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Heka 05-14-2005 08:36 AM

What PUs are Dimarzio H1 and H3
I bought an RG 450 and the PUs on it are H1 and H3. I know theyīre from a Fender Heartfield Talon-guitar and that they are the same PUs as dimarzios current models but what I donīt know is which models they are? Evolution maybe?

rty13ibz98 05-14-2005 11:30 AM

Re: What PUs are Dimarzio H1 and H3
i was wondering the same thing when i recently purchased and had to special order my air norton7 and tone zone7 so i called up their tech support and had a really cool conversation about all things dimarzio with one of their techs. i used to have a hm strat body that was loaded with 2 american strat singles and an H3. always been curious about it, i asked him about it. he told me that all the H series hums were proprietarily made for fender at the time, but fender put them in whatever fender put them in. he said that, at least for the H3, it was a neck pickup and that he, too, thought it was odd that fender put it in the bridge. it was funny how he commented on it,"don't blame us, its not our fault. we only make the pickup, its up to the manufacturer on how they install them." apparently, the H series hums were fender only, much like the F and C series was for ibanez. unfortunately, he also told me that the H series pickups were not supposed to sound like anything else, either. which would explain alot. the H3 was a muddy pickup without alot of harmonic content. so it definitely in the wrong position when i had it. now it has been about 8 years since i had that pickup and at that time had replaced it with a fred, the differences were astounding. fender still uses thispickup, tho. it is currently found in the jag-stang. as for the H1, i am not sure as far as specs for it, nor the type of tonr from it. one thing is for sure, they are true dimarzios, just not the ones we know and love.


frankfalbo 05-14-2005 11:09 PM

Re: What PUs are Dimarzio H1 and H3
Somewhere there's a chart that assimilates OEM pickups to their marketed counterparts. It tells you when there's no match, and what it's similar to. Try searching here or Dimarzio's website. You should find it.

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