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  1. Favorite Family Guy Character
  2. oops
  3. Best Prog Bands
  4. 5 Way Switches
  5. Who is the COOLEST?
  6. Classic rock group
  7. Favourite Vai band before solo
  8. Dog Vs. Cat
  9. Help/ What Do You Think
  10. Jay Leno. Funny? or not?
  11. Convince my mum.
  12. Best Vai Song Ver. 2
  13. Best Vai Song
  14. Best Vai's album
  15. Your #1 DT album
  16. Buzz Feiten Tuning System
  17. steve vai vs. paul gilbert
  18. protools or acid pro?
  19. which is better
  20. Guitar Finish
  21. Own an RG? Vote if you don't aswell
  22. Sonic Youth- yay, or nay?
  23. A "We" company or a "They" company?
  24. Rock vs Jazz virtuosos
  25. How much wood.......
  26. Does picking speed come from the Wrist or Elbow?
  27. Joe Satriani - Starry Night
  28. Ugly Jems???
  29. ebo or fernandes sustainer?
  30. Flying or Surfing........
  31. Solo puede haber uno
  32. Which is a better neck?
  33. Bootsy Collins or John Patitucci?
  34. Star Wars or Star Trek?
  35. Satch or Johnson???
  36. How do you get your high gain?
  37. What would Hendrix...
  38. JEMSITE.COM t-shirts AGAIN ?!?
  39. Who do U like better? Satriani or Eric Johnson?
  40. john petrucci VS. Vai VS. jason becker
  41. Which is the best Dream Theater album
  42. Who has mastered the vibrato bar more- Steve Vai or Jeff Beck?
  43. Does picking speed come from the Wrist or Elbow?
  44. Macalpine or Keneally?
  45. How hard do you hit the strings?
  46. Coke or Pepsi?
  47. Which boogie is your favourite? Satch Boogie or Juice
  48. What's your favorite brand of automobiles??
  49. Which do you prefer??? The Beatles or The Rolling Stones???
  50. What other instruments do you play?
  51. What size pick do you use?
  52. favorite fast food chain
  53. Your favourite Legato player?
  54. Do you play better while drunk?
  55. How do you like the new Metallica album St. Anger??
  56. Which all time guitar duel would be the coolest?
  57. Live performance....You break a string on ur Jem, now what?
  58. are you against downloading music?
  59. Jem or JPM?
  61. Which song to play at school talent show
  62. 'Best Guitar Solo' (sorry!)
  63. Coke or Pepsi
  64. Your fav. pickup configuration
  65. Fastest Player.
  66. Favorite Guitar Headstock?