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JGOB 01-26-2020 05:21 PM

Front to back route
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The body of my RG550LTD cracked so I ordered a replacement body.
I chose a back route instead of the original front route with pickguard.

The route for the pickups is only 1.6cm or about 5/8 of an inch deep.
It won't fit the pickups I had (V7, S1, V2).
Is it a standard route depth and are the Ibanez pickups made for use with a pickguard and not suited for direct mounting? Or is the pup route normally deeper?

Also I noticed the pickups aren't wired like in the wiring diagram by Ibanez.
The wiring for the neck and bridge humbucker were switched. I guess the selector switch was rotated so I never noticed? Or does what I just said not make any sense at all :)

Anyways, I'll probably gonna have to buy new pups :( Any suggestions for a HSH setup, direct mounted on a mahogany body (tone/volume/5 selector switch, rosewood 24fret fretboard and a lo pro edge trem). I mostly play blues and metal :)


JsXLine6 02-12-2020 08:26 PM

If the guitar isn't assembled, how do you know the pickups are too tall? After all the neck sits up higher than the pickups. I've noticed a custom guitar I have with direct mount pickups... The neck sits a lot higher in the neck pocket than either of my guitars that have ring mount pickups. Have you put the neck in the body and compared the pickup height?

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