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Scott 74 12-19-2000 06:11 AM

Yamaha Pacifica - Questions on mods??
I still have my first guitar which is a Yamaha Pacifica 112. I took the pickups out and got rid of the pickguard. Just wondering if Seymor Duncan still makes the "Screaming Demon" and if so what do you think about putting it in as my bridge pickup along with to Strat vintage pickups? By the way Alder body and Maple neck on my Yamaha. Oh and does anyone know where I can find one of those Hologram pickguards that Steve Has on his black Strat? Thanks!!!

kirk 12-19-2000 02:50 PM

Yamaha Pacifica
Scott - to the best of my knowledge, yes SD still makes the Screamin' Demon. *I think it will wok well with the strat single coils - of course your milage may vary. *Sound is subjective.

As for the pickguards, look in the vendor section of Jemsite for "Jeanie's Pickguards." *Roger is a good guy and will do great work for you, and affordably.

lefty 12-20-2000 02:31 AM

Yamaha Pacifica
I have a lefty 112 and am thinking about putting the lo-trs off of my 555 on it do you foresee any problems

ripl3y 12-20-2000 07:13 PM

Yamaha Pacifica
BTW Scott, have you received that JS100 arm yet?


Scott 74 12-22-2000 01:26 AM

Yamaha Pacifica
No just checked my mail today and no tremolo bar but I will keep checking. thx!!

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