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JEM10th 07-27-2013 07:35 AM

Replace Tuners on PRS

Recently bought a 2008 PRS Custom 24, equipped with PRS Phase II tuners, wich should be quite fine.

Now Iīve realised that a some of the tuners seems to be worn out.

Some is Heavy to turn and some are smooth. "b" and "g" tuners seems to have a "gap" about a half turn Before it even moves. Used to have an older PRS CU24 (-92) with Winged tuners, 15 years ago, and the were all smooth.

I have found both Phase II and the newer Phase III tuners on the net and now is the questions:

1. Is there a difference using PHIII instead of PHII wich would make it Worth the upgrade?

2. If anyone tried to replace PHII with PHIII tuners, is there a difference in size so I have to enlarge the headstock holes?

Greatful for any experiences to share. :)

darrenw5094 08-04-2013 10:20 PM

Re: Replace Tuners on PRS
Haven't tried the III's, but they look daft. I can't believe they would be much better than the Phase II's.

All pricey though.

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