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Meedlyx10 08-25-2004 07:07 PM

So im gonna have EKG build me a custom....
Alright guys, im new to the boards. about 3 weeks ago i contacted EKG about building me a custom (still havent heard back :x ). Im still waiting for the quote. I wont be able to get it right away, im jsut trying to get an estimate casue i wont be able to afford it til next spring or so ( i like to know how much i have to save before i get something). Anyway, i was gonna get some input from you guys first to find out if they could make it and if you guys have any cool ideas.

I'm basing my idea off of the Stephan Forte signature model

I am looking for the same basic features, 7 strings, 27 frets, upper frets scalloped, full access to the upper frets like it is on the forte model (i know the cutaway would have to be a tad deeper and the bridge/pickups moved up a little bit). I actaully said in the email that i would possibly like more than 27 but 27 would be very acceptable. Edge pro 7 bridge, evo in bridge and air norton in neck, maybe a single coil if it will fit but if its like the forte model i know it wont) maple neck, ebony fretboard, jumbo frets (the same size on the JEM....i know i should know this before i post here, especially since i own a jem), no inlays except on the side, regular ibanez headstock (maybe reversed), binding on neck, alder body. Black hardware, one volume knob/one tone knob with a slightly different positioning than usual ( sometimes i accidently hit the volume knob on my jem in the middle of a solo). A 3 way slotted switch (5 if the single coil works out). Im pretty sure i would want a maple cap on it in either trans black or trans blue, but nice natrual finish over a mohagony body or soemthing is quite enticing.

Thanks for any input you guys can offer, later.

Meedlyx10 09-01-2004 11:20 PM


Meedlyx10 09-01-2004 11:21 PM


Two hands31 09-01-2004 11:25 PM

Sounds like something he could do. He can do almost anything :lol: I don't exactly know first hand, but I've heard many many good reviews of EKG's work. And that idea of yours sounds pretty sweet :D (I just hope you don't have the controls set up like on the guitar you linked to, that pickup selector switch especially would get in the way IMHO).

Meedlyx10 09-05-2004 02:59 AM

i definately would have the controls configured differently, you are right about that getting in the way

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