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All Other Guitars (including Prestige)

  1. Help me identify this USCG
  2. RG1257/7620
  3. baritone guitar
  4. Anyone tried out Carparison guitars? Matias Eklund Signature
  5. Need to know the facts about Fender Strats...
  6. My RG3120 - A big disappointment
  7. How rare is the RG565 in the UK ?? i just bought one
  8. Les Paul prototype and Neal Schon
  9. S540 USA made, or Japanese? Please help me
  10. Parker Fly opinion?
  11. so nobody here has the duct tape ibanez?
  12. GMW vs. Wayne
  13. How Much should I spend?
  14. RGT42
  15. Anybody know anything about Hamers?
  16. I came across an Ibanez DT-350
  17. Need info on Petrucci's original custom USRG-like guitars
  18. pickups for my new RG1527
  19. What STRINGS are you using on your PGM's and JEM's ?
  20. Natural finish on rg560
  21. Pics of my Ibanezzes :D
  22. Changing pick-ups on a RG550.
  23. Any german RG2027 lovers?
  24. double neck ibanez
  25. I just scored an RG2020XTB!!!
  26. Jennifer Batten Ibanez
  27. My rg570 arrived today!
  28. Ace Frehley Gibson question???
  29. A question about brand...
  30. RG 1570 neck shims?
  31. Opinions on the RG-7620
  32. RG1550 questions
  33. LGM Guitars
  34. Bass necks(will it fit?)
  35. Are these new guitars any better ??
  36. Well, what about the RG 7321 BK...opinions??
  37. Jackson trems? retrofit or leave alone?
  38. Yamaha Drop6 Baritone
  39. Is going from Lo-trs II to Lo pro edge worth it?
  40. Setting up an rg570
  41. the neck on my pgm30
  42. Maple necks
  43. possibly the worst 7 string ever
  44. $1000 PGM 800 BRS, Does it worth?
  45. Old Sears Explorer shaped guitar with Effects?
  46. Parker MidiFLy, where?
  47. Ibanez Custom Shop
  48. tell me something about my rg
  49. How many PGM 800 BRS were made?
  50. Whats your opinions of Jacksons ??
  51. Need some help on a tough choice
  52. Afri-Can guitars, coke cans sure beat alder and basswood?!?!
  53. Take a look at my 2 NEW SWIRLS from Brazil (pics inside...)
  54. New Guitar!
  55. EVH or EBMM axis fans are you familar with these?
  56. Ergodyne guitars here this year?
  57. Ibanez Magazine ads
  58. Wanted: Pics of Endorsee guitars!
  59. Won an Ibanez rg570
  60. Washburn N4
  61. Heat and guitars
  62. ? about RG520's
  63. Any PGM800 BRS for Sale?
  64. Favorite non-ibanez signature ax
  65. Are there any RG J-Customs that have a maple fingerboard?
  66. to worship an RG-570
  67. I have some questions on the RG 750.
  68. What neck on Ibanez RG670
  69. 1993 RG550 Emerald Green
  70. A 3120 of a slightly different image :)
  71. What is this Ibanez guitar?
  72. Hardware on Ibanez RG505
  73. Washburn EC29: Price?
  74. ESP'z Flying V
  75. The main purpose of...
  76. finally found a Keeper ... My Ibanez tale (mini review)
  77. Evolution7 or ToneZone7 on K7?
  78. What guitar is this?
  79. Anyone know anything about Quest?
  80. alder 7string
  81. Tonal differance between RG550 and RG570
  82. Thinkin of buyin the LTD SC 607
  83. I Have an Unidentified Ibanez S540fm, NEED HELP on ID
  84. XL neck question....
  85. Composite Ibanezguitar???
  86. Ibanez 2004
  87. Ibanez RUINED the S-Series
  88. RG760 - Help me out...
  89. New Rogue 'coral sitars'
  90. Dimebag and 24 frets ??!!
  91. what's your opinion about ESP LTD EX series?
  92. Japanese RG370 - now I'm confused
  93. rg 470, rg 320 fm or rg 350 dx?
  94. Why is whammy bar a tremolo?
  95. cant stop drooling in front of this...
  96. Bought a PGM30 today!
  97. wayne guitars - repro green meanie
  98. Just picked up a couple OLP!!!
  99. My first PRS...a relic!?!
  100. JC S540 "multicolor"
  101. Most Radical 7 String Ever??
  102. PGM301 Wiring
  103. @ Drew
  104. Any companies making 7 string acousitcs?
  105. hey need an advice about buying a guitar
  106. Help to identify Ibanez guitar!
  107. If anyone else has an MMM1...
  108. ESP M-201, strings pulling the bridge up too high..
  109. Just got my first 7 string.....(and i need help too)
  110. 540S7 - how much?
  111. Prestige RG1620X GK Pickups ??
  112. Brian Moore guitars...
  113. Help me, am im going crazy? cheaper guitars...
  114. Just a page I found...
  115. The Value of..
  116. Good price for Ibanez Les Paul Copy
  117. Help with my RG's Serial plz
  118. Is it the material, or the year?
  119. RG270's tremolo! (sucks :/ )
  120. Ever seen rg 2820?
  121. RG with a Viper neck?
  122. New acoustic finally finished from LGM =o)
  123. 7th heaven video
  124. guitar with unknown specs
  125. Four more weeks and these should actually make music
  126. rg-421 vs sz-520
  127. K7 limited edition tour pack
  128. i'm wondering what model rg this is
  129. pgm30?
  130. Help me choose a 7 string
  131. Give me some ideas on what to do to my guitars.
  132. Parker Fly deluxe vs. classic
  133. Prestige quilt top +MOT's +Abalone Inlay. Custom/LE guitar??
  134. I am new here
  135. NEW Iceman!!!
  136. Serial ID ?? Which year?
  137. I hath joined the Ibanez family...
  138. pgmsite?
  139. my guitars
  140. How to get the best sound out of your 7 string (low B)
  141. ive gotta get this PGM shirt!
  142. New or old 550?
  143. Picked up a mid 80's CUSTOM MADE S Series
  144. Ibanez RG770FM ? Anyone tried this?
  145. Any '80's Hamer Californian owners?
  146. LTD SC-607B Deftones 7 string?
  147. Epiphone FlameKat.....
  148. 2003 Models
  149. Case Avenue RG USA Custom
  150. 7-string guitar available in the market?
  151. Nut Size
  152. Weird Question Did Marshall ever make guitars?
  153. Has anyone seen the latest Vox Valvetronix ad?
  154. Jem 555 with Edge Pro II
  155. Alex Lifeson Signature Series Guitars?????
  156. seymour duncan 7 pickups
  157. RG 7620 with white pearloid pickguarg.(Pictures!)
  158. RG 2077 info....
  159. You're first guitar?
  160. can someone help??
  161. Cosmo White?
  162. Just bought: Seagull - Artist Cameo CW
  163. Vintage guitar prices
  164. looking for a luthier to build a neck? 7 string neckthrough
  165. HELP: need to decide between RG1527 & ESP-LTD M-207
  166. Munky's blue/white thingy...
  167. Interesting piece...RG570FM
  168. Help needed to buy a 7 string...
  169. New Addition to the Family: Taylor 714CE
  170. Newest Addition
  171. Need cheapo Ibanez wiring diagrams
  172. Ibanez RBM Custom
  173. Paul Alender's PRS Bat Guitar (Cradle of Filth)
  174. Will the floyd rose speedloader fit into a Lo-TRS II?
  175. s520wnf, dot inlays..years¿?
  176. Wizard (RG550?) neck
  177. Tuning to drop D?
  178. I was wondering if I can create my own custom model....
  179. the best guitars made in usa (brands)
  180. Rare Allan Holdsworth Prototype Ibanez--Info??
  181. Ibanez USCG Angels Depart guitar
  182. Anyone here own a 2003 PGM30?
  183. Will the "tremtool" work on an edge pro?
  184. Yamaha Silent Acoustic Classical
  185. LA Custom Shop S7
  186. Comicbook Custom Jackson 3dr body
  187. I bought a S1620 prestige and returned's like a knife!
  188. 7 String PRS for sale on ebay...
  189. RG750? Can you answer this question guys?
  190. colors of rg550
  191. Angelos guitar in the new Speed Kills
  192. Should I Get An LTD M-302 or A LTD KH-202?
  193. blackmachine - my new baby
  194. New Prestige guitar - RG1550 Custom
  195. Ibanez SA160MTG or RG 1570L??????
  196. What guitars did you guys play in high school?
  197. I need help. What do you think of the IBANEZ S1620 Prestige?
  198. Opinions on the AT-100? Andy Timmons Signature Model
  199. 550 or 1550?aaargh help!
  200. PRS Bat Thingy...
  201. Acoustic advice/thoughts (Godin-Seagull/Maton/etc)
  202. Aslin Dane Teaza 7
  203. Which case for an RG3120?
  204. So I bought me a 25th anniversary strat today and I love it.
  205. Guitar/Rig plan Need some advice
  206. Where to find a PGM400
  207. Was there ever an Alex Skolnick Model Ibanez with a...
  208. Could someone tell me every reversed headstock Ibanez model?
  209. Ever seen two tone hardware (black & gold)????
  210. RG2820?
  211. rg?decisions decisions
  212. Getting a none ibaneza trem painted adonized grey???
  213. WASHBURN KC-44V
  214. What happened to this thread?
  215. OLP Baritone... sweet!
  216. Does the Schaller Sure Claw act like a trem stabalizer?
  217. Dealer question...
  218. RG565
  219. History of the Korean Ibanez?
  220. All Ibanez radius owners come here!!!
  221. RGT42 thru neck
  222. HELP: is there anywhere to get a Ibanez trem stabalizer?
  223. Are there back stops for the original floyd?
  224. Ibanez 1983 Artist AR300(?) lacking strap-knobs
  225. Opinions on G&L Guitars?
  226. new guitar question
  227. Gibson Tune-o-Matic post spacing.
  228. Floyd rose going out of tune when I snap a string
  229. What pickups to put in my rgt42?
  230. What is a RX60 made of?
  231. Help identifying JEM-like RG....
  232. RG - Roadstar?!?
  233. What do you all think of the S1620?
  234. Getting a Ibanez not sold in US
  235. Does the floyd rose Pro swap directly with the Lo trs II
  236. How do flat mount kahlers work?
  237. To keep the 02 rgt42 or to return?
  238. Interesting thing that caught my eye today.
  239. I've got a 2077 coming
  240. Fixed-Bridge Deathmatch: sca220 vs. sz Series
  241. Pics of Rob Balducci's new guitar
  242. got my 2027x
  243. you did what to the graphic??
  244. 30 frets? did you say 30 frets?????
  245. I think the RGT-3120 would be the best if...
  246. Fatty-My 7 string baritone hollowbody
  247. Another Ibbie :D JPM P3
  248. Jet King
  249. Strat fretboard question ??
  250. Ibanez Radius info needed