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Tricky Dick 11-25-2001 09:16 AM

Ibanez logo - Looking for the logo
Hey, I just refinished an RG570 ( A nasty red metallic ) I sanded down to the bare wood ( Bass wood ) and stained it a pecan color, it looks luscious! I also sanded down the headstock to the bare maple, and you can guess what is coming next.......I copied the logo and cut it out with a razor and air brushed it back on, but it still looked like crap! does anyone know where I can get a rub on logo! I just put together a Carvin guitar as a project, and they supplied a rub on and it worked pretty well! Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thank You.

Kevan 11-25-2001 11:15 AM

Ibanez logo
Here's an old thread that might help you out:

Tricky Dick 11-25-2001 11:31 AM

Ibanez logo
Thank's Kevan, I perused the posts, and it seems the best thing to do is to spray it myself! I used a thicker manila paper but I will try the maylar. The thing I have a problem with now, is that I am used to the new " Non Logo Look " There is no mistake that the axe is an Ibanez, and I am never going to get rid of it, I have never played a guitar with such low action and a silky smooth wizard neck! I really do appreciate the advice and the time though! Thanks again!

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