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Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods

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  1. 9th fret buzz on low E :(
  2. New build, new swirl
  3. Edge Pro distance from nut
  4. How to repair neck pocket cracks?
  5. Please Help Trem Is Screwed
  6. Disposing Tubes
  7. Wooden RG550 Pickguard?
  8. Filing Frets....which file????
  9. 1988 Edge Tremolo adjustments
  10. the swirl kit
  11. How to take care the Edge bridge or other tremolos??
  12. rocktron chameleon 2000
  13. [email protected] mod
  14. Would this work to fix surface scratches??
  15. different wood types?
  16. problems with neck pullup on my rg
  17. Edge Trem and Intonation Tool
  18. RG321MH pickup upgrade options
  19. Changing the Tremolo on a RG3120TW
  20. Original edge into RG1570?
  21. will this work on the guitar?
  22. Peavey Valveking mods- Quick Question!
  23. Fret buzz
  24. Best/Easiest Way to Strip an RG520 body
  25. Building a guitar amp.
  26. Finally installed a ToneZone. Now its buzzing.
  27. Has anyone tried 3M clear bra film to protect their guitar?
  28. Double edge piezo floyd rose
  29. Swap late 2000's Indo Wizard II w/ late 90's Korean Wizard II?
  30. Replacement for Lo-pro and feedback
  31. Super Low Action on 16" or 20" radius with no neck relief?
  32. Low fret repair
  33. Guitar Build: Les Paul
  34. Crack in body where neck mounts
  35. Where to get truss rod wrenches?
  36. Pics of broken Ibanez neck?
  37. Will all this fit into my cavity
  38. Any Good Ibanez Guitar Tech In toronto
  39. JS100 stripping, is it veneer?
  40. Latest Paint...
  41. Ibanez RG Jack plate cover
  42. ZR tremolo arm replacement
  43. JS100 tremolo Stud repair and paint stripping
  44. Wiring question for RG1570
  45. Stud inserts, anchors
  46. Edge Pro Tremolo arm height
  47. Jem Building question.
  49. Low E String detunes when using Tremolo Bar
  50. Scratchy volume pot sound
  51. Fret problem.
  52. Edge Pro Replacement Options
  53. Floyd rose post issue
  54. pickgaurd installation
  55. Triple shot on top bucker?
  56. Found a wiring predicament...
  57. Replacement trem bar
  58. Trem arm tension
  59. Shocking pink in a spray can format?
  60. Replacement pickguards for rg550?
  61. Getting RG550 painted in Georgia?
  62. How long is block lock screw?
  63. Tremolo knife edge longevity?
  64. Stuck locking stud
  65. Trem replacement help . . .
  66. Edge III arm trouble
  67. Here is a 4x12 redo for ya...
  68. Tremolo Bushings
  69. ZR to Edge Zero.
  70. Need Insight for Swirl Finish
  71. Tuning machine knobs
  72. Edge Zero String HELP! please
  73. LP Custom Tuner Help needed
  74. Just finished sanding, whats next before tung oil?
  75. Truss rod screw loose and still not enough bow
  76. RG 540 P II 24fret body?
  77. E T Guitars
  78. Original Edge in a 1570?
  79. Dot Inlay Color
  80. floyd rose special?
  81. Lo TRS II Replacement on S-470
  83. What Paint type does Ibanez use ?????
  84. repair or get new body?
  85. Vintage Dimarzios
  86. The Recommended Workshops Thread
  87. need EDGE PRO specs
  88. Why does everyone swap out edge2/3 for edge pro?
  89. Dimarzio custom taper pots
  90. Edge trem issue
  91. Correct Intonation with a locking nut
  92. 2010 jem7-vwh made by team j craft?
  93. witch bridge is better
  94. RG770dx - Edge Trouble
  95. Steinberger Direct Drive Tuners fit an RGA???
  96. Lo-TRS posts?
  97. Did some swirl tests, some colors blob together (pics)
  98. Can you swiirl a set neck?
  99. can someone explain to me how to intonate my lo pro edge?
  100. String gauge/trem springs question
  101. Placement of floyd rose studs
  102. Strings/Action questions...
  103. rg /jem scratchplates in UK
  104. grg pickguard
  105. Remove broken trem stud...
  106. What should i do? (Action)
  107. Painting guitars
  108. ZR tremolo strings break at saddle
  110. RG550 Maple Neck
  111. good place for clear coating?
  112. Heavy strings damagin a neck?
  113. RG350MDX tuning issue. NEED HELP
  114. Help with an Ibanez s470 dxqm.
  115. Is the edge pro going to fit in the Jem 555 ??
  116. Open string-buzz at high B & E
  117. ibanez rgt6ex custom project
  118. Original Floyd rose >> RG 1570 PRESTIGE
  119. edge or edge pro?
  120. Floyd Rose arm lock
  121. Floyd Rose arm lock
  122. would the emg spc work with a single volume?
  123. s series zr trem and some questions
  124. New pickups, weird warble...
  125. WTS-swirl guitar problem
  126. Tremol-no PROS/CONS
  127. RG1570 Trem-Bend Sustain
  128. Edge Pro v. Lo Pro Anchors
  129. Dimarzio Tone zone and Air Norton
  130. Best place to get swirl paint job in the US?
  131. Screws... old ibanez
  132. Sustain Block Question
  134. Measurement needed
  135. how to keep matte finish guitar neck clean???
  136. Biasing a Legacy vl100
  137. Ibanez Xiphos Problem
  138. Psychedelic paint on Classic 50's Strat
  139. DiMarzios in basswood... need help ASAP!
  140. making templates for filling in cavities for pickups and floyd rose for mods
  141. Acoustic Setup Recommendations
  142. Even action throughout neck
  143. Low B on Universe won't intonate
  144. Putting fretboard marks on an S320
  145. What year did ibanez switch from the origional edge to the lo-pro?
  146. Question about repainting Jem neck plate
  147. RG550 Neck issues
  148. Humbucker screw size on Jem7vsbl?
  149. How can I fix this paint?
  150. question about strings on a tremolo guitar..
  151. Trying to decide on locking tuners...
  152. Lo Pro into Edge Pro cavity
  153. Intonation misinformation or is it just me?
  154. Neck Scarf Joint?
  155. 89 RG570 Neck Relief?
  156. whats the best way to clen your frets and fret board
  157. Jackson compatible with Ibanez
  158. How to screw on a neck?
  159. Frequency buzzing on the G String
  160. Shadow Killpot Availability
  161. Are these neck cracks anything to worry about?
  162. edge pro II trem arm question
  163. Trem Claw Maxed Out
  164. My Ibanez jack sockets are loose on the inside
  165. routing a flush tremolo
  166. schecter c-1 classic vine removal/scallop
  167. RGT320 Fret buzz Issues - please help
  168. Just had a SICK idea for a swirl... would this even be possible? gloss on flat
  169. how much paint to swirl?
  170. RGT320 Issues - please help
  171. Strings problem
  172. Is it my gig bag, the weather, or the trussrod?
  173. Need help with my RG Paint 2-- Video showing the issue
  174. replacing the edge III
  175. Buzzing when plugged into amp
  176. Replacement neck options for 1990/1 540s
  177. Best Fixed Bridge for tone etc.
  178. Replacement Lo Pro trem doesn't stay in tune in my RG370DX!!
  179. String action changed after six months?
  180. dead spots
  181. sponge finishes
  182. swirl effect on tone?
  184. a good input jack for an acoustic?
  185. What kind of bridge roadstar 2
  186. What do you guys use to clean maple fretboards?
  187. sharp pullups
  188. Low tuning and floyd rose
  189. Saddle repair or new trem?
  190. Mesa 2:90 Fan Mod ???
  191. edge or lo-pro edge on ibanez rg350
  192. original edge or lo-pro edge on ibanez rg350
  193. trem arm
  194. is my action height high. do i need some fret work done?
  195. Who can make a good Ibanez RG7 neck?
  196. Latest thing finished up..
  197. would screwing holes in finish for pickguard crack or ruin the finish
  198. Is there any going back??
  199. INSANE MOD: Rg7420 turned into UV77MC (PAW swirl) Lotz of pics ;)
  200. Broken DS-1 urgent gig tomorrow
  201. Ibanez Prestige Headstock
  202. will high action mess up my guitars neck?
  203. jem neck on ibanez rg350dx
  204. Question about cotton steam and solder gun method of repairing wood dents.
  205. Edge Vs. Edge pro?
  206. DW40
  207. Modding my 5 way to a 3 way
  208. RG 3120 twilight prestige tremolo arm holder repair?
  209. How many coats of Tung oil do u use for oiling the body?
  210. tremolo studs problems
  211. To those who have built an electic guitar (not assembled one) - Double-neck question.
  212. TIGHTEST feeling strings.
  213. RG 370 AX re-finish???
  214. Routing edge III cavity...
  215. Let's make a JEM with a RG 550 LTD
  216. ok got studs.. its a little better still going out of tune.
  217. Upgrate guitar parts.... your opinions please !!!
  218. Jrc4558 originals??
  219. how do you maintain your strings from rust?
  220. replacing my RG321mh bridge
  221. Oleophobic Chrome PG?
  222. what comes with the tremolos from
  223. Cleaning your guitar (mostly frets)
  224. 6105 vs 6150 Dunlop fret wire
  225. Ibanez RG2027xvv - figuring out the knobs, inputs and switches
  226. I think that my ibanez tuner is broken...
  227. Need help to read american screw measuring
  228. Killswitch on JS1000?
  229. Same string gauges yet totally different feel
  230. Preventing loose strap buttons
  231. Can you play a lefty neck as a right?
  232. edgepro into ibanez rg370dxgp4
  233. New pots for my RG2EX1
  234. Floyd Rose from Guitar Fetish
  235. First swirl on a body
  236. Replacement Arm Holder - Ibanez -> Floyd possible?
  237. whammy bar question.
  238. inlay experiment help
  239. String buzz
  240. Trem arm holder required
  241. Ibanez Jem logo sticker
  242. Fine tuner problem on Edge Lo Pro
  243. 5150 cab help!
  244. Guitar Swirling/Marbling
  245. neck stickyness, fret dullness
  246. My RG550 needs a refret/crown
  247. Old Style Jem Humbucker Adjustment
  248. Help me fix my guitar. (Massive fret buzz)
  249. What are my options for RG560 neck?
  250. How do I lower the action on my S520ex?