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All Other Guitars (including Prestige)

  1. Problem with new finish (?)
  2. Ibanez JSM 90 VT Scofield
  3. My Carvin family: Guitar Porn on the couch
  4. My modded RG7620 (RG550DY look) and RG7420
  5. Thinking about selling some of my RG's...
  6. RG550 20th Minor complaint
  7. Help with identification
  8. Question about the S520EX
  9. Me playing the intro of Fever Dream on my 8320
  10. My Caparison family WARNING: Hard Guitar Porn!!
  11. JPM100P1 Pricing?
  12. wizard neck vs. J custom neck thickness
  13. very sorry but....2027xvv kjg wiring....
  14. Just bought an RG1570 NEW for...
  15. Washburn Nick Catanese Idol guitar
  16. A cloth/fabric RG! Post your ideas
  17. anybody know the specs of RG680CM DRD?
  18. Ibanez RG420EXBBS
  19. ESP and Edwards guitars
  20. lefty guitars!
  21. Couldnīt resist - Severe case of GAS today :)
  22. The RFR has arrived (pics inside...)
  23. Lets see some Lefty Guitars!
  24. Question about RGT resale price
  25. Odd LACS model sighted
  26. Anyone play a RGA121H, looking for a review
  27. My Custom RAN (Ibanez S3040PL)
  28. cleaning textured vital silver finish
  29. 3A vs. 5A tops
  30. a new RGA (with pics :P)
  31. Question for 7620 owners!
  32. New mockups! Infinity 7's for your eyeballs!
  33. My latest acquisition...
  34. Edge Pro vs. Edge III
  35. RGT320QRBB vs RG8470F
  36. RG550 20th Pickups compared to Duncans?
  37. My new Prestige!
  38. Replacement neck??
  39. Guitar GAS...Tank filled?
  40. 20th Anny 550 Write Up - Guitar World
  41. Anybody Want a Green Meanie?
  42. Mighty fine pics of my new prestige
  43. Cole Clark Lap Steel
  44. RG 550 20th Anniversary?
  45. well worth the wait...
  46. NGD LP Supreme & family shots
  47. So ugly, I LOVE it
  48. RGR 1570 Prestige
  49. New J Custom day!!!
  50. warped pickgaurd?
  51. New guitar pic for FN
  52. No Offspring (Guitars discussed here)? WHY??
  53. Anyone know of a good rehab center for GAS
  54. Just bought my first 7
  55. This Just In!!!
  56. 2005 Ibanez SA2020 Prestige
  57. buying a new guitar RG1570 or RGT42DXFM
  58. 22 fret S-series neck swapped with a 24 fret RG neck?
  59. I want one of these!!
  60. New guitar!!! :^D
  61. My GSA60 OWNS apparently
  62. Jim Root tele
  63. Pickups for Mahogany RG Prestige
  64. Need help....
  65. J Custom RG8420FE BX pictures
  66. Looking for a 7 string got ?'s
  67. Identify My RG!!!
  68. Quality of Jackson Stars?
  69. RG2610 Prestige
  70. Question about USRG30 Neck...
  71. petrucci f1-thoughts?
  72. This is ridiculous............
  73. Black Machine F8
  74. New PGM on the way!
  75. Happy Birthday Slash!
  76. When's the last time anyone saw any of these?
  77. J-Custom Dealers in Australia?
  78. EvilBay Lo-Pro
  79. Rockin Magic Pro II Floyd Rose Tremolo
  80. shoulder cramps(from playiong rgs)
  81. Breed love acoustic
  82. Finally got a family pick ;)
  83. Question about selling
  84. A possible defect on my RG1527 - Or is it a defect? = need your evaluation
  85. S520 or Herman Li Sig
  86. Dimarzio mounting hole width: will it pop straight in?
  87. RG-770FM FLASH BACK!!!
  88. Fuel my GAS please..!! RG8470 pics needed..
  89. Replacement 20th RG550 DSY Body....
  90. New headstock veneer?
  91. Wow, some weird guitars
  92. Tuners
  93. Pickguard for Roadstar II
  94. Ad hoc purchase: RGR321EX
  95. Pics of the Family
  96. Would you do it?
  97. RG550 Cleanup
  98. It's Back!!!
  99. Air zone&Evolution in RG350EX?
  100. Can anyone tell me about this RG570?
  101. Pickup recommendations for a RG 1527
  102. Try out a J-Custom
  103. J Custom JCRG3-VV WOW!
  104. Which RG models started w/ OriginalWizard necks
  105. ESP Kami.
  106. Suhr
  107. Has anyone here ever played a Raven??
  108. New Ibanez Necks
  109. Should I buy a Chibanez of some sort just for fun?
  110. New RG550 20th String Guage?
  111. Swirl on a strat
  112. How much is this S worth?
  113. Looking to buy an s series need advice
  114. Aftermarket RG Prestige Bodies
  115. RG3120 vs RG2020xtb
  116. Info on this guitar...
  117. Missing Case Candy
  118. Info on this guitar...
  119. Ibanez Voyager help
  120. 7 strings with Maple boards?
  121. what strings do you have on your 7?
  122. Quick question about lefty necks...
  123. Why oh why did I buy an ARTCORE?!
  124. Ibanez RG3EX1 body question..
  125. RGT3120 - Broken EdgePro Trem
  126. Jackson Quality "Levels" vs Ibanez Quality "Levels"
  127. RG550MXXRFR arrived today
  128. Yes! RG550MXX-DY arrived to day!
  129. My New Fernandes Guitar (PICS)
  130. Finnally got it!! w00t!!
  131. So whats up with the Interceptor Pros?
  132. Fret Wire
  133. Changing String gauge from .10 to .11
  134. Summer Namm 2007
  135. Custom Pickup color for RG550 20th
  136. Wondering if there is anything out ther like this
  137. New Guitar Day! I never get to say this...
  138. Tried 2 Les Pauls out today
  139. My new prestige! (pics inside)
  140. ayone play 12 string acoustic?
  141. rg8427
  142. RGA issue...
  143. Cleaning my guitar...
  144. RG550 Anniversary Prices
  145. Need help figuring this out.......
  146. My Ibanez JPM 1 project is finally completed!!!
  147. More pickups fun...!
  148. Fernandes Revolver attacked with a sander
  149. My Custom RG7
  150. Trying to Identiy my Ibanez
  151. How many VBT-700s?
  152. RG550 20th Trem return to neutral...
  153. AFS75T ibanez artcore series
  154. Ibanez Reb Beach WRB3
  155. Killer NGD score from GC (RGA content)
  156. Help identifying a guitar i just purchased
  157. Damn you Fender
  158. Gibson Custom Silverburst Vs Gibson Custom Zakk Wydle
  159. New guitar
  160. How Would...
  161. ZR Tremolo issue
  162. Prestige RGR1570 and Neon Mikros
  163. I was looking for an RG550, but then I saw this...
  164. New guitars day
  165. Old Jackson...What is it?
  166. If you ever wanted a cheap Sabre (not an ad), long.
  167. Which 1?
  168. Right Pickup for my Guitar?
  169. Painting a guitar
  170. Trem bar touching volume pot...
  171. Show your dinged up ibanezes
  172. J-custom RG8470 neck binding
  173. Which P/Ups in RG350DX
  174. Ibanez S2170FW - Japanese or Korean?
  175. Ibanez models w/ Original Wizard neck
  176. Am I the only one who isn't a fan of Ibanez guitars?
  177. EW20SMENT Anybody here got one?
  178. My New RG-2027X-VV
  179. Suhr 24-fret Shred Machine
  180. Beginner Guitar
  181. Free Strat Copy!!
  182. Buying a new Ibanez?
  183. New Build (Non Ibanez)
  184. Shipping to the UK... help!!!
  185. Need some input
  186. Wow another... RG550 identification plz
  187. Breed neck in bridge of 570?
  188. Help me identify this RG
  189. Settle an argument.
  190. How to clean the maple binding?
  191. Advantages of 41mm nut width?
  192. Ibanez RGRT47DX
  193. RG550 need help with colors
  194. ESP Skull & Snakes - Factory flaw found 5 years later
  195. RI RG550 vs another RG550
  196. Whats with this RG550 RI?????
  197. Buying a guitar from the US
  198. Modifying Strat from S/S/S to H/S/H
  199. Japanese S models?
  200. New disciple observations..
  201. The Ibanez Pirate
  202. New RG day!
  203. DiMarzio pickups
  204. Does this look like a Real Ibanez to you?
  205. Has anyone got the "Itch" for this ..?
  206. random body, .....need help
  207. RGT3020 Love
  208. New Family Pics
  209. The Edwards Is Here
  210. Ibanez ARX320--What do you think?
  211. Need recommendations for neckthrough Ibanez
  212. Ibanez SHRG1Z Giger custom
  213. My NEW $365 tele. I can't believe it.
  214. My new RG8470 (and the almost new RG8427)
  215. S neck on a Talman?
  216. Why the wide range of values in RG570s?
  217. Anyone got a Zakk Wylde Gibson
  218. I need some opinions on these amps
  219. Carvin Neckthru blanks
  220. RGT3120 - Anyone here have one ?
  221. Went to buy a new metronome yesterday
  222. Do like a Proctologist
  223. LED custom Inlays??
  224. Lighter replacement body for RG320DX Wizard II neck?
  225. Finished Fabric Top
  226. Ibanez Customizing
  227. Sales Figures for Ibanez
  228. HELP! Where can I buy Ibanez parts in UK?
  229. What is this? 1989 RG, reverse headstock, rw fretboard
  230. Mahogany: An Unstable Neck Wood for a 7?
  231. Edge Trems - Gold Bar ???
  232. GAS attack strikes again... vbt700 pics
  233. Tried out the RG550 Reissue today...
  234. MRG-6
  235. Reverse headstock 7
  236. Hybrid 2570 /1570
  237. rg 470 with edge-pro?
  238. Get a PG autograph on my 20th or not?
  239. Photoshoppers: Ibanez RG8470F-RS help needed
  240. New Guitar!!! Kramer Pacer 6000!
  241. My New Martin 7-STRING!
  242. RG8427 and HRG4 pics
  243. Best lead guitars in the world?
  244. Why is Basswood considered low end wood when it is on great ibanez guitars???
  245. Newest Family Pic!
  246. finally it arrive- RG8470-RS
  247. need help urgent..
  248. Anyone play a Vinnie Moore VM1 or VM2?
  249. New Marty Friedman sig - MFM2
  250. Found a nice RG-520 at GC today...