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ric232 01-21-2006 10:06 PM

Compare J-Custom & JS
Has anyone played both and can give me an honest comparison? I realize they are very different and the J-Custom is better quality overall, but I'm wondering about the tone and feel. I currently have an RG1570 w/ Breed pickups so, while it certainly is not a J-Custom, I have some idea of the feel. I'm specifically talking about the new J-Customs (8170 & 8270).

buddroyce 01-21-2006 10:19 PM

Re: Compare J-Custom & JS
Completely different feel actually. The JS feels more like a Tele than anything (makes sense since Satch was aparently big on Tele's before his Ibanez days). For me however, one of the reasons why I never bought a JS was because of the neck joint as they're still the square block heel joint.

Also it really depends on which J-Custom you're comparing the JS models.

voodoo_child 01-22-2006 10:12 AM

Re: Compare J-Custom & JS
To paraphrase someone i cant remember, talking about a guitar feel is like dancing about architecture..

If its an online buy, you should try them out first in a 'real' guitar shop. There shouldnt be any problem trying a JS, most Ibanez dealers will have one. As for a JC, while you might find it harder to find a dealer that has one in stock to try, the feel of the 2005 JCustoms is pretty close to the 2005 7VWH, and again, most Ibanez dealers will have one of those...

IMO the 8170 and 8270 dont feel quite as nice as the previous models (8570, 8670, 8520..). Still fantastic though, theres just that small bit in the difference for me..

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