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Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods

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  1. Ibanez Roadstar 1984 Bridge/Saddle
  2. Remove metal "sound chip" on Edge Pro
  3. Easiest Method for Adjusting a High Shimmed Locking Nut Height?
  4. RG1XXV high e string moves progressively towards edge of fretboard up the neck
  5. Neck shim on Jem777 30th?
  6. Jem 30th bass side trem post won't screw down
  7. Which one is more sturdy especially their screw holes, Ibanez Original Edge and Lo Pr
  8. Bought Jem 7vwh need help with edge pro height please
  9. Drill size for Edge Pro Anchor
  10. RG570 - action higher at 12th than 24th fret
  11. Nut Height - Ibanez Rules article; still an issue ?
  12. Tuners
  13. edge lo pro bridge set up
  14. Pickup hw for JEM77FP
  15. Strap Locks for Ibanez S Prestige
  16. Ibanez JS headstock logo - where have they all gone?
  17. Original Floyd Rose Replacement query
  18. RG1XXV truss nut stripped or not?
  19. Floating Bridge?
  20. '91 Ibanez Edge Saddles
  21. RG350 original edge install
  22. Can Black light, money fake detector be visible to erased serial.number decal at the
  23. How Jumbo are Jumbo frets?
  24. Neck question
  25. Edge Zero II screw not working
  26. Does my guitar have locking studs?
  27. Edge tremolo spring adjustment screw size?
  28. Adjusting action on an FR?
  29. RG 3EX1 bridge issue
  30. 1989 RG770-ish Please HELP
  31. New ibanez guitar problem
  32. Premium neck hole location
  33. Edge tremolo won't stay in tune after a dive or a pull
  34. Coil tap diagram needed
  35. Strange Floyd Problem
  36. Original Edge touching body.
  37. Center block wood type ID (see picture)
  38. Tremolo Bridge "what fits where" Reference Chart (master reference thread)
  39. 2004 s470 what fits in bridge?
  40. Piezo Bridge
  41. Chip in RG8570Z finish :(
  42. zr bridge help
  43. help for crack near nut
  44. JEM 555 WH 06122036 Tremolo System
  45. MY BODY IS READY (for my new RGD3127 to arrive)
  46. New RG3120 with two tech issues - trem studs, nut screws
  47. Can't intonate low E on my Jem Jr
  48. Ibanez universe pickguard cad - coler file needed
  49. Problem with Lo-Pro Edge
  50. vurnish defekt at my jem multicolour
  51. Single note fret buzz
  52. Can you use condensed air on the js2410 volume pot?
  53. Early Jem heal plate corrosion
  54. Which neck with which body? - cant decide, help me choose - Lots of pics
  55. Can the Edge Zero 2 handle 10 gauge strings ?
  56. EDGE Locking studs
  57. Which Tremolo Arm?
  58. Click noise from using tremolo.
  59. Prevent SAT 30 Tremolo Saddles to angle sideway
  60. RG7321 - Saddle "Allen Key screw and spring" needs replacing.
  61. Fret Level Issue - Twisted Neck?
  62. VLX91 switch - screw size/thread
  63. Stud locks in lo-pro edge wont unscrew.. suggestions?
  64. Lo Pro Edge issue ?
  65. Can Ibanez Edge/ Lo pro edge be fitted with TRS sized cavity of Ibanez RG 370 Japan?
  66. 3D printed pickguard?
  67. Edge Pro Loose Bar - not the typical brushings or arm holder
  68. Parts needed
  69. Can anyone recommend some nut files?
  70. Quality of Original Edge trems 80ies-now
  71. Ibanez ex350 and a Stratocaster neck
  72. Edge Zero II vibrato arm post - what fits it?
  73. Strap pin screw
  74. Locking Trem and 007's?
  75. Started to do my own setups ! Help! :)
  76. Preserving a signature...what ink and/or covering?
  77. TZ-30 tremolo block replacement options
  78. Best Foam to go Under Pickups?
  79. '01 RG7420 trem replacement
  80. How to remove RG output jack
  81. JS free buzz on low e and a strings
  82. R43 Nut
  83. Jem 7v sbl Edge Pro cavity interference problem
  84. What scratchguard fits a Jem jr
  85. Suggest someone good for neck mod
  86. Low E Fret Buzz
  87. Fine Tuner Screw - Lo Pro Edge
  88. looking for them recommendations
  89. Edge tremolo; knives parallel but still looks too raised?
  90. Original edge trem replacement ?
  91. Hello and JEM wiring advice
  92. Edge Zero II advice
  93. No of trem spring Vs feel and neck cracks
  94. RG premium neck wil fit a... ?
  95. Need some info/help
  96. Weird high pitch noise only on palm muted A-String
  97. Pressure pads for Rg 320 dx
  98. Truss Rod Hex Size??
  99. Strings are too tight and sound muffled on Lo Pro Edge
  100. Nature of the AMp or Bad tubes?
  101. Custom Pickguard?
  102. Ibanez Edge Questions..
  103. J Custom RG8550 pickup advice (help!)
  104. Edge Zero with ZPS3
  105. Swirl Science
  106. Help Needed, Tone pot wiring issue
  107. putting stainless steel frets on old ibanez guitars
  108. FLoral headstock design in photoshop?
  109. Is this a proper Edge tremolo or a cheaper one?
  110. When is an Edge too worn?
  111. RGA121 parts question
  112. Switching from 9s to 10s - Adjustments needed?
  113. Ibanez Jem777 Wiring help
  114. Help!! Edge Tremolo!!
  115. Edge pro
  116. RT150 with a Rg550 neck
  117. First attempt to kill a nick
  118. Tom Scholz Soloist parts
  119. Headstock Decals - Vinyl or Waterslide
  120. Locking nut replacement Universe777bk
  121. To Grind the Bottom of a TopLok
  122. Tuning peg screw size - Ibanez 270DX
  123. 540S project
  124. Tremolos that fit Jem Jr?
  125. Ibanez Universe & RG7620 owners: Input needed regarding pickguards...
  126. Coil Split mod as in the EGEN
  127. Edge Pro String Lock Bolts - SS or Titanium?
  128. A question about the Ibanez Edge Zero trem system
  129. guitar restoration? paint?
  130. Edge Pro String Gauge Limits (7string)
  131. Edge II Brass sustain block help
  132. TAT SPECIAL CL 14 cant get natural harmonics
  133. Switching from Steel-String to Nylon Classical Guitar
  134. Got my tools. Time to do fret ends.
  135. Dentend in frets
  136. Fret Buzzzzzzzzzz
  137. Goldo Backbox installation issues
  138. Paint & Fretboars Swap
  139. Adjusting string height TAT SPECIAL CL14 SCHALLER TREMOLO
  140. EJK1000
  141. String spacing, is it the same for trem & hard tail?
  142. Help me build a FrankenRG
  143. Looking for some tools to smooth out my fret ends
  144. Some questions regarding Truss Rod
  145. How to set trem arm to STAY WHERE I WANT?
  146. Spank/Quack from old IBZUSA stacked humbuckers
  147. Looking to get Jem Routes Done to an RG1570L
  148. String gauge for CGCFAD ???
  149. replacing neck on js2400 for a neck like on a js2410 or js2450?
  150. FR-type tremolos not requiring removal of balls from strings
  151. Jem 555bk - Floyd Rose
  152. RG2570E Paintjob Help!!!
  153. Ernieball Strap locks on RG Prestige Strap buttons!!
  154. High E string slipping off fretboard
  155. Gotoh 1996t trem posts
  156. Edge zero II arm holder fix
  157. Using Vinegar to Treat Metal Corrosion
  158. RG1570 pickguard mod
  159. Help, String Action Issue, Neck Trust Rod Relief?
  160. Edge Tremolo/Floyd Rose nut question
  161. I found a simple way to remove a poly finish. No tools required.
  162. Artist 2663 replacement tailpiece
  163. FLOYD ROSE High e won't slack???
  164. RG680 Fretboard Replacement & Body Paint
  165. RG652AHM setup issues
  166. Fixing bump in back of maple neck
  167. Maple fretboard restore opinions needed
  168. Crackle paint finish
  169. Edge Pro bridge fading coroding Help!!
  170. Help - Blade Texas Pro Strat locking tuners
  171. 1990 UV7BK won't float
  172. Black Hardware Cleaning (Rust)
  173. Help! RG550 with poor sustain!
  174. Missing neck nut bolt - FGM
  175. Ibanez Voyager / JEM Project!
  176. change in wattage
  177. Universe MC refret in Los Angeles area?
  178. Old Jem 555 will a Goth Trem Fit
  179. Old 70's Orange Ibanez Overdrive Pedal, Crackly, is it worth anything?
  180. RG7420 problem
  181. Lovely tone cap discovery
  182. Output jack wiring (S series)
  183. I think my tremolo bar needs replaced?!?
  184. Neck shims
  185. buying long trem screws for original edge tremolo
  186. Hello guys, I need some serious help. PLEASE HELP.
  187. Help with Jem7VWH pickup screw
  188. 1995 540S JB Body Resto!
  189. Help tuning Edge Zero II bridge (JS140)
  190. Weird tuning issue
  191. 5 way switch VLX91 to fernandes sustainer fs101
  192. Another paint resto
  193. The Joys of the Edge LP - An Ex Hard-Tailer Account
  194. Rusted Stuck Neck Bolt
  195. Replacing floyd rose - Corrosion S540 LTD
  196. Rebuilding Ibanez Pro line 1440 1985
  197. Light-up tree of lift?
  198. HELP! UV777 Inlays problem
  199. Current quality of Ibanez metal parts, like saddles...
  200. Stock pots for 1993 S540?
  201. Edge-Zero II arm replacement
  202. RG655 tuning stability.
  203. Lowering the action for a S420 zr
  204. Sustainer for a JEM
  205. '85 ProRock'r
  206. Hazy Paint - how to correct
  207. RG2550Z buzzing issues
  208. Inlay stickers covering the whole fret?
  209. Volume knob won't come off...
  210. Hydro dipping
  211. Backstop/Arming adjuster
  212. RG1520G piezo saddles need replacement
  213. Tips fitting clear scratch plate to swir
  214. high pass filter or no load tone control for the js series
  215. How to tighten jack output?
  216. Semi De-Wanging the Wanging Bar: Edge Pro Edition
  217. 1988 540S Neck Finish?
  218. RG550 hairline crack - thoughts?
  219. Probably the best killswitch
  220. Edge Zero & 2ZR212 Trem Arm Torque Adjustment Bushing
  221. New RG770 DX RR volume/tone/switch Tip
  222. diagram for fernandes sustainer with 2 neck pick up
  223. Custom JEM/universe inlays - help needed
  224. Help... mold in old UV, strong smell
  225. repair'd my gibson buckethead lespaul headstock after 2 years
  226. Slight crack in headstock advice.
  227. Which luthier to replace a fretboard?
  228. neck pickup dosent feel punchy
  229. Looking for somewhere in the UK to buy an AANJ neck
  230. Handbuffing....
  231. edge or lo-pro post needed
  232. edge tremolo set up
  233. Launching New Project: Snow
  234. Show me Your Logo-Less Refinishes
  235. New Edge Tremolo Springs?
  236. Much needed wisdom about a swirl build
  237. Buzz is killing me!
  238. This is Why You Suck at Guitar: The Secret to changing tunings on a Floyd Rose!
  239. Please give me help of my swirling!!!
  240. Volume knob completely seized up
  241. Please help with info on edge pro 2 swap
  242. Make a chrome Edge Pro 7 even MORE chrome?
  243. Removing an Ibanez LoPro Edge Arm holder - any tips?
  244. Locking nut neck on fixed trem body.
  245. my edge pro tremolo is defective from factory!! need help!
  246. Ibanez rg nut washer problem
  247. Question: Drilling a Newer Ibby Neck for Rear-Mount Locking Nut
  248. js2400 bridge pickup coil a bit oxidized
  249. RG1570L Action Adjustment
  250. RG 470 (custom)