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invisibo86 03-19-2005 04:53 PM

Nice show in Orlando Dave
Hey I found out you guys were playing in Orlando after I got out of Cirque Du Soliel right next door. I walked over to the ticket desk and went in for like the second half of the show. It was seriously AMAZING and I got myself a T for the Boston show! When you guys were playing "My Guitar..." and Steve looked at you to take a solo, you quoted off of your album and Vai looked at Billy with the funniest look! You seriously utilize the Ernie Ball pedal a lot. You're playing is really cool man, really nice work man!!! I was wondering a couple things: A)are there liner notes on the Favored Nations distribution, and B) if you have a chance, could you post some pics of your live set-up for this tour? Really killer job dude!

P.S. off topic but if anyone has a chance to see Cirque Du Soleil...take it, both auraly and visualy it was absolutely stunning.

DavejWeiner 03-20-2005 02:05 AM

Re: Nice show in Orlando Dave
Wow you're the first person to realize the opening riff of my solo for "guitar wants to kill" is from my cd in the song "Monument Shine". awesome! Glad you had a great time as did I.

To answer your questions: yes the FN version of my cd does have liner notes and sure, I'll put up some pics of my live gear. I'm putting up an update to the site either monday or tuesday and will try to include the pics by then.



invisibo86 03-20-2005 10:02 AM

Re: Nice show in Orlando Dave
I went to a music school where everytime we got onstage it was a huge game of "name that quote." So whoever stuck the most vague, crazed quote over a progression, won. My personal favorite was when someone did the Sesame Street theme in a minor key, pretty cool.

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