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Gary Qwa 05-09-2013 02:46 PM

FS: Parker Fly Mojo Flame
Got a bad back?
Well, You won't get one, that's for sure, by playing a Parker Fly Mojo Flame. This thing is light as a feather - 5 lbs.!

What You will get is a high quality guitar, that can take anything from Abba to Sabbath. Solid mahogany construction with H-H configuration makes it sound warm without harming clarity and thanks to push/pull pot one can explore the single-coil sounds as well.

SS frets - check!
Trem, that can be set fixed/full floating/down only - check!
Piezo - check!
Cool Black Cherry Burst Flame Top - check!
And loads of other cool features for You to check out...

Guitar is in great condition and works 100%.

Will ship anywhere, but due to length restrictions there are some countries that are on the 'no go' list - a parcel, that has one side over 105cm can't be shipped -, so let me know the destination, so that I can check if my national post can deliver it.

Here parts of the world these go for ~3900 new and as this is great condition I'll price it 2150. For that money You'll get an ergonomic and versatile guitar that'll last.

Pics link will be posted later on. And if questions pop up -> don't hesitate to ask.

(Pic is taken from internet, not of the actual guitar, but they're nearly identical)

Gary Qwa 05-25-2013 03:43 PM

Re: FS: Parker Fly Mojo Flame
Finally - them PICS...
Lighting made it tough to capture the flame - it's not a wild top, but nice and mellow.

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