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VaiGuy 12-28-2001 02:55 AM

The Ultimate Jem - Put your two cents in for the coolest JEM
Hey there. *I got bored so lets dream up the ultimate JEM...
Go ahead, get started!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vaibanez 12-28-2001 08:41 AM

The Ultimate Jem
Been there.......
Done that........
Bought the hat, wore out the T-shirt.....

Do a search and find a shload of topics concerning this.
Also, re-read the TOA section. I comes in handy when posting redundant topics.


Jay Satriani 12-28-2001 09:40 AM

The Ultimate Jem
My Dream Jem right now is:

Neck: standard JEM - Rosewood fingerboard
Pickupps: N:Air-norton M:JEM-single B:Steves-Special
Back routed, Lo-pro edge, No monkey grip :shocked:

Burst: Orange in the edges -> White in the middle
With big black tiger stripes over the body. Matching headstock... *Clear pickguard, Black pickups, knobs and tip..

Inlay on the neck: Tiger Paw tracks

How about that huh ? :biggrin:

nuno 12-28-2001 01:04 PM

The Ultimate Jem

GuitarLunatic 12-28-2001 01:23 PM

The Ultimate Jem
Jay, sounds like you want that ESP Lynch model, not a JEM!


jemsite 12-28-2001 02:30 PM

The Ultimate Jem
mine is here:

but please SEARCH the forum as this is pretty redundant :) ...glen

trouble311 12-28-2001 08:02 PM

The Ultimate Jem
Glen, why must you torture us with even MORE pictures of that beauty???? *:biggrin: *I want it! *Exactly where do you live, what times are you not home, etc etc? *And why do I ask? *No reason....just making conversation....;)

jemsite 12-28-2001 08:10 PM

The Ultimate Jem
:rotf: ...glen

rvj 12-29-2001 12:31 AM

The Ultimate Jem
Oh great, now I'll have uncontrollable drool for a few days. That IS the coolest Jem. I have'nt looked at that picture for almost a year. Man, she sure is sweet!!! --rvj

trouble311 12-29-2001 12:27 PM

The Ultimate Jem

rvj on 11:31 pm on Dec. 28, 2001
Man, she sure is sweet!!! --rvj

Jay Satriani 12-29-2001 01:18 PM

The Ultimate Jem
Nope, i want a Jem, heheheh *

johnjohn969 01-03-2002 07:38 PM

The Ultimate Jem
The Ultimate JEM? That's easy, the JEM7vwh. That's the most beautiful JEM and guitar ever made, period.

trouble311 01-03-2002 08:03 PM

The Ultimate Jem
I agree with's the ultimate PRODUCTION model in my the 10th and the 90th, but give me the good ol master's blaster, the VWH

Joel Lyndgohrd 01-10-2002 05:05 AM

The Ultimate Jem
Glens Custom Jem is by far the coolest custom Jem ever built...EVER!! :mc:

bob oakman 01-16-2002 01:36 AM

The Ultimate Jem
As I have stated in other threads of the same name in the past, I want a 7-string Jem. I know that it will never happen and that the UV is pretty close to my wish... just sharing. :)

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