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RG BARGIE 09-24-2014 08:42 AM

Ibanez RG550 EX - Selling Price

I know that this questions has an answer which is subjective, however I am trying to get a an accurate feel for the value of a guitar that I have and am strongly considering selling.

Its a an RG 550 EX GK - Galaxy black with matching headstock, super wizard neck (bubinga stripe) with AANJ.

It is a 2001 model and is in very good condition, it has 2 small paint chips on the back and a small scratch on the back along with some light marks on the pick guard, the trem has a small amount of tarnish from palm wear.

Aside form this the guitar has no fret wear of any sort, still has some of the protective plastic to the jack socket cover and truss rod cover.

The guitar looks great, really. Its 13 years old and aside from the above mentioned it looks new, Lo-Pro trem & powder cosmo hardware (I like the LO-Pro and powder cosmo), Mirror dots, the fret board is rosewood and is nice and consistently dark.

It is completely stock - V7, S1,V8 pups and the trem has seen next to no action at all.

Trouble is for what ever reason I don't gel with the guitar and own because I like looking at it ... what's all that about?

So thinking its time to let go but at what price point?

Currently there are 2No local to me one @ £495 similar condition & one @ £350 that is what I would call players.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

All the best


RGTFanatic 09-24-2014 06:41 PM

Re: Ibanez RG550 EX - Selling Price
Hey RG,

I think 495 GBP (a little over $800) is way too high to sell quickly, but if your not in a big hurry that may be a good place to start then work down from. Yours looks to be in pretty good condition. I think that it should be able to sell pretty quickly in the 375-400 GBP range.

RG BARGIE 09-25-2014 08:51 AM

Re: Ibanez RG550 EX - Selling Price

Thanks for the input. Agree the £375 is maybe a better price point, both the guitars I had referred to I thought are over priced for what they are.

The photos do not do it justice to be fair. Other than the issues I had mentioned which aren't bad at all it could probably pass as new.

Will give it a think, may offer it to a buddy who lives not too far away, at least if takes it I'll still get to see/play it. And probable as often as I do now....:grin:


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