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All Other Guitars (including Prestige)

  1. Do you give your guitars names?
  2. Gibson electronics (Les Paul in particular)
  3. HOLY [email protected]#^& I saw a few of the '03 models at the HK deale
  4. Help! I'm looking for a web site on how to turn an RG into
  5. RG2077XL ?????????????
  6. Info wanted on my AFR limited edition KOA Bass
  7. What kind of guitars you guys got?
  8. EDR Model
  9. Mystery RG
  10. Is my guitar a RG550?
  11. Can anyone help me with this shipping problem?
  12. i dont know what guitar i want... $400 or lower
  13. Any Jackson Guru's here? Need info
  14. Fender Squier-series
  15. Just got my First 7!
  16. Good price for a RG 550?
  17. rg320 FA or rg 270dx?
  18. New to the forum but had aquestion regarding Jem replicas?
  19. list price for RT650
  20. which prestiges have the free lock 2 strap pins???
  21. Are "prestige" models hand made???
  22. What's your next Ibanez?
  23. What do I have?
  24. 1983 ROCKET ROLL "v"
  25. Ever heard of this problem with a new guitar?
  26. Ibanez AX-1220
  27. Did you ever saw your frets smile: check this website!
  28. RG-770 customised
  29. RG3120 Stock
  30. Anyone tune a 7 string like this?
  31. Steinbergers = yummy
  32. "Secret" info from Ibanez 2003.....Take a Look!!!!
  33. Production totals for PS10-LTD
  34. should I buy an old '73 stratocaster or a newer one?
  35. 7620 similar pickups into a 7420.....
  36. Acoustic 7s: What string gauges?
  37. Santa came a week late here, too!
  38. who wants to play that !!! 11 strings classical guitar
  39. Prestige neck vs. JPM100 neck?
  40. Santa was late!!
  41. Extreme downtuning...F#?
  42. 90's Ibanez S series color name and prod. year
  43. Another new recording: So Nice - a 7 string samba
  44. The elusive RG3120 VV
  45. rg620qm
  46. Yay finally got my 570!!
  47. just bought my very first guitar
  48. In case you wondered whether a 7421XL can play jazz
  49. Prestige necks question
  50. Anyone else not a big fan of Ibanez acoustics?
  51. Ibanez nerds / experts... help me identify
  52. Munky´s new custom
  53. What new Ibanezes do you want for 2003?
  54. First new guitar of 2003 ? My new Capelli Custom !
  55. Hey 7 Slingers, Andy Martin here
  56. Is there an RG-METAL2?
  57. rg3120 cant keep in tune
  58. KORN k-14 signature modell
  59. bodys
  60. Need help Verifying USA Custom Graphic design
  61. I got a sweet deal on a strat.
  62. Finaly i have pictures of my guitars...
  63. RG2027/2127x question
  64. Look what I just bought =)
  65. Unknown Ibanez 7 string.
  66. Opinions on the current J-Customs?
  67. Whats better? A "set in" or "through" ne
  68. looking for a good dimarzio neck pickup to put in a RG
  69. DIfference between Korean and Japanese produced guitars.
  70. Schecter C1 Classic
  71. Getting my 540PII back...what to do now
  72. PGM's and their magical gooey powers
  73. 2003 signature and other Info
  74. Frank Gambale models... overpriced S- styles?
  75. cheap fernandes 7 string on ebay lots of them
  76. Buyed a K-7!
  77. I have a RG7420 from 1997 and want some info on it..
  78. Search for the Perfect 7 string......
  79. PF5CE Ibanez acc/elect.
  80. 7-String Gauges
  81. Which frets do j-customs have?
  82. Gibson Explorer PRO
  83. RG 505
  84. Bang for the buck 7 string?
  85. A merry 7 string Christmas to one and all.
  86. Running out of options!
  87. My New Guitar
  88. Rich has the blue JS-7.....:)
  89. Ibanez 2077XL ?
  90. Pre-Production vs. Production USA Customs
  91. Cheap Hollowbody Showdown! Which is best?
  92. Santa was early!
  93. Howcome the PGM800 is much more Expensive than the PGM500?
  94. Japanese RG's?
  95. Lundgren Custom Meshuggah pup...
  96. Just started....(again, shameless plug for my guitar)
  97. If you like Gundam, you will like these!
  98. rusty cooley and 8-string guitar!!!!!!!!
  99. hair line crack on day old guitar
  100. rg 620 with piezo
  101. Light Ash, Basswood, Mahogany & Ash?
  102. Best RG?
  103. Assess my logic.
  104. What guitar had the smallest frets you'd ever seen?
  105. Is this a good deal?
  106. PGM800, any pic?
  107. What is a "set in neck" ?
  108. Goin to buy an new axe!!
  109. RG550 Serial number question
  110. New purchases anyone?
  111. New Game ... Find the differences ..
  112. My new strat. What to do?
  113. Nevborn Pics again...
  114. Some beautiful 7 strings on Ebay lately
  115. Any info of the y2k3 j-custom lineup?
  116. An Ibanez with little album covers all over it?
  117. Nice Darren's pix... (Swirled Fender Bowling Ball)
  118. uv777bk or 1077xl?
  119. I am going to Japan, $1000 usd Sugguest me a GOOD GUITAR!
  120. RG7321?
  121. String Gauges?
  122. debating with myself to find out what guitar to get
  123. Neckthrough Prestige Models...a new trend?
  124. Wht is better a j-custom or a Jem or a prestige?
  125. PGM500, any pic?
  126. K-14 sighted...
  127. I can get a close out Unfinished Patrick Eggle Berlin
  128. Who owns that maple fingerboard Carvin 7?
  129. Manual/pup switching system knowledge for rg2027?
  130. Can anybody post a manual of the RG/S 2120X ????
  131. What do you think about jc S9870????
  132. Petrucci's B/W 7 string on Evil Bay
  133. Do Prestiges come with case ?
  134. Opinnions about RG2120, please !
  135. New Carvins
  136. Ibanez JPM
  137. PGM 300 with New Ibanez ZeroRocker/Edge1 ??
  138. What do you think about S 1540FM ???
  139. Talk me out of it (RGT3120)
  140. Roadstar body??
  141. PV
  142. Piezos-Opinions????
  143. Radius HSH model?
  144. Need HOT a single coil for a 7
  145. Knowing what guitar it is!
  146. The RG 970xl has arrived
  147. S- series opinions
  148. Headless Ibanez? Axstar?
  149. Snakes...
  150. Chance of a lifetime..
  151. Changing strings on the EBMM JPM trem
  152. Ibanez Fixed bridge specs (rg421)
  153. PGM300...Latest addition to the "family"
  154. Can anyone guess the value of my ibanez?
  155. Got any double edge soundclips?
  156. Screaming Eagle is on the way!
  157. That Cheapo guitar you loved
  158. Les Paul Standard VS Classic
  159. I played my first gig with the 7421XL last night.
  160. anyone know what my guitar is??
  161. RG565--coming soon!
  162. Yamaha RGX820Z - Could this be heaven??
  163. PRS???Bah...Warrior guitars!!!!!!
  164. RG7
  165. pics of rg 2027 anyone?
  166. signature scruffle: which one rules? JEM's or JPM's?
  167. Good deal on a 540PII..
  168. J-Custom ordering...please help!
  169. got any meanings about rg7620 and 2027x? help me out...
  170. RG 2027 Question : Dimensions & Weight with case
  171. Used RG500 prices going down?
  172. Sometimes you Strike GOLD
  173. In the shop .... Still???
  174. Ibanez S1520
  175. Review: OLP Axis Copy
  176. Where to buy Japanese Ibanez
  177. Does anyone own a DeArmond S67?
  178. replacement aftermarket EBMM petrucci bodies?
  179. strange lo pro
  180. What about Prestige (RG and S) with Evos or Breeds ?
  181. Jackson RR3 (Japan)
  182. Wheres a good place to get a RG style Custom Body????
  183. factory Ibanez neck finish , what is it?
  184. Lo-pro Edge7
  185. RGT471???
  186. Ran Guitars?
  187. RG1527, the new RG7*20 replacment
  188. One More Korn Question...
  189. Neck specs for ordering new Locking tuners on RG headstock?
  190. Rusty Cooley's new 8-string guitar has arrived!!!!
  191. BCRich Kerry King sig.
  192. Looking for a review of the PC-1
  193. Stock 7 string pickups
  194. RG7680? anyone..... anyone.....
  195. What guitar?
  196. Painted neck? Sanded neck?
  197. 7-String Tune-O-Matic? 7-String String Saver Saddles?
  198. RG500's Discontinued? (Ibanez 2003 lineup info)
  199. Petrucci 7-string......
  200. RG-1077XL VS 7-321?
  201. Peavey Wolfie or Eb/MM EVH???
  202. Ovation CC026: whaddaya think?
  203. What Non-Ibanez's does everyone own here??
  204. your opinions on the Ibanez GAX70
  205. Some nice Ibanez's I found...
  206. S-7420
  207. Need Help!
  208. Jackson PS-4 copper bridge
  209. Suddenly I really want a P3 =o)
  210. Did you guys see this ????????????????
  211. RG-DRAGON?
  212. K-7 guages...
  213. Need help choosing a neck pup...
  214. S-370
  215. RGR580
  216. Custom Ibanez 7
  217. Schecter Blackhawk? anyone try these?
  218. RG question, pickup config's
  219. Trouble identifying an RG...
  220. My Talman 530 project is finished... with pics.
  221. Ibanez AS80 - opinions?
  222. Ibanez Rbm Voyager
  223. My hat is off to Rich and my 2020x
  224. Ibanez RG3120 vs ESP M1000
  225. putting regular nut on ORIG Wizard neck
  226. Dating a rg550.
  227. Ibanez Les Paul opinion?
  228. Tom Morrelo Guitar
  229. Ibanez RG for low tunings
  230. I played a 24-fret Ibanez S !!!
  231. Were there any S-1540's with Sharkfininlays?
  232. how much is a mint rg3120tw w/case worth?
  233. Washburn N4 - Body woods
  234. RS1010 SL Steve Lukather
  235. Ibanez Sabre 520X Candy Apple/Jet Blue
  236. Has anyone played this Samick
  237. Used RG7CT Pricing
  238. Whats the worst electric guitar/bass you have ever played?
  239. 7421XL Revisited
  240. RG570 vs RG620
  241. RG1077xl halted?!?!, not again please god!
  242. RG421 Revisited
  243. Ibanez RG570, the best RG besides prestige????
  244. custom shop
  245. I just got my first RG used (RG565) and want to learn more.
  246. Good 7 Strings (all brands)
  247. rg2120k koa prestige in the US?
  248. Ibanez SF420
  249. Why am I an Ibanez fan?
  250. Might order a RG 970xl from Japan