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Exotic Shredding 01-30-2001 04:16 PM

Air Norton 7 - YES!
Hey! *I just read in some other post in the gear section or somewhere that Dimarzio has verified the Air Norton 7. *They just haven't advertised it. *The person gave its product number as well. * *Awesome!

Air norton 7, tone zone 7, piezo, mahogany ....a monstrous axe...

hermit 01-31-2001 07:28 AM

Air Norton 7
Dunno about AN7 and mahogany. The Air Norton is very bass endy as it is, combine that with mahogany and it's possible you'll have a muddy-to-the-max geetar in your hands. I picked the Blaze Neck for the uh.. neck position ( the other pickup being Tone Zone 7 ) and it's a great combo. AN is a good pickup, I have it in my old Rg505 which is a basswood bodied guitar and it's fine in that but in 2027, I'm not sure it would work out.

Exotic Shredding 01-31-2001 03:00 PM

Air Norton 7
Hey! * Yeah alot of people say that. *I love mahogany, its my only wood choice, and i still look for a dark sound. *If it doesnt work out, always change it out, but i think it may sound fine. *Again, through my rig i have no mud. *I've played thorugh some amps that already can't handle my 2027. *The voodoo takes it on strong. *I use Gibson 500T's and 496R's (heavy low/mid) in my other guitars and the sound is unbelievable. *I think it depends on how you run it. *I use a dual 30 band EQ and a midiverb4, but even without them, the voodoo its a very clean amp. *I recommened it to anyone. *I'll post clips as soon as the pickups arrive. *I have an Rg550 ltd and a jem777 that i havent modified too much, and they are very crisp (and my only non mahogany axes...) but.... *They just don't have the assault and emotion i feel in the mahogany. *

alienx 02-02-2001 12:39 PM

Air Norton 7
Has anyone tried the pup yet? I wonder how close it sounds to it 6-string counterpart...

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