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LegacyMan 09-08-2003 09:39 PM

I scored a new axe...Good deal or not?

Eeeks...I hope this isn't against the forum rules but I've never priced these guitars before but I thought $700 was reasonable. What do you guys think...No mods have been done, one ding in clearcoat on the back, one fret has a mark on it...not sure about original case or not.


darren wilson 09-08-2003 11:18 PM

I don't know if $700 is a good deal or not, but that's one pretty top. That's unbelievable quilt! The back looks more like mahogany than alder to me, judging by the colour.

pawel 09-08-2003 11:43 PM

Can't tell what the condition of the guitar is but $700 seems like a good price, i'm no expert though...

mercjoe 09-09-2003 04:49 AM

looks sweet! :D Did you get her yet? How does she play?

Ibateur 09-09-2003 06:48 AM

Wow, talk about low action --- or high pickups.

I bet that sounds great...

Good deal, hoping that it is as good everywhere else as it is on top.

vaijem777 09-09-2003 11:54 AM

I came VERY close to pulling the trigger on that one, but...I'm kind of getting away from Ibanez' at the moment. ;)

Looks like a later Exotic Wood model (due to the thinner top). VERY nice top though- the natural finish really does it justice!

Congrats on the sweet new toy! :)

gkelm 09-09-2003 02:40 PM

I'm with vaijem777...had my finger on the trigger too!...especially since that guitar is here in town. Hope it works out for you!

jim777 09-09-2003 03:03 PM

Me Threee! If I hadn't gotten a 3120 last week she'd be mine! :wink:

Good luck with it, and definitely sell it here if you get tired of her.


LegacyMan 09-19-2003 06:33 PM

Nice, but not for me
Well, I got her yesterday and plugged her in today. Its a nice chunk of wood for sure. The color is a bit more caramel than the pic in the ebay lsiting. The inlays are nice, and overall the guitar is in excellent condition for a guitar 13 years old. I played it for awhile and then played my Peavey Wolfgang and I new immediately, i'd be putting the Ibanez back up for sale. Yeah, I could give it a few weeks and get used to it but I want to keep the Peavey and going back and forth would never work for me. They are two entirely different beasts. I'll be putting it up for sale in the classifieds for those interested.



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