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Kasper Kowalski 02-15-2002 09:35 PM

DNA... should I?
I was recently told about a guy who is looking to sell his DNA..... he's asking around $3200USD.

Some questions....

(1) Is that a reasonable price? What is a reasonable price?
(2) Did the models shipped to Australia come with the standard black Ibanez HSC (as the 90s did), or does it get the sexy 2k DNA case?
(3) If its a good price... I don't have the funds to pick one up right now, but I could part with my Jem77GMC and my PGM90.... is it worth it?

yurich 02-15-2002 09:45 PM

DNA... should I?
that's pretty cheap actually...if it's mint. go over to Rich's site, he has a couple in stock

personally, I wouldn't do it. It's pretty, but overkill at the tag. I'd stick with the GMC and PGM...but that's just me ;)

rvj 02-15-2002 11:48 PM

DNA... should I?
Go for it! My DNA and UVMC are the coolest guitars I own. If at all possible, try to hang on to the GMC. It would be a nice companion for the DNA. --rvj

Kasper Kowalski 02-16-2002 02:02 AM

DNA... should I?
keeping the GMC is not really an option... I also want to buy a laptop, so keeping the GMC AND getting the DNA would put a fair sized hole in my bank balance

caprile 02-16-2002 04:13 AM

DNA... should I?
IMHO you should never let go that PGM 90. the DNA is just an overpriced jem, a dbk with an expensive finish. if your goal is to get a collectable item, go for it. if you want to play it, there's no difference to a 1K guitar.

YJM 02-16-2002 10:19 AM

DNA... should I?
That's a fair price for a mint DNA. New I heard they were going for between ~$2800USD and ~$3500AUD in Australia.

All locally delivered DNA's came with 2K DNA cases.

If you do decide to part with your PGM90, post here. I'll be in touch!


WMerkert 02-16-2002 12:27 PM

DNA... should I?
This price discussion for the 2k jem is very old and boring. Its a dream and the features are outstanding. You'll notice that if you see her (not only pics!). If you want a dream to become true -go for it!!

The Dark Wolf 02-17-2002 04:04 AM

DNA... should I?
A DNA? a DNA?! :love: I'm terrible... I would almost NEVER play one if I had it (when I have it) but I would SO love to own one of those beauties... I say go for it! (Where's our :drool: icon? )

wilch 02-17-2002 06:13 AM

DNA... should I?
Hi Kasper,

I'm in Australia too. Just last year in July I purchased a brand new Jem 2kDNA number 285/300 (see my Avatar to the left there near my name). It was the last one left here new, and was sitting in a glass display case at Australis (ibanez distributors). I thought that was fine considering Australis isn't open to the public.

Anyway, I got that guitar for a great price. It came with the 2KDNA flight case (The big chunky one with the purple insides (as opposed to the leather-look ones that the US got)), certificate and a guitar sleeping bag type thing.

I'd have to disagree with some other's that say this guitar plays like a $1000 guitar. My RG570 doesn't play like it.. mainly because of the pups and the fret wire. But even still there's something more.

I didn't have a Jem before I got this one, and when the opportunity came around I jumped at it. It get's played a bit, and I enjoy it...But it never leaves the house and never has a strap on it (i prefer to use the dimarzio clip-lock straps which tend to scratch, so I don't have any straps that will fit a "stock" guitar). To this day it still has no surface scratches <touches wood>.

Personally I'd keep the GMC (I want one of these). But if u really want to get rid of it, I'm in sydney, and if you're selling for a good price I'll buy.

The DNA's a very nice, easy guitar to play. I love this guitar...But I'm biased. I am in love with 285. ;)


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Kasper Kowalski 02-17-2002 07:48 AM

DNA... should I?
i'm thinking the GMC will go regardless... i rarely play it anymore. i just prefer my Jems with an AANJ, what can i say? and if i'm not playing it, it may as well go to someone that will. of course, i'd still have to part with the PGM90..... that is proving to be the tough decision - the PGM90 is truly an awesome machine to play. decisions decisions....

davester1234 02-17-2002 08:09 AM

DNA... should I?
u can get 2 jems for the price of the dna. *dna's are nice, but if I had one, I'd be scared to play it. *And that is about as useful as an old book that never gets read.
Not to diss the boys who have one. *Just, if your thinking of one, you really should consider other options. *They are just more playable: and a jem is meant to be played

YJM 02-17-2002 08:45 AM

DNA... should I?

What condition is your PGM90 in? I'm seriously interested.


Kasper Kowalski 02-17-2002 09:05 AM

DNA... should I?
minor polishing swirl marks, a few very small scratches (which would probably polish out), slight corrosion of the tailpiece screw immediately beneath where one's hand would rest..... other than that, pretty damn close to mint

AndyMo 02-17-2002 10:37 AM

DNA... should I?
If need to compare, Guitarcrazy had a NOS DNA. *It still should be there. *I asked Charlie about it before and he was ready to deal (so you can ignore the A$9k price tag). *It had the #001 or #002 outerbox too.

jay ratkowski 02-17-2002 10:48 AM

DNA... should I?
I got my #23/300 back when they first came out. *Paid a hefty price for it. *I still think it's worth it. *I keep mine locked up a lot, because I'm honestly afraid of people breaking in where I live now... but I think it plays rather nice... the neck still does feel different than a DBK (slightly, but different). *And the pao ferro fingerboard is pretty nice (although the inlay is not exactly worth it).

If the guitar is mint, and you're not gonna be bankrupt after buying it... I say why not.

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