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MissListless 04-18-2001 05:59 PM

Roadstar - Built well?
*I recently played a Roadstar - one of the strat copies. *It sounded and played really nice and I've heard that they're well built guitars, does anyone own or play one? *I've been playing for 4 years so I don't want a "beginner" guitar, but I've heard that these hold up about as well as an amer stndrd strat. *I'd probobly change the pickups and stuff....any info would be appreciated. *Thanks...

ChrisReedSmith 04-18-2001 11:36 PM

I replaced my Fender Squire strat with an Ibanez Roadstar II and it was quite an upgrade. Was built very well and sounded great. It had 1 humbucker in the bridge and nothing else. At the time I had no idea what pickups were but I liked the simplicity of it and now even with my custom guitars I only use a bridge pickup. i dunno i thought the roadstar's were A-OK

gitarrero 04-27-2001 12:00 PM

I used to have a 1986 Roadstar-II RG-530. The stock pickups were good, and it had a very nice flame maple top. My favourite feature was the beautiful translucent red finish. I would definitely say thumbs up for Roadstars.

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