bridge and neck split to outer coils ( like a tele middle pos.)
bridge and neck split to inner coils in series
Bridge and neck inner coils in parallel ( very close to a strat neck/middle)
Neck bucker

I use the standard vol and tine pots with their respective stock capacitors. A treble bleed circuit helps to get a brighter, thinner sound out of the buckers that is somewhat single coil sounding.

This is by far my favorite wiring scheme. I find it works best on 24 fret guitars.

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