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All Other Guitars (including Prestige)

  1. i can buy an rg505 dy
  2. Meshuggah Signature Ibanez 8 strings...
  3. 7 string tunigs
  4. is this a 7620 or 7420 help please?
  5. Anybody else notice this?
  6. Lightly used RG520- should I take it?
  7. Amazing Deal on Wolfgang, should I go 4 it?
  8. trem on S7420BP?? please
  9. neck trouble
  10. Just got a 7620
  11. RG7620 vs. RG7420
  12. cheapish 7 string choices??
  13. RG PR1
  14. I am planning to buy a Tom Anderson Hollow drop Top
  15. UPDATE- Custom from ER
  16. 520qs hardware differences
  17. Ibanez Ghostrider (Wow)
  18. I thought dealers weren't allowed to sell necks!
  19. Questions about PGM800
  20. 87 model Japanese RG550CO (Carotene Orange?), Prices anyone?
  21. Is 200$ for an ESP Hetfield-Explorer a good deal?
  22. RGRT47DX or RGR580JBB?
  23. s1220 questions
  24. Jackson Swee Tone Triple-Decker Anyone?
  25. Ibanez Pro540R?? (some finish upgrades)
  26. Ibanez Musician
  27. Wolfgang special
  28. Finally! The RT452 is MINE! Anybody else have one?
  29. Artist AR2000 Prestige
  30. New Modulus Genesis 2T
  31. My USRG30--blue, green, or something else?
  32. has anyone had a body done with eddie kolesar?
  33. In theory: Could one get an EBMM JPM swirled?
  34. Wolfgang Custom Shop
  35. ibanez rg270
  36. RG"texas prestige" to vine or not to vine?
  37. Was there an RG770 with all-access neck joint in '89????
  38. Double Edge Rigs
  39. Double Edge
  40. The Billy Gibbons Les Paul Mod
  41. What's your opinion on the Jackson DKMG
  42. Custom Idea...
  43. EMG's in a SA 160QM
  44. can i put wilkinson piezo saddles on a sat 30 trem?
  45. DROOL!!
  46. Just got a USRG20
  47. RG 3120 and pickups
  48. Old pic - Joey Allen (Warrant) Ibanez!!
  49. European Ibanez catalogues mid nineties...
  50. RG2120XVV: is it possible in the USA?
  51. Any current Ibanez have the same Wizard neck as my 1990 S540
  52. Can anyone give me some info on RG570CTs?
  53. Which years of RG 550s had wizard necks?
  54. S 520EX BBK
  55. New to forum - was it difficult to switch to a 7 string?
  56. Don't hate me! Please!
  57. Cool Guitar I Found
  58. wilkinson saddles on a sat30
  59. Please help me... (Serial number ID)
  60. 7-string Pickups
  61. ibanez scXXX model?
  62. what does this mean? (rg 570 marks) and neck shim
  63. need help IDing an RG :)
  64. ibanez s470
  65. Jackson Soloist
  66. my new custom is coming tomorrow!!!!!!!
  67. Identify: BC Rich Warlock
  68. more issues with the hohner
  69. Anyone have pictures of their RG570?
  70. what is YOUR favorite prestige/j-custom/usa ibanez?
  71. Anyone heard of an RG540QS?
  72. this a very common ax around here?
  73. my RGT42 mods thus far
  74. to rehabilitate my old rg560
  75. guitar ID question, please?
  76. Anyone replace IBZ/USA pickups on their old S540LTD?
  77. Custom Idea in the works soon...
  78. Help with replacement pickups on USRG30. Anyone done this?
  79. Help! Need new guitar (not JPM) for Dream Theater songs
  80. Best S?????
  81. AX 7221 - time to be picky again, sorry
  82. Look at this guitar!!!
  83. List of wishes...
  84. Any significance to S/N ending in "001"?
  85. Natural Finish EX?
  86. PGM's....... WOW!
  87. Anyone have news on the Jackson Jason becker signature model
  88. RG520gp
  89. Info on Ibanez X series basses
  90. Ibanez!! what hell are you doing with the PGMs??
  91. How were the USA Graphics done?
  92. Guitar collection link---interesting old Ibanez models
  93. Questions about a RX guitar
  94. ? from a new member...
  95. Can't remember the model number of this Ibanez
  96. need help id'ing a guitar
  97. FAAS for ur Ibanez..Updated with samples...
  98. My Dream 7 String
  99. How much does the PGM10th worth?
  100. curious S-series guitar
  101. lo pro
  102. i need info on the rt650
  103. Godin Flat Five 'X'--anybody played one?
  104. Ibanez Does It Again
  105. Looking for an electro-acoustic
  106. Has anyone played the new Artist AR2000VV yet?
  107. Ibanez catalogs - call for scans
  108. Ibanez SX?
  109. If you guys liked my 2020X, look here.....
  110. ESP guitar Kirk Hammet with skulls
  112. awwwwww....the difference.
  113. More infos on my Radius
  114. One Man's Trash - Another Man's Treasure
  115. J-Custom JCRG5VV
  116. 2127x vs eb jpm7
  117. Difference: LA Custom Shop - normal Ibanez
  118. Neck sanding
  119. 540P Question
  120. ESP M1 knowledge needed please.
  121. Hello,I'm a guitarplayer in China, I need your help.(550ex)
  122. Line 6 Variax MODELING GUTIAR!........
  123. Help with pickups
  124. RG2020X Custom job finally done.........
  125. Let's see them. CUSTOM STRATS
  126. Piezo Pickups
  127. WOW - is the 2027 an AMAZING guitar!
  128. Middle pickup placement on a Kramer Nightswan
  129. Summer NAMM 2002 - sparse offerings from ibanez
  130. Neck on RG470
  131. Anyone usin an RG450?
  132. Tele questions
  133. baby koa and carvin cobalt someone pleasee!!!
  134. Try this !!!
  135. What can you tell me about this guitar????
  136. Auerswald Guitars
  137. Korn with Donnies?
  138. is there an S series 7-string?
  139. Andy Timmons new signature model??
  140. RG guitar blueprints for custom building
  141. Just got my 2027... (w/. pics and sound clips!!!)
  142. RG-ART
  143. Jackson sl1 or Ibanez js1000
  144. how much can i get for a 81 strat?
  145. Paul Gilbert training video guitar question.
  146. Fender Nocaster
  147. RG198QM
  148. My new guitar!!!
  149. Acoustic guitars... do they count?
  150. Andy Timmons Custom Shop
  151. evo's?
  152. Clear Pickguard on a RG3120TW?
  153. Ibanez vs Fender
  154. UV7 vs RG7620
  155. RG-2027X Finish vs. RG-2127X Finish
  156. RG390BBM (Big Bad Moon)
  157. PGM300
  158. Got my new Ibanez 7421XL last week...
  159. I'm sick, I need another 7 string
  160. rgr220 dx....what do people think of it? :)
  161. Pawn Shop Prize (sort of)
  162. My BRAND NEW custom 7 string
  163. Carvin Cobalt impressions?
  164. Blazer re-issue info needed!
  165. Could anyone provide me with some more info on my RG?
  166. "quartersawn" neck
  167. I'm gonna make a Double Neck!
  168. I've had my eye on a Hamer Ultimate for a while...
  169. RG7160???
  170. i think my rg7420 is a 7620...
  171. Okay, I have an RG but....
  172. Shipping??!!
  173. Goodies from Japan
  174. The patriotic thing to do!
  175. replacement bridge pickup for a neckthru guitar i.e. rgt3120
  176. RGT42 on Machinehead's Website... Well, hello there!
  177. Anybody have a full scale tracing of an AANJ RG body?
  178. Rg 421 avaliability in England?
  179. case ave. custom shop
  180. rg1077xl neck.....
  181. Happy Birthday Rikk Beatty
  182. '94 Strat Truss Rod adj.
  183. Another Help Me ID This Guitar Thread
  184. A few questions - where to find info
  185. suggestions for my RG570 rig
  186. Anyone Play a RG620X
  187. Questions about the Power model
  188. Info on the RG-PR's, "texas special" prestige guit
  189. PGM500 review
  190. New member... and my RG570 (with added toys)
  191. fretwork or new axe?
  192. FYI Arizonan's! RGPR-2 in Guitar Center Phx
  193. JEMification as shown on
  194. Kh-2 vs. jem7vwh
  195. Kramer "1984" is now shipping
  196. Help me ID this guitar with just a description
  197. Cleaning Acoustic
  198. Japanese one off swirls ?
  199. Couple of questions of the Radius
  200. Ibanez USA Custom Question
  201. UV Neck on a 7620?
  202. Just bought a new RG520!!! Opinions here.
  203. RX40 Q's
  204. Need Kevan's Diagrams for the RG2027
  205. Parker Parker Parker
  206. RGT42 opinions
  207. another problem
  208. Finally, a USRG30 comes home...and it's GREEN!
  209. RG 570 CT - A Couple Of Questions
  210. AANJ production question
  211. need pickup advice for an rg550
  212. difference between ESP M-II and M-II deluxe??
  213. Help I.D.-ing
  214. Paker Fly deluxe vs Fly Classic
  215. Andy Timmons signature model
  216. help me identify a fender strat
  217. Ernie Ball Dealers
  218. differences between Wizard necks
  219. Need Info on an old RG 570!
  220. Wizard neck fit on an SA body?
  221. NX6 by Washburn
  222. 7620 vs. 1077XL sound?
  223. Single Coils in Humbucker Housings
  224. trade in values?
  225. '93 catalog info needed
  226. RG7620 serial number - how to identify???
  227. Floyd Question
  228. RG3120 v. USRG30
  229. ibanez AX with tremolo?
  230. Which 6 string RG has an XL neck?Is there one at all?
  231. Here's one for ya.
  232. Mike Mushok's Guitar
  233. RG-8527 or 2027 as a player?
  234. who uses an RG for somthing OTHER than metal or punk?
  235. Blaze IIs
  236. PRS Hollowbody
  237. Replacing my RG7420
  238. rumors of RG-2027 being discontinued in Japan?
  239. Just bought a RBM
  240. Anybody looking to sell their Ibanez S7420???
  241. getting a new 7string..opinions between RG1077XL vs RG2127
  242. Distinguishing S-Series Models (80s to mid 90s)
  243. RG 550 natural
  244. New trems for entry level guitars...
  245. Woo Hoo! It's here! The Red LACS Dino...(Now with pictures)
  246. Dean EVO Special 7 mini-review (UPDATE: Duncans installed)
  247. Been all this evening playing a PRS
  248. Used 540S-LT Reasonable Offer?
  249. Duncan Distortion 7 string vs EMG 707
  250. Ibanez Custom 7