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M9xJEM 06-04-2020 05:22 AM

JEM777 DY - Rough buy?
Hey guys

In the market for two new JEM777s, SK and DY, ideally the original but I would still consider a reissue (planning on fitting the PAF Pros to the reissue if I got one over an original; I do not want or like the Evos!).

Anyway, I saw this one for sale. $4k AUD is about $3k USD.


The pros:
- Apparently it is an original with original neck, body.
- Easy to get for me, I could have this delivered to my current location within 7 days.
- Assuming it is original, that is a win! Original neck is a massive plus for me.

- Non original PUs (apart from middle, apparently)
- No original case, documents, papers, or additions
- No original bridge, current one is non-original and aftermarket
- No idea on the serial number (yet)
- Will need new PAF Pros installed, will need a bit of a cleanup.

I'm unsure if it is worth it with these negatives. I've never purchased a guitar without its original case or papers, at this level. What should be done in this case? Make a low-ball offer, walk away?

M9xJEM 06-04-2020 05:23 AM

Re: JEM777 DY - Rough buy?
Original post updated with the link :)

M9xJEM 06-04-2020 05:34 AM

Re: JEM777 DY - Rough buy?

Some images I just received from the dealer, showing the major damage.

LonePhantom 06-04-2020 07:20 PM

Re: JEM777 DY - Rough buy?
Looking at that listing, the trem is still an Ibanez bridge. With the damage I feel like $4K is pushing it a bit, even here in Australia. I'd be trying to push it down a bit.

AttillaDeHunt 06-05-2020 04:41 AM

Re: JEM777 DY - Rough buy?
2K USD, that's max IMO, that thing is a bit beastie.

M9xJEM 06-07-2020 01:09 AM

Re: JEM777 DY - Rough buy?
Thanks guys.

Probably not going ahead with this, but as an additional guitar, I've made a low-ball offer (under $2k USD for this one). Unlikely they will take it, but that is fine, I'm not busting for this.

Also missing a backplate (trem cover). On a '88 Ibanez JEM777, anyone know which particular backplate is required for this guitar? Is there a specific model/trem cover?

Tomi_racoon 06-11-2020 04:28 AM

Re: JEM777 DY - Rough buy?
I am selling a 1989 JEM 777 DY. I have not listed it yet but I have made up my mind to sell it. It's got a neck repair, so I'm asking a fairly low price (1500). Text me at +447429088357 for pictures, questions, etc.


Hoplite22 06-14-2020 07:15 AM

Re: JEM777 DY - Rough buy?
I went in and checked this JEM out.
No original pickups
Original Lo-pro/locking nut/strap buttons swapped out for a fairly new set in black (incorrect colour)
Trem cavity (pink claw area) has been repainted
Crack in the wood behind the nut

devastat10n 07-01-2020 10:56 AM

Re: JEM777 DY - Rough buy?
Apparently sold now but I saw it a month or so ago and it was well over priced for its condition, I barely looked at it for more than a few seconds when I saw the condition and the price tag. Swop Shop can be very hit/miss, sometimes they have great stuff at a very good price, sometimes they have **** stuff at a **** price.

KennyV 07-01-2020 01:23 PM

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I feel like any one of the Jem's should never be more then 2500, in any condition.
I still don't agree with the extorted levels of cost of a Jem but it seems that's where the market balances on them.

Any higher they never sell.

Any lower and well something is wrong.

But you better believe if someone thinks they are charging that kind a price tag it better have all original everything and case plus candy.

Otherwise it's just a Fujigen and I won't go more then 1k on it.

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