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All Other Guitars (including Prestige)

  1. RG652FX neck compared to RG550?
  2. Charvel So Cal Pickguard question
  3. Set up a friend's Fender '62 Reissue - video and thoughts
  4. Roland G-5 Wow!
  5. Ernie Taylor Swirled Jem
  6. 2014 Genesis Collection thread
  7. Question
  8. Legit OE?
  9. Is this an Ibanez Lawsuit Les Paul?
  10. Ibanez Prestige RG2560MZEX-TFB Routing
  11. An eBay listing to make you cry...
  12. Ibanez S5521Q - pick up help
  13. Why so much hate for Indo standard RGs?
  14. Aftermarket S-series body?
  15. If I had money to burn
  16. NGD: Ibanez RG927QM!!
  17. Is it difficult to transition back and forth between 6 and 7 string??
  18. RG30
  19. My Next RG Prestige EDGE or EDGE Zero Bridge?
  20. Is this a RG550, RG505 (?) or what else?
  21. Original Kramer 1984 EVH 5150 help identifying
  22. A few photos of my guitars
  23. NGD: Music Man JP6 mystic dream
  24. Woah, what's this 570?
  25. RG550DY with yellow dots?
  26. RG 570 DY 1991(opinions)
  27. tread size for neck on 70's dx truss rod
  28. Stripping a 540R
  29. New to Ibanez Guitars
  30. Legit site?
  31. Question on Ibanez RG2920ZAUTGE Prestige (pics)
  32. Carvin custom USA DC600 video review and tone report
  33. please help identify this s series
  34. Rondo Music?
  35. Swirl #
  36. easy to remove "ZR" trem stuff?
  37. My old Guitar
  38. Hamer One Piece Maple cap one piece body
  39. Ibanez RG 521 (Wilkinson) QS
  40. NGD: Ibanez 440r
  41. NGD Everything I ever wanted
  42. How did I miss this?!?!
  43. RG1420F vs RG655
  44. NGD 580B Ballback year??
  45. NGD: Ibanez RG 970 XL
  46. What size truss rod wrench AS73??
  48. July 2014 Japanese releases
  49. Help me put my 540S under the knife!
  50. ibanez neck on a washburn body? and other questions.
  51. Help identifying Ibanes S Japan
  52. Color ID and Question
  53. Fender Stratocaster Swirl FSR - Thomann 60th Anniversary special run
  54. Looking for a guitar
  55. If I lived in Las Vegas
  56. 1994 Ibanez RG550: good or bad?
  57. AX7521
  58. Help with price range-Ibanez RG770DX
  59. RG770DX question
  60. What wood is this RG made of
  61. 1982 Ibanez Blazer
  62. NGD Jaden Rose Guitars
  63. NGD Gibson Les Paul Ghost Flames.
  64. NGD : Rick Hanes Shredguy, made in Indonesia
  65. NGD!! Rare Japan made Jackson
  66. This JC is original or fake?
  67. NGD: Custom Shop Jackson V --- 30" MONSTER SCALE!!!
  68. Reccomendations for shorter scale neck thru
  69. Halo guitars.
  70. PRON! Carvin JB200C in Nagoya
  71. What RG is this? MIJ dimarzio pickups CUSTOM MADE
  72. Ibanez RG760 '91 adequate price
  73. RIP Herc
  74. need help - RG570 thoughts?
  75. NGD - Ibanez SZ320 - Wow!
  76. J-Custom / S-Series JCS21
  77. Measurements For Ibanez S Prestige Style Guitar
  78. NGD RG550 RFR or FA?
  79. NGD: EBMM JP XI7
  80. Thinking of putting some money down on a AS73 by Ibanez
  81. Prestige RG2550MZ vs Carvin JB200C
  82. NGD RG560
  83. I need sustain, and I'm prepared to buy anything.
  85. What the honest frick.
  86. NGD
  87. What's the name of that Ibanez
  88. Herman Li's new 7 string model
  89. My ibanez collection.
  90. Rg 550????
  91. Strange Ibanez inlay??
  92. (Soon) NGD: RG7421-WH
  93. RG350 love.
  94. Genesis - what is the price point?
  95. WIP: RG440P
  96. Help me pimp out my Gio!
  97. NGD - Ibanez S5570Q Doomed Purple Burst
  98. PRESTIGE RG652 goes out of tune way fast, common?
  99. RG655 Pickguard Question
  100. Guess my family's favorite brand of guitar?
  101. Need help regarding specific model info
  102. Former Ibanez Custom Luthiers?
  103. What is with Takamine and country musicians?
  104. Ibanez SZ neck profile?
  105. NGD: Caparison Dellinger 7
  106. J custom RG20136 saddle position question
  107. Ibanez prestige RGT2020H SOL 2003
  108. Yellow
  109. NGD: Too many parts lying around. RG3120/JPM
  110. New Mikro models for US market
  111. In Which I went on a Tele buying binge
  112. NGD: Gibson Les Paul 2013 Traditional
  113. Gibson Custom Shop Glue.. really??
  114. Need help with trem replacement for RG3XXV
  115. Help with this Ibanez S
  116. Ibanez JS100 Neck on Fender Body.....
  117. NGD! Carvin JB200CFDP4BST!
  118. Identifying an old RG. Need help!
  119. LTD question?
  120. 8-string custom floral with TAM100 wiring
  121. What's brand ot fretwire on Ibanez guitars
  122. What do you check when you buy a used guitar?
  123. 1994 Square heel?
  124. What's up with all the RG 550's?
  125. Ibanez Japan website
  126. Bono, the Edge join Fender's Board
  127. 540PII - Have to have one
  128. NGD. I bought an 'S'.
  129. NGD: EVH Wolfgang USA Stealth
  130. What model of Ibanez is this guy selling?
  131. I have a 1960s replica wire tune-o-matic but it lacks sustain
  132. I have a 1960s replica wire tune-o-matic but it lacks sustain
  133. Looking for an RG550 Pickguard that is H/S
  134. Almost NGD: Carvin JB200CFDP4BST
  136. New guitar what should I get
  137. rg5ex1 neck??
  138. Wanted RGA 321f BX
  139. Picked up a Yamaha RGX612S
  140. RG550 Floyd Question
  141. Ibanez S5470 NOT actual measurements.
  142. Chibson. Maybe...
  143. NGD (no pics!) Radius 442R
  144. Ibanez RG550
  145. Got the PGM301 out today :)
  146. edge2 trem issues
  147. Which Trem is best
  148. JCRG20136
  149. Help in picking out a 7 or 8 string guitar
  150. 1570, and the Summer...
  151. Tosin Abasi 8-string question
  152. pre aanj
  153. Which other neck is similar to Nitro Wizard?
  154. have you ever changed your trem springs?
  155. Do you own any guitars that are increasing in value?
  156. RG320dxqm with a PAW first!!!!
  157. RG7321 N-PUP-D. Everyone does green.
  158. Similarities/Differences for S771 and S521
  159. NGD: What in the hell did you do this time?
  160. Yet another luthier hangs up his tools
  161. Question regarding similarities between S771 and S521 guitars!
  162. NGD: PRS Private Stock #3304
  163. Andy Timmons Clone Neck question
  164. help! rg350 strings popping out of saddles..
  165. NGD: FGM300MG
  166. NGD: RG760 FM
  167. Question about two 540P models
  168. RG350MZ/450M vs. RG2XXV?
  169. NGD RG 550 Five Alarm Red Content!
  170. Carvin custom shop DC600 video review
  171. RG 550 re-issue what do you think?
  172. NGD: RG550 Genesis RFR
  173. RG1570 Question
  174. How low is your RG's action?
  175. NGBD or NGPD: RG1570
  176. Price check and rareity of RBM2
  177. Question on environmental effects on your guitars wood
  178. FNGD......RG920M
  179. Ibanez RGR 470 Pickup Advice
  180. My RG570 from ebay; Damaged??? Help me out!
  181. Fender closes New Hartford plant
  182. The great 'Whammy' debate......
  183. Ibanez EDGE tremolo manual; slacking the strings, action height?
  184. NGD - pair of 2 540S
  185. NGD coming soon '87 RG 550
  186. Just bought this Ibanez on ebay but no model # listed?
  187. How to find 1998 RG570 original whammy bar arm? part #?
  188. 540P(II) pictures needed
  189. pickguard to my 570? yes or no?
  190. Red Pearl Tuner Buttons
  191. NGD: 2001 RG570 [Set-up Advice]
  192. And I thought I had seen
  193. NGD: Daemoness Cimmerian 7, Royal Blood With Tree Of Death Inlay.
  194. Fletcher Dragge of Pennywise RG Guitar
  195. Need help identifying 1997 Japanese Saber
  196. ..Ibanez multi-tool work with older RGs, i.e. RG570?
  197. New Bridge Humbucker or new Sustain Block?
  198. NGD! MIJ Robin Medley
  199. Any idea what model Seymour Duncan this is?
  200. where to buy custom shop necks ? - 7 string Neck for stephen's extended cutaway
  201. How to spot 1980/1990's Ibanez RG's that have been restored/altered?
  202. Help identifying S470 model
  203. RG vs S - general comparison?
  204. SUGIZO Navigator
  205. RG520 Body Wood?
  206. A fairly unique collection
  207. Anyone know how to read Peavey serial #s?
  208. RADIUS Neck dimensions, 540r vs 540rLTD
  209. NGD: J Custom RG8571UBX
  210. 2014 Japan market model J custom
  211. Genesis collection, how many...
  212. Am I Late to the "Genesis" Era
  213. Mastercaster Garage of Matthias Jabs
  214. Mastering Mr. Big on a cheap GRG
  215. Surprise of a Lifetime
  216. NGD My Genesis Violet Chameleon RG550!!
  217. Action of guitar supposed to get progressively higher as you reach 24th fret?
  218. Need help leveling Edge Zero bridge!
  219. Review of RG655-FSO
  220. Vai jem universe 7 sticker?
  221. This is pretty cool
  222. Original Edge, too low action!
  223. NGD: Ibanez RG2550E
  224. Identify this Ibanez?
  225. Opinions needed...RG3120TW Good or Bad deal???
  226. Ibanez Neck Shapes, ie Wizard I, II, III
  227. Queries about RG1608 JC
  228. ZR trem phase-out?
  229. Replacing Ibanez EDGE III with Ibanez Edge ZERO II
  230. Favorite unusual RG models?
  231. Advice for getting this gutiar? (Black RG350m with dots)
  232. Todays Pawnshop Find
  233. Anyone see the new Fender Am Dlx Strat Plus
  234. NGD 97 Ibanez 7 string
  235. NGD: Cort M520 P90
  236. My first "nice" guitar...
  237. Baseball Bat Neck on 2013 Prestige S
  238. First Attempt at a Swirl Complete
  239. 1959 Les Paul
  240. can you put a 27 fret Xiphos neck on an RG body?
  241. RG550XX w Chips Worth $650?
  242. NGD: SIR27FD-IPT
  243. Edge replacement screws?.........
  244. Please help me ID this guitar
  245. Help with an Edge 3
  246. Need help with 440R
  247. Ibanez GRG* as Backup Guitar
  248. RG770 build origins (different neckplates)
  249. RG550 collection with Bareknuckles in
  250. A little confusion on an RG550