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tsmith 03-06-2001 07:18 PM

best tubes
I am gonna put new tubes in my Peavey Ultra Plus, it has four 6L6's and four 12AX 7's. Which tubes are better the Mesa tubes or Groove Tubes?? i hear the mesa tubes wear out faster is this true??

pri0531 03-07-2001 10:36 AM

best tubes
I put Sovtek tubes in my 5150 and they sound pretty good. *

alienx 03-07-2001 11:32 AM

best tubes
IMHO the tubes rank as follows:

1. Phillips
2. Electro Harmonix
3. Groove Tubes
4. Mesa Boogie

Good luck!

Josh Blagg 03-07-2001 12:13 PM

best tubes
Note: *Groove Tubes and Mesa Boogie do not make their own tubes.

oooo 03-07-2001 12:15 PM

best tubes
I just re tubed my amp and went through the same thing... *I was told that if I can find "Telefunkin" tubes thats the route to take, but I couldn't find them and when I realized how expensive they are (if you can find them) it just wasn't worth it to me. *So I ordered JJ/Tesla tubes and it made a huge difference in my sound over the Sovteks I was running before. *Check out this site * this is a great place to buy tubes. *They also have tons of info on who makes what and what sounds best for what application. *Don't buy Mesa or groove tubes because of the name... they don't make their own tubes (pretty much everybody doesn't make their own tubes... I think Mesa uses J&J/Tesla as their 12ax7's, they just put Mesa on them). *I recommend you read a little before deciding on a brand. *The bottom line for me was why buy Mesa tubes when I could get the same tube, from the same manufacturer, just without the Mesa name on them for cheaper. *Also, remember if you change your 6L6's you need to have the amp re-biased.
Good luck, let us know what you decide to do. :smile:

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davenit 03-07-2001 12:20 PM

best tubes
Telefunkens are the tubes to get. Also Sylvania NOS JANs.

Funkens are pretty easy to come buy but are expensive. They are the nuts!!!! Real warm and rich, hard as heck to get them to feedback. Really worth the cash. They also have a LONG life. I will never go back to other tubes.


ryan 03-07-2001 06:09 PM

best tubes
Just a quick note...

Peavey stuff, with the exception of the 5150-II and maybe the new XXX head (but I don't know for sure on that one...) are all fixed-bias. *There is no adjustment possible.

Make sure you use matched tubes, and once you find some you like, stick with them and you won't have any problems.

keith 03-10-2001 03:32 PM

best tubes
I use Sovteks in my laney....but they are not to my liking. They lose tone after 15mins of playing and overheat. Hmm...trying to find some Sylvania's.

BTW i peeked in a display window at my college and saw MULLARD tubes, SYLVANIA, and a couple of others. Hell there was a box full of 'em. They are original stuff...really historic items. jaw dropped open.

Doink 03-13-2001 03:13 AM

best tubes
JJ's and Svetlana's are the best *currently being made*.
Telefunken made great 12AX7's, but I don't know about their power tubes.
Sovteks are alright, but the 5881 isn't as loud as a regular 6L6 and they seem to wear out rather quickly. Their pre amp tubes tend to go microphonic as well.
Phillips are good, but I don't think they're being made anymore, and they go for twice the price of Svet's or JJ's.
Mesa just uses junk Chinese tubes. Groove Tubes uses tubes from all different brands, they just test em, match em, and slap their name on them and double the price. "Fender" tubes were Sovteks from 95-00, now they're Groove Tubes.
Bottom line: Get something from your local amp shop or NOS tube shop. They'll probly test burn em and they are about 579108754 times more knowledgeable than someone at Mars or GC.
Sylvania, GE, RCA, and Mullard are also good, but they're only available NOS, and probly a higher price than JJ or Svetlana.
Check out alt.guitar.amps for more info.

I would also like to request that one of these tube threads be put in the FAQ section. These tube threads seem to pop up rather frequently.

Allen Lee 03-15-2001 07:51 AM

best tubes
I just put JJ eurotubes in my 5150 and it made a world of differance. The sound is unreal. *Only 96.50 for all the tubes. *Not to shabby. *

the website is

they are amazing

pri0531 03-15-2001 01:43 PM

best tubes
Allen Lee:
What tubes did you have in the 5150 prior to the eurotubes? If it is possible, please describe what was the difference in sound?
Gregory *

tsmith 03-22-2001 02:13 AM

best tubes
OK i got rid of the Ultra Plus and got a Mesa Dual Recto, the older 2 channel ones, it has the mesa tubes in it, i read that the mesa amp has a fixed bias, and they say to use the mesa tubes of course, can i use other tubes and still be ok or even better without being able to adjust the bias???

firegarden 03-22-2001 04:17 AM

best tubes
I have been using Sovteks in my Marshall 50W Lead head and they have been giving me the perfect tone for the last two years or so. Can't go wrong with them. Make sure they're matched though. Might try different tubes in the future though eg. Ruby tubes.

pri0531 04-04-2001 11:30 AM

best tubes
I received my JJ/Eurotubes last night and put them in the 5150 combo. *They are awesome. *The sine line is so smooth. *I highly recommend them if you are looking for more sustain without the gravelly distortion.

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