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Tech: Setup, Repairs and Mods

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  1. RG550 hairline crack - thoughts?
  2. Probably the best killswitch
  3. Edge Zero & 2ZR212 Trem Arm Torque Adjustment Bushing
  4. New RG770 DX RR volume/tone/switch Tip
  5. diagram for fernandes sustainer with 2 neck pick up
  6. Custom JEM/universe inlays - help needed
  7. Help... mold in old UV, strong smell
  8. repair'd my gibson buckethead lespaul headstock after 2 years
  9. Slight crack in headstock advice.
  10. Which luthier to replace a fretboard?
  11. neck pickup dosent feel punchy
  12. Looking for somewhere in the UK to buy an AANJ neck
  13. Handbuffing....
  14. edge or lo-pro post needed
  15. edge tremolo set up
  16. Launching New Project: Snow
  17. Show me Your Logo-Less Refinishes
  18. New Edge Tremolo Springs?
  19. Much needed wisdom about a swirl build
  20. Buzz is killing me!
  21. This is Why You Suck at Guitar: The Secret to changing tunings on a Floyd Rose!
  22. Please give me help of my swirling!!!
  23. Volume knob completely seized up
  24. Please help with info on edge pro 2 swap
  25. Make a chrome Edge Pro 7 even MORE chrome?
  26. Removing an Ibanez LoPro Edge Arm holder - any tips?
  27. Locking nut neck on fixed trem body.
  28. my edge pro tremolo is defective from factory!! need help!
  29. Ibanez rg nut washer problem
  30. Question: Drilling a Newer Ibby Neck for Rear-Mount Locking Nut
  31. js2400 bridge pickup coil a bit oxidized
  32. RG1570L Action Adjustment
  33. RG 470 (custom)
  34. Possible to fit Graph Tech Acousti-phonic pre-amp in a 2014 RG655?
  35. closed. Where to Get Ibby Decals?
  36. Swirl Fans!! DIY
  37. Stripped bridge height adjustment ZR1
  38. Brass block for Edge Zero ii
  39. Stickers on guitar: are they safe?
  40. 89' 560 Pickup Ring Screws
  41. Travel Care For My Guitars
  42. Can I have .007 gauge on the Edge Zero?
  43. What exactly was wrong with the Edge III?
  44. Is it possible to purchase just the Edge III blade?
  45. Will a RG770 pickguard fit a RG550?
  46. Help with old RG560
  47. Original EDGE trem bar slack?
  48. My set neck guitar has a hairline crack at the joint. How severe is it?
  49. Damaged the hole surrounding my neck screw ferrule.
  50. Removing fine scratches from French Polish finish
  51. Original wizard neck question?
  52. Trem post question.
  53. Jem 777 VDY Neck issues
  54. Original edge, knife edge issues?
  55. Edge Zero 2 Problem
  56. Lo-Trs I
  57. Need help setting up pl1660
  58. EDGE III into a EDGE zero body?
  59. Help fix my RG3120, please!
  60. Used Jem 7DBK Questions
  61. Floyd Rose Studs W/ Edge Trem?
  62. String sticks to pickup
  63. Edge / Lo Pro Edge are squeaky
  64. Help - weak output and sustain
  66. Anybody block a Pro Rock'r?
  67. RG550 nut bolt cracks
  68. Thoughts on this trem?
  69. Customizing my RG 350 DXZ
  70. Cosmo Black Finish
  71. Replacing LFR locking nut / string spacing / height / general worries
  72. Edge Zero Tremolo
  73. Advice required on strange intermittent tuning stability issues
  74. Edge Pro Trem Identification
  75. DIY Boost Pedal Help
  76. a wood stripped threads solution ? Methyl methacrylate
  77. RG570 sad days... nut not original?
  78. Breed middle pickup
  79. 4/5 Strings in stock original edge block?
  80. Bending the pickup switch?
  81. LOUD noise after replacing 5 way switch
  82. Help !! MY ibanez Prestige out of tune everytime i lock the nut
  83. Strange saddle position after intonation adjustment
  84. Stone Blocks Upgrade?
  85. jem 7v block size
  86. Trem cavity cover sizes
  87. Flowerpattern/Paisly fabric finish
  88. advice needed for a edge pro bridge
  89. RG450LTD trem replacement
  90. best pickguard/pickups color matches?
  91. Replacing edge zero with edge zero II?
  92. Cutting your own dowels
  93. heres a weird tuneing problem i fixed (took 2 hours...)
  94. Prevent Further Chipping
  95. Undoing hillbilly guitar repairs
  96. Busted Sperzel Tuner, Salvageable?
  97. Anyone know where I can get floyd arm holder?
  98. questions about fret leveling
  99. Edge/Edge Pro/Lo Pro Saddle Shims - Still Available?
  100. Output jack wear problem
  101. Holder Blocks for Ibanez Edge
  102. edge pro block not perpendicular to plate
  103. Help needed! My Ibanez Edge won't stay in tune after a pull up.
  104. Some amazing guitar tech work by a fellow jemsiter.
  105. Source for shark tooth inlays?
  106. Help needed! Ideas for new look!
  107. swirl
  108. 5 way switch issue
  109. Any UK swirling vendors out there!?
  110. Rechargeable 9 volts for Sustainiac??
  111. Crush in back of neck with thumb
  112. Jem crack neck lock allen screws
  113. Pro rocker bridge setup
  114. Replacement nut for Ibanez S540LTD: options?
  115. Edge Zero II Trem Arm Problems
  116. SLT101 Replacement
  117. Lowering strings on a Ibanez RGIR20FE BK fixed bridge
  118. RG 550 RFR Edge Bridge question
  119. Replacement tremolo arm for 1983 "standard tremolo"
  120. How to have a softer trem action on Original Edge, Help please
  121. D tuna+OE/LP
  122. Locking nut doesn't lock!
  123. Edge zero stud odd problem
  124. Pro repaint or have dings
  125. Edge Pro arm holder
  126. Repairing and upgrading RBM10
  127. Using GigRig G2 + Carvin Legacy 3
  128. Fabric Top Guitar Help Needed
  129. Rebuilding A Guitar In search of Proper Parts
  130. Tremolo problems with Jem-555
  131. Edge Pro II Assembly Instructions or Pictures?
  132. This is Why You Suck at Guitar: Your Neck Finish Sucks (oil and wax tutorial)
  133. Restore old plastic
  134. Whispering a prayer (Question about Lo pro Edge)
  135. Will GOTOH GE-1996T LICENSED FLOYD ROSE fit Edge Pro III
  136. Finish stripping!? its hell...
  137. Sanding lions claw - Help!?
  138. My Latest Creation
  139. Purple Dimarzio Pickups!
  140. Custom Ibanez Headstock Decal Need Help
  141. Lo-TRS Replacement
  142. Upgrading an edge III to Gotoh
  143. Aftermarket hardware
  144. Can I really use Lo Pro studs on an Edge Zero?
  146. Project: If an Ibanez DSY RG550 & RG1527 Had a Baby...
  147. Edge Zero Black?
  148. Ibanez Trems "Ingredients" and Qualities
  149. Another 570 Refinish
  150. Floyd Rose total Newb. Is this normal?
  151. Saddle mounted screws are touching to strings
  152. Repaint ideas
  153. both pots are stuck
  154. RG570 goes out of tune (edge) & some complaints
  155. RG1570 Mods and upgrades
  156. Video: Treble bleed volume circuit with and without a resistor
  157. Locking tuners vs. locking nut for flush mount floyd rose trem
  158. '07 RG1527 - Out of Room to Adjust Pups Downward
  159. DIY repair for damaged V
  160. Custom necks
  161. Ibanez hot pink colour match?
  162. Tremolo issue
  163. Suggestion For Finish On This Body
  164. ibanez ultralite tremolo arm?
  165. New project, Need some opinions on paint scheme
  166. First Project completed - What do you think?
  167. Key to a good finish
  168. Ibanez JPM: the best neck ever made
  169. New build: Warmoth Partsocaster
  170. H-S-H RG set up I could use some help.
  171. Ibanez Edge Tremelo question
  172. Which Tremol-No for a Pro Rock'R?
  173. Original Edge one string out of tune :(
  174. Trem tool removal
  175. Anyone reliable doing swirls?
  176. Help me out here with a few custom guitar questions :-)!
  177. Pickguard Jem 90th Ham
  178. String height problem
  179. Fretboard Radius
  180. Jem setup, bridge/gauge/action
  181. EVH Striped Series: D-Tuna Problem
  182. Fernandes Sustainer Troubleshoot
  183. Ibanez Pro Rock'r trem post vs modern
  184. lo trs ii trem bar
  185. Ibanez RGIB6 Baritone and string gauges
  186. RGT220ANTF finsih
  187. Reply sustain : does the neck hole or screw right under hurts it?
  188. Where to drill neck holes for DIY Jem Kit
  189. Looking for RG3550MZ refinishing recommendations - ROM - Roadster Orange Metallic
  190. 1st fret too short
  191. Licensed floyd rose problem in RG550EX
  192. Pink Paisley Fabric Finish for 1527M
  193. Replaced Edge 3 for a Schaller Locking Tremolo (nut-house)
  194. Refinishing hardware
  195. Ibanez Naming Conventions: What Would They Name This Fictional Model
  196. Suggestions: Recreating Desert Sun Yellow
  197. Ibanez Roadstar headstock decal
  198. WTB - Yamaha Wes Borland
  199. Fixing dings in neck?
  200. Lo-TRS 7 Studs - More Durable Alternatives?
  201. Fernandes Sustainer stopped functioning
  202. Edge-Zero II -7 bridge w/ZPS3Fe swap tremolo arm
  203. Need help with JPM project
  204. Fabric finish help: spot that didn't stick
  205. New builds - no neon - boo
  206. Seasonal setup and trem claw tightening
  207. RG750 Vol/Tone Pots?
  208. RG570EX cosmetic upgrade?
  209. LoPro matching bridge radius to neck radius
  210. Pressure pad sizes
  211. Ibanez Top Lock Screws Size ?
  212. VDY refinish - I think therefore I amber?
  213. Lubing knife edges
  214. Building a JEM from templates
  215. Steps to replace the neck?
  216. JEM77P-BFP and UTA20 Ultralite Arm
  217. Strange binary code on this JEM BFP neck
  218. Magic Marble Paint in Australia?
  219. Quick 550 Project
  220. Sustainer Route...Take Two
  221. Has anyone Stripped and Refinished a UV777BK?
  222. G string sustain
  223. How to solve a hump around fret 12 ?
  224. uv777pbk low B intonation trouble
  225. Ibanez Late 80's Early 90's Neon Paint Match
  226. Will edge studs fit in floyd bushings?
  227. UV70P trem replacement
  228. Is the trem arm assembly on the Edge pro the same size as on the Edge?
  229. Arm and pickup selector switch
  230. Power Scaling
  231. Basic Ibanez Lo Pro Edge setup questions and discussion (with pics)
  232. J Custom Gotoh strap locks problems
  233. Level Edge?
  234. How do i remove plastic ibanez pickup covers?(v7, v8)(pics included)
  235. Help with Fernandes Sustainer?
  236. Cleaning the back of an unfinished maple neck
  237. Making a Gloss Neck Smooth?
  238. Need help with volume/tone pots.
  239. Gotoh Tuners?
  240. Jem 90th Loose Stud Insert
  241. RG2550 Low E string tuning issue
  242. Need help with my RG1570 neck adjustment
  243. buzz on the low E ONLY on my RG3120, help!
  244. Please save me from throwing my RG7620 off a cliff
  245. Help with SynchroniZR tremolo arm
  246. Ibanez EGEN18 TVF Broken Headstock Repair Video
  247. Who here builds guitars? What's your story?
  248. clean uvmc neck
  249. Jem 505 edge trem hits body when pulling back
  250. RG1550 modding time!