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Forum: Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods   03-18-2014, 10:50 AM
Replies: 5
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Posted By buddroyce
Re: Asymmetrical neck profiles

The asymmetric neck is awesome if you play with your thumb over the top. If you play with your thumb behind the neck like you're supposed to, you won't notice too much except maybe really high up.
Forum: Ibanez JEM, UV, JS & Other Signature Models   02-23-2014, 02:45 PM
Replies: 5
Views: 2,192
Posted By buddroyce
Re: What kind of Ibanez does Mike Gross play?

I could be wrong.. but that looks like an old RG550 to me.
Forum: All Other Guitars (including Prestige)   02-06-2014, 11:44 AM
Replies: 19
Views: 4,040
Posted By buddroyce
Re: Late NGD: Ibanez J Custom RG8670TB

Damn. This makes me miss my JCRG2 I sold some years ago.
Forum: All Other Guitars (including Prestige)   02-06-2014, 11:42 AM
Replies: 543
Views: 67,007
Posted By buddroyce
Re: J Custom vs Suhr vs...

WOW I don't come back for a few years and this thread still exists. DAAAAMN.....
Forum: Vendors, Auction & Reseller Talk   04-10-2013, 10:18 PM
Replies: 596
Views: 95,053
Posted By buddroyce
Re: Patrick SIMS (custom shop in TN, USA) experiences

Holy ****. I don't visit for a few years and I come back to see this thread is still alive!!

Sorry to hear about all the bad news going down on here. I remembered sending in a USA Custom body for...
Forum: Pickups & wiring   12-05-2012, 01:21 PM
Replies: 18
Views: 2,957
Posted By buddroyce
Re: New 2013 DiMarzio pickups

Here's the actual press release in case anyone wants to check out the description DiMarzio has for it:



Staten Island,...
Forum: Pickups & wiring   11-10-2012, 02:07 PM
Replies: 0
Views: 692
Posted By buddroyce
Smile DiMarzio Sandy Fundraiser

Hey guys,

It's been a while :). I recently got word from DiMarzio that after Sandy hit Staten Island, their book keeper lost her home from the flood. After getting the news, the guys over at the...
Forum: Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear   03-23-2012, 08:43 PM
Replies: 1
Views: 656
Posted By buddroyce
Forum: Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods   03-22-2012, 06:56 PM
Replies: 2
Views: 1,135
Posted By buddroyce
Re: Another vlx91 question

The Otax VLX91 switch is basically four 5 way switches with each switch having 6 contacts, 1 for each position and 1 common for output.

To wire up 3 pickups in standard wire the hot lead from the...
Forum: Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear   12-27-2009, 04:56 PM
Replies: 1
Views: 676
Posted By buddroyce
Re: WTB: Lundgren M7

I got one in if you're interested. I'm in Canada though. If you're in Germany it might be cheaper to get one closer. Let me know. Just shoot me a PM.
Forum: All Other Guitars (including Prestige)   12-10-2009, 08:20 PM
Replies: 22
Views: 2,992
Posted By buddroyce
Re: NGD J Custom RG8670TV

Congrats! I'm sure you'll love it! 'cause I know I love mine!
Forum: All Other Guitars (including Prestige)   11-19-2009, 09:26 PM
Replies: 15
Views: 1,921
Posted By buddroyce
Re: How NOT to ship guitars

I'm guessing the guy shipped it through a FedEx shipping partner. Every actual FedEx place I went to has been overly anal about boxes and stuff being taped up properly. I'm surprised it survived the...
Forum: Pickups & wiring   11-16-2009, 04:42 PM
Replies: 15
Views: 1,683
Posted By buddroyce
Re: Dimarzio Supplier. Who what where ?

Shoot me a message about what you need. I might be able to help ;)
Forum: Forum Announcements and Member Help   11-16-2009, 04:40 PM
Replies: 12
Views: 2,658
Posted By buddroyce
Re: AMT Electronics products available for testing and review

I would highly recommend checking out the Legend Amp series and the California Sound pedals. The rest are awesome but the Legend Amp and California Sound are awesome.

(I happen to be the primary...
Forum: All Other Guitars (including Prestige)   10-21-2009, 06:35 PM
Replies: 3
Views: 1,418
Posted By buddroyce
Forum: All Other Guitars (including Prestige)   10-20-2009, 01:34 PM
Replies: 17
Views: 2,956
Posted By buddroyce
Re: NGD! (or when an Ibanez addict tries a new drug)

You were probably warned about this over at the Caparison Forum, but usually one Caparison is never enough. Once you're hooked, it's HIGHLY addicting. Typically, guys who buy one Caparison from me...
Forum: All Other Guitars (including Prestige)   10-15-2009, 07:43 PM
Replies: 14
Views: 1,010
Posted By buddroyce
Re: The Envy Thread

The remaining 1% you must either REALLY envy or just purely hate because they have too many guitars!
Forum: All Other Guitars (including Prestige)   09-27-2009, 02:42 PM
Replies: 34
Views: 5,451
Posted By buddroyce
Re: Oh Mannnnnnnnnnnn

Gotta love the Caparisons :) The company is indeed a small operation. They generally only pump out between 30-40 guitars a month and maybe up to 60 or so if they REALLY push themselves. They're...
Forum: Pickups & wiring   09-22-2009, 05:29 PM
Replies: 4
Views: 2,386
Posted By buddroyce
Re: Lundgren

no problem man. If you have a hard time locating them just let me know.


Forum: Pickups & wiring   09-22-2009, 03:20 PM
Replies: 4
Views: 2,386
Posted By buddroyce
Re: Lundgren

Oh if you're wondering how it sounds for lead playing here's a video with all the guitar solos from that same Rob Rock DVD with CJ playing his Lundgren loaded Caparisons
Forum: Pickups & wiring   09-22-2009, 03:15 PM
Replies: 4
Views: 2,386
Posted By buddroyce
Re: Lundgren

well.. seeing that I'm one of thier main dealer/distributors I can tell you that the pickups are fantastic. A little bit on the expensive side though. The M series is actually one of the best selling...
Forum: Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods   09-19-2009, 10:38 AM
Replies: 28
Views: 1,878
Posted By buddroyce
Re: A couple of quick leveling questions

You should be fine covering the inlays with tru-oil as it's only plastic, but just out of curiousity, why are you applying tru-oil to your fretboard?? You working on a maple board that needs to be...
Forum: All Other Guitars (including Prestige)   09-18-2009, 08:25 PM
Replies: 3
Views: 1,183
Posted By buddroyce
Re: RG1570 trem question - does it stay in tune when....?

That's a natural part of how a floyd rose trem works.
Forum: All Other Guitars (including Prestige)   09-18-2009, 08:23 PM
Replies: 14
Views: 3,489
Posted By buddroyce
Re: Ibanez RG3120 refinishing project

Very nice. I was actually going to do that with an RG3120 that I once had. Bought it with the finish stripped already but could never get around to refinishing it so I just sold the guitar.
Forum: All Other Guitars (including Prestige)   09-18-2009, 08:04 PM
Replies: 21
Views: 3,295
Posted By buddroyce
Re: Check out my new J-Custom: IBANEZ RG21a PICS INSIDE!!!

Congratulations man!!! I always wanted one of those!! I love how the pickups are installed on that!!
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