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ryanboy2004 06-15-2019 05:46 PM

Dimarzio pickups in RG550 Genesis

I have recently bought a new RG550 genesis and am changing the pickups to a Dmz Super distortion and a paf pro and leaving the single coil

When removing the old V7 and V8 there were only 3 wires white red and black. Black was ground - white seems to be the hot and red the coil tap as the readings on my multi meter have the red wire at half the value of the white.

I wired in the new pickups green and bare to ground red to hot and black /white as tap but I am getting a horrible sound in position 2 very tinny and not useable - position 4 seems ok

I have then removed the tap wires on the bridge pickup but the sound is still the same in position 2

I then swapped the wiring on the middle pickup now position 2 sounds ok and position 4 sound bad

Any one got any suggestions??


SysCrusher 06-17-2019 01:04 AM

It's a phase issue. In position 2 & 4, it splits the humbuckers into one coil. One coil will always be out of phase with the middle pickup even with a reverse wound/polarity middle pickup. If it was me I would reverse the wiring back to original and either flip the bridge pickup mounting or reverse the wiring. Black as hot and red as ground.

Just got done doing the same with my RG.

HowardWow1997 08-28-2020 07:09 AM

Re: Dimarzio pickups in RG550 Genesis
It seems to me that it is easier to do it on RG

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