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All Other Guitars (including Prestige)

  1. jeannies pickguards
  2. SV5470 Dark Sunset
  3. Fun Project: Restoring 92 MIK Squier HSS Stratocaster (Warning: Big Pics)
  4. anyone else like warmoth??
  5. Bentley: Any info. help ID.
  6. Updated couch pics!
  7. Redifining the term "Players condition"
  8. Replacing the bridge of a RG 7321? NEED fixed bridge
  9. Your 'Quirky' guitars
  10. I'm getting my first 7 string!!! Ibanez RG7321
  11. My new Caparison.
  12. RGT42FX, thoughts, mods, pics?
  13. What trem should I put in my RGTHRG2 when replacing the powder cosmo EPII?
  14. Floyd Rose users- educate me. Rite Now Floyds make me freak- Change my viewpoint
  15. New Vigier Excaliber
  16. New J-custom RG8420ZD
  17. Particle Board?
  18. Neck screws for RG770
  19. SZ520QM & SZ720FM owners chime in, PLEASE!
  20. check out my song(rec with prestige)
  21. Looking for an RG550 again
  22. Ibanez 7 strings 2008
  23. Recommend a 6 string
  24. test
  25. ESP today is what Jackson was yesterday...
  26. Thoughts about this trade...
  27. J custom with pink yellow plasma swirl in Bangkok please advise
  28. I'd like to know...
  29. just curious, RG 550 collector
  30. When I'm too patient, stuff like this happens...
  31. Schaller arm fits Edge Pro?!
  32. Which trem fits 91 RG550LM and where can I buy one?
  33. Violin - i wanna learn to play it - advice?
  34. Is the S5470SOL body unfinished?
  35. What year did Ibanez starting stamping serial #'s...
  36. Some assembly required
  37. Yamaha RGX 421dm
  38. Trem "complications".....
  39. My custom guitar thread
  40. Crazy BASSLAB 7-string My Mate Just Bought...
  41. Custom Paduak RG (very long post!!!!!!!!!)
  42. guitar inlay stickers WOW11!!!
  43. Chrome or Cosmo Black?
  44. Gibson ES experts?
  45. Is J-Custom the way to go for the 'perfect guitar'?
  46. Floyd Rose Redmond guitars... anyone have any experience with them?
  47. OLP 612 (doubleneck)
  48. Cost
  49. Ibanez stock pickup spacing
  50. Can someone please help me find/identify this guitar
  51. OLP MM1FR anyone?
  52. Good price for an RG570?
  53. What model is this?
  54. Schecter C-1 Elite
  55. You favorite SSS Strat Under 1k?
  56. Ibanez RG750 Weird!please help
  57. RG550 1990
  58. Edge Bridge and all hardware..
  59. Another guy with a Caparison on the way.
  60. Carvin DC-127(L)
  61. confused on trading these guitars..
  62. RG2620 vs RG2550Z
  63. New Guitar on the way
  64. Newly acquired RG570EX and others
  65. RGT320X more than JEM?
  66. guitar help
  67. My new 550 Custom
  68. What pups came stock in S-Series guitars?
  69. Ibanez Gambale FGM400 switching question
  70. Ibanez JPM Specs
  71. Post lawsuit ibanez
  72. New Max Cavalera ESP signature
  73. project pic...
  74. New Guitar day...Charvel Model A Plus Maple
  75. The future of my EX160 - Anyone have more indepth specs on them? Comments?
  76. SZ520QM a Bit Bright???
  77. Where can I find older Ibanez pickups?
  78. PRS SC245?
  79. I'm thinking I might have scored big
  80. Washburn MG-30 Trem replacement.
  81. Opinions needed
  82. Which rg is this?
  83. Pretty cool Telecaster
  84. Turning my RG770 in the UCGR that never was but should ve been
  85. strat bridge pickup talk
  86. SA1060Z Prestige
  87. New Here... but posting Petrucci Porn
  88. rare(er) J Custom Listings?
  89. Dave Weiner S-series.
  90. The "new" MTM1
  91. pics of my 442R just got it back from the shop
  92. New Custom Guitar - pics
  93. New guitar! 2001 Gibson Les Paul Studio PLUS (56k beware)
  94. Anyone know where to find one of these?
  95. @strat people
  96. Noodles
  97. Hm Strats
  98. A deal NOBODY would pass up; check out my used S series!
  99. RG550 pickguard screw?
  100. My First Prestige just arrived - an RG2120XVV, photos inside
  101. Jackson to Ibanez
  102. custon rg3exqm1
  103. Locking stud mod on mahogany bodies?
  104. Steinberger tremolo experts ?
  105. New collection shots
  106. RG 212XTLB GAS....
  107. Beat up Ibanez
  108. "No Tension" necks
  109. Help on IBZ bass S/N
  110. Identify a Yamaha...
  111. Megadeth's Chris Broderick LACS
  112. Is this Ibanez RG270R FAKE
  113. Is this Ibanez RG270R FAKE?
  114. She ain't pretty but I love her!
  115. J-Custom RG-Paint4
  116. JPM?
  117. Getting a RG1570L, many worries, is it worth it at all?
  118. Used RG with no model No.
  119. RRG1-CSS - beware of its awesomeness!
  120. NGD 88' Strat Plus
  121. 1997 7 string RG---RG7520??
  122. So it finally arrived.
  123. New DC727 - w/pics!
  124. Pictures of my customised RG7321
  125. Frets flaking?
  126. Slightly unusual acquisition
  127. Mr. Horsepower!!
  128. Thinking of being a bad boy.
  129. Xiphos 7 string. WHEN?
  130. Worth Selling my VSBL Jem for a new 2008 J Custom?
  131. Floyd rose, schaller or ping?
  132. Anyone tried to install a piezo in an RG before?
  133. Ibanez RoadBass RD707
  134. Ed Roman Custom Shop?
  135. New Guitar Day....Floyded Strat No Less
  136. 7-string pickup ring size
  137. Identify This Ibanez?
  138. Question about neck side markers
  139. Schaller Trem Arm for EDGE III?
  140. Cosmo black finish wearing off Original Edge. Will refinishing work?
  141. Jackson Kelly KE3
  142. Aged Strat Relic.
  143. No more RG1570 Lefties?!
  144. Custom Pickguard HELP
  145. Ibanez JPM P1
  146. RBM-1 Voyager
  147. Edge of Thorns - Dean Baby V
  148. First Guitar buy of 2008!
  149. First Guitar buy of 2008!
  150. purple RG
  151. Need Help Identifying This Body
  152. Ibanez S5470 Prestige
  153. Ibanez RG8270F
  154. Edge or Lo pro into a non Ibanez guitar?
  155. Wizard II Prestige?
  156. USA Ibanez Site Update
  157. sorry, this might seem dumb....
  158. Vai's sticker strat.
  159. Can anyone indentify this guitar?
  160. Help! What Trems work in an RG1570?
  161. Cheap Resonator for blues beginner?
  162. EMG DC707
  163. Steal of the Century? You Decide...
  164. Custom replacement necks?
  165. Will Korean-made tremolo studs (possibley Lo-TRS?) fit an Edge-equipped body?
  166. building a strat style guitar
  167. More pickup questions.
  168. S series identification help!
  169. Couple of rare ones
  170. How do I identify pickups?
  171. New Stratoblaster
  172. need advise
  173. Custom Guitar #2 (legacy neck) - UPDATE WITH PICS!
  174. Caparison horus
  175. Fender XII
  176. Why Timmons?
  177. New Guitar!
  178. Another happy RGA121 owner
  179. New Guitar Day, twins in black
  180. Need IBZ 12-String Electric Help (RT452, RX352 or 540STN)
  181. Any new info on the "limited edition" quilted red 24 fret S?
  182. What do you guys think
  183. Dimarzios in a Carvin???
  184. I am selling my j custom
  185. Nylon Acoustic for jazz?
  186. Question for people who have bought from Rich (IbanezRules)...
  187. AANJ Troubles - S470 Wizard vs Wizard II
  188. help indentify this guitar
  189. I sanyone else incredibly dissapointed?
  190. Some Non-Ibanez Maple
  191. Tried rg3xx at the store..
  192. It's time for....NGD!!!
  193. Identify this Ibanez
  194. rg560 pups upgrade or jem?
  195. $799. Good Brice???
  196. Pickguard on RG470?
  197. New Retro BC Rich Gunslinger
  198. A fatter neck for my RG550?
  199. Custom Flamed 540 Saber...put back together
  200. Guitar advice...
  201. Please help identify my RG series
  202. Unwanted resonance in strings
  203. E or Z
  204. Odd Ibanez...
  205. Alex Lifeson 355
  206. Scarf Neck Joint Headstock?
  207. Tuning question! Is drop D hard on a trem using fine tuners?
  208. Which Edwards?
  209. Need help idying this RG series
  210. Amazing deal on upgraded HWY1 Fender Strat!
  211. Check Out This Flame Guitar
  212. A slight problem.
  213. Vintage Ibanez Question
  214. George Benson 30th anniversary
  215. RG2027 set up right, whammy bar issues
  216. Iceman Questions?
  217. RG1150FM with BareKnuckle pickups ?
  218. I'can't decide what model buy
  219. some new additons...
  220. New Schecter stuff
  221. Here is my 540P and 540S
  222. High G - final verdict
  223. Any Carvin DC135 owners?
  224. Best Current Guitar Investment
  225. Weird Neck Heel on my S?
  226. volume knob stopped turning
  227. Ibanez Concord
  228. the new iceman
  229. My RG1570 Mirage Red - 56k beware!
  230. my takamine twelve string acoustic pics
  231. Ash body RRG-1 J-Custom?... How will it sound?
  232. BC Rich Stealth...About time!
  233. New guitar day.....550DY
  234. how much are RG7620 bodies?
  235. Pickups act like a microphone.
  236. Peavey HP Special EX anyone?
  237. GRG170DX Template
  238. Every guitar and amp you've ever owned ?
  239. Best place to order an RG2228
  240. G&L Legacy coming soon.....(pic)
  241. A RG550 question
  242. new buy... fender mij
  243. Do Xiphos come with a case?
  244. My RGT42 for a Peavey 5150 + Line6 Pedal board. This worth it ?
  245. Custom Pickguards?
  246. Help me ID This Strat Model
  247. is that true?
  248. Info from Ishi - FGM neck vs. J-Custom RG neck
  249. G&L 3-Bolt neck plates?
  250. RG2550E vs RG2550Z (EZ vs EP)?