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Guitarmattms 09-07-2015 04:06 PM

International Travel with Instrument
Hey folks,

I will be traveling to Hong Kong for pleasure however I am planning on stopping by a music venue called the Orange Peel. I thought it would be fun jamming with a few people. I'm considering on moving to the city. I just want to see what type of music scene there is if any.

I know all US airlines have made an exception to travel with a guitar as a carry on. Does anyone know if Korean Air does too? I sent them a message on Facebook so hopefully I'll get a response soon.

There was nothing listed on the site about instruments.

GoodVaibes 09-08-2015 09:10 AM

Re: International Travel with Instrument
Hey man,

I've travelled quite a bit on international flights and so far have always been able to take my guitar on in a soft gig bag. Generally it's easier on international flights simply because the planes and storage are bigger. Here, I found something on the Korean Air website:

Carrying on musical instruments.
If the size of your musical instrument is less than 115 cm (45 in.) such as a violin you may carry it on free of charge. Larger instruments are permitted as carry-on items but an additional seat will need to be purchased to accommodate each item.

Hope this helps - and have fun jamming!

Guitarmattms 09-08-2015 09:07 PM

Re: International Travel with Instrument

I contacted Korean Air's Facebook page and they sent me the same info. To me it sounds like I would have to purchase an additional seat for the instrument? Yet on their post it says Guitars are welcome as a carry on.

GoodVaibes 09-09-2015 10:11 AM

Re: International Travel with Instrument
If you have a regular strat type shaped guitar, they're only about 100cm give or take, so you would be fine. Even in a padded gig-bag you're not going to be much over 115cm. I think if you tried to take an explorer on in a hard case then they might force the extra seat rule!

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