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just_a_stray 01-02-2004 03:54 AM

RG670 Pau Ferro Fingerboard inquiries...
Hi, newbie here. People call me Stray, so I guess that'll work. Anyway, I just purchased an Ibanez RG670 with a pau ferro fingerboard on it. I've heard alot of bad stuff about those pau ferro fingerboards, specifically on the SRV Signature Strats. Anybody have any experience or advice concerning pau ferro fingerboards? Thanks!

- Stray
[email protected]

darren wilson 01-02-2004 04:46 AM

What kinds of things have you heard?

I've played a couple of Pau Ferro fretboards, and i thought they were great. Looks like rosewood, feels and sounds like ebony!

rgr 01-02-2004 02:26 PM

Hey! I was watching that guitar! So, you're the one that got him to shut down the auction early. The PF fretboards are fine, very nice actually. Check for more info on different woods. Sweet guitar!


Two hands31 01-02-2004 02:37 PM

I'm interested in what bad stuff you've heard about pau ferro boards, since I have one on my Jazz Bass V.

just_a_stray 01-02-2004 03:01 PM

RG670 Pau Ferro Fingerboard inquiries...
Um, yeah, it was that very same eBay guitar. Sorry about that. Anyway, I've just heard that pau ferro fingerboards are more brittle and need refretted more often. Not sure if it's true, but I've only heard that about the SRV Strats.

P.S.: Sorry if this doesn't work. This place is confusing, as far as replying goes...

- Stray
[email protected]

DirtyBird31 01-02-2004 04:47 PM

Not sure how fretboard brittleness would lead to more refrets, but I can see where it could be a problem during the refretting process. But I'm not sure if it would really be that much different from ebony or maple in that respect, especially ebony.

Just enjoy it, I think they're just jealous! :wink:

JimmyW 01-02-2004 06:35 PM

i love my pau ferro :D

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