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screamndemon69 11-20-2003 12:10 PM

pup options for custom Jem?
i like the sound of the Rg570 pups but want something different for my custom Jem. i have been considering Breed pups but i will eventually have a Jem7DBK (before x-mas- thanks Jim!) so i want a little different "flavor" for this custom.
i love the way the Breeds sound in the DBK and would like something similar. would i be going in that direction if i used the original Jem Paf pup configuration? :?:
the tone zone pup also sounds cool but a little "soft" in my Wolfie. i can't lower it without routing the cavity out more. i'll definitely stay with stock pups in my next Wolfie.
i'll probably go with the RG pups just to have something in it (basswood custom Jem) so i can play it, but do want to go with something else so it is different from my other RG. any hints or ideas on possible combinations? :?:
i am planning to try some Gibson covered hums and a covered tele pup to finish a different mahogany custom Jem and give it a mahogany chrome theme. any thoughts on this sound combo? :?:

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