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Chris Johnson 12-21-2000 01:20 AM

I need help with strippers - safe alternatives
Well, the snowbank outside says it's time to do a project - this time a refinish or 2 seems to be the logical choice, however, I am leery of using a harsh, toxic chemical stripper to remove the old finish since I can't properly ventilate without freezing(the wind chill was hitting about -35 the other day). Have any of you tried the "safe" strippers to tackle the Ibanez clearcoat? 3M has some, I just don't want to end up creating more work than I have to by using something too wimpy that may cause refinishing issues. My belt and orbital sanders are at the ready, but that requires actual skill. Any other bright ideas? Thanks. Z

bob oakman 12-21-2000 09:14 PM

I need help with strippers
I donít know much about strippers (the chemical kind), but I remembered this thread from the old forum.

It has some good discussion and links in it.

Vaibanez 12-21-2000 09:31 PM

I need help with strippers
The best non-chemical paint stripper is

Drum roll please?? *:biggrin:

100 grit and a sanding block.
It doesn't take that long and will give outstanding results.

If you are just repainting the bodies, I would use this method to remove just the color layer and leave the sealer layer. 100 grit cuts nicely and won't gouge like 80 grit.

If you are staining or doing a natural finnish, it will just take a bit longer. 6 hours of steady work will totally strip a body bare. Less if you decide not to take out the sealer coat.

Power sanders are ok if you have the right touch. People have a tendency to apply too much presure that causes uneven results and takes away too much of the wood's surface.

Good luck


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