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All Other Guitars (including Prestige)

  1. Herman Li signature model? 24 fret S!
  2. J custom S21
  3. Need fretwork and inlays done
  4. The not so "Ultimate Guitar Forum"
  5. Floyd RoseŽ Licensed JacksonŽ Low Profile JT580 LP Double Locking 2-Point Tremolo
  6. RG550 20th fret problem?
  7. Cloudy finish on my new Les Paul.
  8. Looking for my first seven string guitar
  10. modifying an rg 350
  11. Help ID this Ibanez!
  12. My new guitar coming soon
  13. Killswitch
  14. Interesting Facts from the IBANEZ - The Inside Story
  15. Pic of completed PGM301 Jester
  16. Modded RG1570 or RG2570E
  17. If Ibanez made YOUR signature model...
  18. Ibanez Parts
  19. Coolest JCustom I have ever seen!!!
  20. repairing small varnish chips?
  21. custom RG 7421
  22. Which 7 string?
  23. Question about the 20th RG v.this means you Dee
  24. probably the worst prestige of all times. I got it, lemon of the lemon
  25. Recommend a practice/workhorse superstrat please! What are good values and deals?
  26. ibanez rg2ex2 owner?
  27. Prestige Title Confusion
  28. Is this a bad thing?
  29. here's a new score
  30. RG3120
  31. Non-RG ibanez 8 string mockups, pics inside!
  32. Tuning stability and diffs on fixed bridge on RGR321EX and MTM2..?
  33. Some Pictures of my 7'ers.........
  34. Bought a SZ2020FMTKF!
  35. 2002 Ibanez RG450 Limited Edition NOS
  36. How to remove the tip on the 5-way pickup-switch on my RG550ex?
  37. Options for a backup RG
  38. Anyone tried the RG2610 yet??
  39. Ibanez EX Series
  40. Cool and different J customs?
  41. Specific part for '87 P540.
  42. Neck from trem guitar on a hard tail guitar?
  43. Anyone use DiMarzio 7 string p'ups....?
  44. Herc Fede Necks? Anyone have one?
  45. So I'm walking in...
  46. Which would you have?
  47. My New Prestige RG3270M-TB turned up this morning! :)
  48. Looking for Hondo H-1 electrics cavity plate!!!!
  49. WTK going price for rg 565 teal
  50. What to do with my new (used) PGM?
  51. Difference between HRG2007 and 8470?
  52. what RG is this?
  53. My Ibanez J.Custom RG8470F-BX arrived today, pics inside!
  54. Looking for pics of custom graphics...
  55. Ibanez RG-PR2 Prestige "Texas Special"
  56. Another New Guitar Day
  57. RG770 refinish
  58. Yamaha Pacifica 1221
  59. RGA questions
  60. Does anyone have An ESP M-2??
  61. DIfferences between RG1570 & 2550?
  62. Re-Finish a stained rg321?
  63. Bass thread anyone?
  64. What's this model called?
  65. Another noob question: differences in bridges?
  66. Evolution of a Strat
  67. If you are planning on modding your 20th RG post in here what your plans are
  68. Does anyone make aftermarket vine fretboards?
  69. RG 550 20th prices.
  70. Pictures of Gibson guitars during my trip to Nashville...
  71. Neck Pocket Cracks
  72. Need HELP with Custominzing - Pickups & Floyd Rose
  73. Strange guitar models that are not in the ibanez catelog :/
  74. Must resist...
  75. My 20th RG550 Desert Yellow Pic Thread
  76. Played a couple more new 2007 models yesterday
  77. Finding out info on my guitar
  78. ZR trem breaking strings..
  79. RG 565, rosewood, shark's tooth, reverse
  80. Considering a 1998 RG570JG and some Q's
  81. Look What I Found
  82. RG550 20th Anniversary (Road Flare Red) Review
  83. Is it possible to install piezo to a RG-prestige?
  84. In progress of modifying an RG350
  85. "new to me" roadstar day
  86. Is it possible?
  87. Ibanez RG550 question!
  88. NGD - PRS Artist Custom 22 massacre ! PICS !
  89. Wilkinson on a Strat...?
  90. How Much Are All You UK Buyers Paying for RG2OTH?
  91. How much will you pay for this Ibanez Dragon??
  92. Custom pickguard for RG7420 - need your help!
  93. Squier Standard Strat Limited Edition $139
  94. The "Custom Ibanez Styled Guitars" Thread
  95. geetars geetars geetars
  96. I need help with my 7621
  97. What is an Ibanez Reb Beach modeal worth?
  98. i need help identifying my 7 string
  99. A new friend for my 7bsb
  100. Okay, Really... How Is The RGA's Bridge Supposed To Sit?!!
  101. What's a good price for a Radius?
  102. S2120x on the Bay.
  103. I'm sure somebody here wants one
  104. Anyone know anything about the S4170?
  105. Wizard questions
  106. Gambale model question
  107. Another Carvin thread
  108. Customizing Rg565!!
  109. My collection of Ibanez guitars.
  110. RG550 - differences between '87 and '88?
  111. Floyd Rose without a locking nut...will it stay in tune?!
  112. GRG 270B pickguard
  113. J Custom fixed bridge?
  114. IS IT WORTH ??? I need Your opinion!!
  115. Lo-TRS II Trem swap
  116. RG2610 - Anyone Have One Yet ?
  117. Need Help!
  118. new guitar day!
  119. The process of unpacking my RFR (high res pics inside)
  120. OT: Guitar stores in Singapore?
  121. Time for a New Guitar!
  122. Look what I found (pics inside)
  123. Check this jackson out
  124. Gambale neck?
  125. is it me or are the 1527's pickups too mellow...
  126. 540Pvii
  127. My new (and first) Carvin
  128. Floyd Rose Guitar w/ OFR
  129. Ovation guitars.
  130. Post Your Refinished Ibanez Pics!
  131. RGA - Photoshop users, help!
  132. 2 questions on the RG 20th Anniversary please :)
  133. wes borlands cutom 7 string OMG!
  134. RGA121 modding
  135. Question about my new RG770DX
  136. not talkin about a specific guitar but, floyd rose to fixed, what do you prefer??
  137. Jackson 1988 custom
  138. dont u love the feeling?
  139. I've worked out the S Series aint for me...
  140. Best knockaround acoustic?
  141. evil paul gilbert needs a dean ...
  142. How's this setup sound?
  143. Anyone Play the 20th Rg's??
  144. floyd rose guitars
  145. One hum RG7s?
  146. Jem body+S size+JS roundness=Great Idea???
  147. Help Me Decide On Finish!
  148. new RG 550 in action?
  149. Parting out a RG5xx??
  150. PGM301
  151. Ibanez RGR421EXFM ??? (Red w/ reverse headstock)
  152. Well I've owned my RG2570E for a few months now...
  153. New (to me) RG570EX
  154. New guitar day
  155. Ibanez Guitars Factory Pictures
  156. prestige 20071?
  157. Swirl Daisy Rock Guitar
  158. 20th RGs being shipped with faulty truss rods..
  159. best strap locks?
  160. 20th Anniversary RG Review
  161. Which Ibanez RG/S should I get?
  162. AirZone/SH-2n Jazz combo for Ibanez SA-320X
  163. 17mm Necks Currently Available
  164. Schools of Lutherie, and Employment Afterwards?
  165. Updated couch shot! (pic)
  166. Another Noob question - how much should I spend?
  167. Warmoth Greenie Meanie
  168. Need info about RG360.
  169. My Project Prestiege Model
  170. Chibanez :(
  171. Probably a new PGM model by Paul Gilbert, PGM302(H-S-S) - 2008? hmmm...
  172. my RGT320Q
  173. New guitar day!
  174. Noob question about Ibanez model pecking order.
  175. ESP FX400 spalted top?
  176. Where and What Year?
  177. RG-570 vs RG-507?
  178. Long Neck Tenon
  179. 7string guitar
  180. Stratocaster VS deluxe Stratocaster
  181. Duncan vs. Dimarzio
  182. Stripping the finish on an RG7420
  183. Opinions on USRG30
  184. Does anyone else on here have an RG1520?
  185. Bigsby tremolo on Ibanez Artcore
  186. 1527 Royal Blue... I need an accurate pic of the finish!
  187. I can't get distortion with my Dobro.
  188. Curious Ibanez guitar
  189. My New Lado Earth-2003
  190. Question about a Japanese 450 S
  191. my RG520 and humidity
  192. New neon RGs - they're not popular enough
  193. Guitar # 18
  194. Sims custom shop swirls
  195. question about RG2620 CBK
  196. Rebuilt RG470FM
  197. Customised guitars
  198. New(ish) member, new prestige
  199. Why no 100HAM series?
  200. RG Van Halen Project Guitar
  201. Is it possible to get this from ibanez?
  202. Quick question...
  203. Edge Problem
  204. what model is this?
  205. what was the S series with the tune-o-matic bridge?
  206. My guitar STINKS!
  207. EX370
  208. Bouzouki
  209. Did I make a guitar Mistake?
  210. 2000 RG570
  211. Has anybody heard of the stagestar??
  212. schecter jeff loomis 7-string help
  213. Why dont they do this anymore?
  214. What is this...?
  215. Tell me if you think this would look stupid
  216. Close to ordering a 20th 550
  217. Anyone "need" a triple neck?
  218. rg350dx
  219. Should I sell/trade my JEM7DBK for a RG550RFR reissue?
  220. Radius body blanks?
  221. Lo-TRS II replace with Edge Pro II??
  222. Rg1527 setup and pickup swap
  223. Does anyone know what this is?
  224. Good G.A.S day (pics)
  225. Fret level!!! Do it yourself???
  226. Thinking about getting another 7.. one with a Floyd
  227. EBMM John Petrucci 7 string pickups
  228. Gibson J-45 Custom Vine 2000
  229. Pickguard for RG7421
  230. Pics of PGM301 done by Sims
  231. what's with the J-custom and prestigue pickups configuration
  232. What is my rg550 worth?
  233. Ibanez RGR 321EX, Ibanez MTM 2 or Ibanez ADC 120 ??
  234. ibanez roadster 2
  235. My MAIN ax: Can I get some love for the RG1570???
  236. New RG2570E Vital GOld
  237. Identifying this RG
  238. Semi hollow body?
  239. Appraise my RG770 please :)
  240. New guitar day...
  241. Maple neck 550 saved from trash
  242. Q:is RG770 with the hollywood neck plate?
  243. RGR320EX
  244. Breedlove Acoustic Questions (UK people?)
  245. I darkened my rosewood fretboard on my RG2820
  246. Performance Guitars Python... :-)
  247. ordered my RG550 DY today :)
  248. Where to get chrome/nickel hardware for a S1520?
  249. So who here is into Les Pauls?
  250. Floyd Rose Knifes